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Instead of ropes maybe use some notched 2 x 2 pine across the playpen. Ive also seen people use electrical pvc conduit to make a Quonset hut type dome over their boats where the heavy snow slides off. Electrical pvc bends easy. I’m considering using some to make a greenhouse for our garden area. I never dreamed you’d get a foot of snow where you are. Same storm gave us 3" and I’m way north of you.


Oh yeah, they happen from time to time. Not common for early January but definitely not unusual in late winter.

While I can understand that simply using cover support poles was possibly inadequate, it would still be nice if they did something for me. Hundreds of dollars spent on this thing. And $60 for a set of really nice support poles too. Life as a teacher- I hate you.


They definitely should do something. A new cover shouldn’t do that. Hell, shrink wrap at the marina’s withstands stuff like that regularly.


It’s not often… But yeah, metro StL has gotten that (and then some) several times in the past 20-odd years that I can recall. :wink:

Not common, but not outside the realm of possibility at all “down here”. chuckles

Weather patterns are definitely interesting here. It seems we’re frequently in/at/near the convergence point of fronts, regardless of where they’re coming in from.


Yeah, I was right. Seems while there are plenty examples of good will and proper customer service, there are equal examples of money grabs and bullshit indifference. The clause I feared was the one they used. This was the entire response. No apology, no attempts at restitution, no reach-out to assist.

Unfortunately, your cover is not eligible for replacement or repair under our warranty. This is not a deterioration of the textile or a manufacturing defect.

Warranty does not cover:

  • Damage from high winds, extreme weather or acts of nature


One of their so-called customer testimonials states their cover withstood Hurricane Irma without issue. Yeah right. Suck my ass, liars.




I have it, but hadn’t thought of it. Seems a bit sneaky on my part though, underhanded. I hate ‘do unto others’ when the unto is dishonest.


I guess its how you go about it. I’ve seen homeowners insurance cover a lot of thing I didn’t think it would. Bad thing is I have a 500$ deductible so most claims wouldn’t be worth filing. High winds damaged my neighbors 20 year old roof,and the ins put a new steel roof on for him. He paid 500$.


Hardly. Insurance is a fucking graft from the start. The whole premise is “protection from the unexpected” or “things you can’t control, and are not responsible for”.

Underhanded would be YOU taking a can of spray paint to it, and then claiming vandalism. JMHO though.


Well, you put it that way… I’ll look into it after the cover company debacle is sorted. I was annoyed enough by that flippant response to contact them further, so we’ll see how it goes. Have not yet resorted to calling them big fat dummy heads so maybe there is still hope.


Actually, I have a $500 deductible too. While it does cover ‘watercraft equipment’ as well as the hull, it isn’t worth a claim and a higher premium next time.


Back again with another boring update on the Life of Phil. Fortunately, the windshield did not break, it just looked from under the cover as though it had. So, it looks like aside from the cover being destroyed and breaking three support poles, there’s no damage to the boat itself.

Three of the four brand new support poles snapped, as I said. But with a pipe cutter and a little steady patience, I was able to cut off the lost sections of the pole and reconstruct them all. And they all extend enough to be salvaged, so no loss there at least.

I put a vent cap in one of the support sections of the old cover and re-installed that yesterday. Luckily it was dry and warm all weekend so the deck had a chance to mostly dry out. But the vent should help it get and stay dry from now on. The old cover also has strong , triple reinforcement patches on the cover support pole parts, so it should not be an issue again. Nothing back from the crooked seller on the new cover yet either. Pretty sure they are now ignoring me.


Well, that’s certainly good news!

I know you said the cover wasn’t cheap… But hopefully it was cheaper than your $500 deductible would have been.

Sorry to hear about the whole experience, but at least it was an additional layer of protection during one of the heaviest snows we’ve seen in a long while!

Here’s hoping for a better experience next time!


Sadly, it was not. And really, I don’t think there would have been damage if there was no cover at all, unless snow/melt would have been able to penetrate electronics. The gas tank is not exposed directly to water and the motor has its’ own cover that was not affected, so the console would have been the worry I guess. It stayed mostly protected from snow, but it was bearing the full weight of the snowfall directly which couldn’t have been a great feeling for it. Pisses me off, and always will.


In the long run a carport or some framed structure covered by a tarp is the best I’ve found. I keep mine under a carport with a not too expensive cover and they keep it protected. I’m sure you don’t want have to spend more $ but if there was ever a money pit, it’s a boat. :grin: The old saying that a "boat is a hole in the water you pour money in " is a truism if I ever heard one.

Sorry to hear. I had the same kind of shit with damage to my roofs and trees with last weeks arctic blast. I was up on my roof all day yesterday and now have to work on my shop building. 5 years until my wife can retire and then I’m fucking out of here…that is…if I’m still alive by then.


I would love for this to be the impetus for getting a really nice pole barn that could serve as storage for this plus another huge bay for storing all sorts of happy shit. A bay with a lift for working on the vehicles, plenty of space for everything that’s crammed into my garage, giving me the intended second parking space for two cars rather than one tight squeeze for a car and the rest of it full of shit. But alas, that sort of thing takes money, something I currently (and seemingly always) lack. I would have been best getting my workshop and not the damned boat, but the power of the wife’s voice is indeed a strong one.

I love the boat, really. But my priorities are never the chosen priorities.


I bought one of those cheap Carolina Carports and then bought metal to cover the sides and back. I leveled the ground and then set 4x4 treated posts 3 feet down in concrete and then laid 4x4 with long lag bolts holding them horizontally. The carport was then lag bolted to the horizontal posts. Then I just filled with gravel. I put 3/4 x 4x 8 treated ply down when I need to use a floor jack etc. I doubt that I spent $1500 on everything and its 24 x 20 feet. I weld etc. in it and use it for all kinds of storage etc. It’s a good cheap way to have things under roof.


I wish it was that easy… Where the boat is, there’s no room to build a carport. And where there is room, is grass and ground that is not level. So, much grading would need to be done. I’d flippin’ love to.


I may just have to eat it and pay for covered storage up by Mark Twain until I can afford a proper shed (or we sell the boat and screw the shed, ha).