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I’m not questioning whether its carbed. I’m sure you know. I’m just saying that there may not be any air/fuel adjustments and have seen stuff that just wont run right with those fixed jets.



Ugh, I have to apologize again? Damn!! Yes, of course you weren’t doubting it was carbed, man I am stupid. Sorry.



No problems whatsoever. I should have said I think his friend is right about it being carb problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find that the guy who rebuilt them caused the problems. Also, aftermarket carb kits are notorious for being problematic.



Hey @mrpipes, I finally got to do my LU oil today. Finally sunny and warm. When I did my brother’s a few weeks ago, it was black as night and stinky. I figured mine would be, too, but it came out looking like fresh oil. I’m taking that as a good sign that they did do good maintenance, hopefully.

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The gear oil is basically the same as in the differential of your cars and van. I assume there are some additives but they never reveal this. Just my opinion but I don’t see changing it as a winterization issue though I think its a good idea to change it periodically. Water intrusion and metal particles are the dangers. The black in his is just microscopic metal particles but obviously it was time to change it. So if yours wasn’t it sounds to me like it was very recently changed.

You didn’t mention any water found in either so no way were they going to freeze. Obviously the prior owners took very good care of it so it sure looks like you can relax.

The only thing beyond winterizing I do is change the water pump impeller yearly though I have compared them with new ones and they have been still soft and pliable. Nevertheless overheating destroys more boat engines than anything else by a large margin so I always do this just as a precaution.



Forgive the stupid question, but what is the ‘playpen’ of a pontoon boat? All I can find are playpen covers but no definition, and I really hate to ask this stupid question…



The area that is behind the fences or railings.

Now you have a safe space:



A guy I work with during winter caught this last night down the end of my road

The voice over is NSFW since it is 2 Aussie young fellas lol



one of the smaller ones in the lake but although you can’t really see it (thanks Ben ya ####) it’s actually a beautiful bronze /black koi carp which shouldn’t really be in the lake and I had spotted. Him a few times swim close by



Where’s this? I see you just joined. Welcome to the forum.:smile:



Out in the sticks called westwoodside near Doncaster at a private lake I’m lucky enough to be a member of… Obviously it was taken a few months ago when the weather was nice,
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Wow! Gorgeous catch!
Welcome! Nice to have you!



Pretty slick:



I feel like when non-fisherman hear the words “umbrella rig” this is what pops up in their head lol



Ha ha ha, thats brilliant



Dog baiting fish with bread:





I got a cover for the boat in November; the original one was a snap on pain in the butt and it didn’t cover the entire deck, only the “playpen”. Anyway, I spent up on what seemed to be a thick, decent one. Designed especially for my boat, and has a 25 year warranty.

It was of course exposed to the recent snowfall, As it was off the drive path and not super easy to get to through the heavy snow, I left it to melt off on its’ own.

Today, I went out to look at it, filled with pride and confidence that the new, heavy duty, long warranty cover merely laughed at the accumulated snow. However, what I found instead is that the cover poles poked holes through the brand new cover. These poles were also new when I got the cover, are boat cover support poles specifically, and have big wide soft rubber feet that are supposed to prevent this very thing.

So now I’m pissed again. New cover, not at all cheap, three months in to a 25 year warranted service life, and it is ruined.

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That just sucks. Hopefully they will make good on the warranty. Maybe ropes across the playpen in the area of the poles will prevent this from happening again. Pain in the ass but maybe necessary.



Here’s the thing that I think will end my hopes of having things handled as I would prefer.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Damage from high winds, extreme weather or acts of nature
  • Tears from sharp objects or corners of vehicle, including friction or tension tears- please ensure to properly pad all sharp edges
  • Leaking, tears, or other damage resulting from water pooling on cover
  • Damage from customer modifications or abuse
  • Normal wear, weather soiling, or stains from environmental pollution
  • Damage caused by animals, rodents, or insects
  • Damage resulting from failure to use a cover support system or otherwise properly support cover
  • Material color fading is not covered under warranty
  • Product purchased from unauthorized 3rd Party Sellers are not covered by Eevelle Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Product purchased from CloseOut or items sold As Is.

That “acts of nature” reads like a morals clause in pro athlete contracts, and I bet they use it to deny the claim. “Shoulda kept the snow off” I expect to hear. Yeah, well, that’s what the cover is for after all…

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