Vape Mail! 2018


Not by me! I know you have a mean streak and a great memory!


I’ll have you know that I have the temperament of a little girl and I can barely remember where I live most days…I posted this pic as a reference that I can keep coming back to in such circumstances…


Funny, @Sprkslfly said he has the body of a little girl. I think he was coming on to me.

So, I assume you’ll post a pic or two when you get the mod out in the open, eh?


It might be safer to just pull along a spool of rope and then follow it back home. :joy:




Totally incredible man!
Some majorly impressive art there.
And the stabwood, with the laser-etched 510…over the top!!!
The logo’d SP mod is pretty sweet too. :smiley:

Congrats man! Nice haul all the way around!


Oh babbbby! That is HOTTTTTTTT!


That stab is wicked man. Sweet haul for sure…


Did he send it free in exchange for a review? :thinking::crazy_face:


Thanks fellas, im so in love with that stab i cant even tell ya, :heart_eyes:


unfortunately not :rofl: thats me broke for the foreseeable future lmao


Great to see you have em @Steampugs they were sure as shit worth the wait.


sure are man, couple of issues with the 2 smaller ones but the srab and the Last dance are epic, tell me man its been a while for me, how low can you build on these, im askin because on my old ones i could build way lower than these, I cant get lower than .2 on any of the new bunch


Oh he must have changed the board - the older ones are good down to .12 (from memory) although building that low would stress the board and battery and give you a rather warm vape.


yeah i dig a warm vape, probably a safety thing with the newer ones, shame…means i gotta fuck ton of coils I cant use lol…I’ll have to get building again :roll_eyes:


Series deck brother - grab 4 x modfathers the rda will give you an excellent vape :tada:


I was just typing ‘apart from the Modfather obv’ lmao…


Not a big fan of the airflow with the normal cap, glass cap is lovely though :ok_hand: just a bit loose


Can any of them hold a 40mm


The NLPWM v2 boards won’t work below certain ohms

And they like to ‘buzz’ with lower ohm coils.
I’m building at higher ohms because of it.
It’s like having an angry bee in your RDA :rofl: