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Oh well, its back up on the roof for me. Its raining but at least its warm. I’d rather be on the lathe!



Dang, this is in the city of St. Louis yesterday. Not exactly a bastion of wildlife preservation.



Huh! Are rainbow trout rare or something over there?



In the middle of the city, I thought they were.



Ah ok - can’t throw a stone over here without hitting one in the lake (ok slight exaggeration :smile: )



I well expected to be done re-wiring the boat by now, but it’s been abnormally cold much longer than it’s been the last few winters. 20’s again this morning and no real warm-up yet in sight. I need a few dry days consecutively in at least the 50’s before I get this done. Largely because I don’t like working in the cold, and if there’s precip forecast it sucks to have to install the snap cover every day. I have all my supplies gathered and the plan is in place Just need the weather to cooperate. Irritating.



I guess you didn’t get what we had yesterday. 35 MPH Winds gusting to 60 MPH and a 40 degree temp drop. I had four power outages yesterday with 2 lasting over 3 hours. It was miserable and today I get to assess the damage…again. Almost afraid to go out and look.



Yes, we got that Saturday night into Sunday. It was in the 60’s but rainy and cloudy. Then that big wind came a-blowin’ and took the temps back below freezing. I do have a lot of branches down, but nothing damaging. Just a bunch of crap I have to pick up because it’s too big to trounce over with the riding mower. News said the airport measured winds gusting at 66MPH. I guess we had just about the same thing you did, really. From the 60’s to the 20’s with big blows. Really, it needs to switch to spring already.



Yeah, then i get to put a whole new roof on. I can’t fuckin wait.:crazy_face: I’m puuting a metal roof on this time and to hell with asphalt shingles. Had a salesman expound on a 40 year warranty. I about died laughing and asked him if I look like I’m going to be around for 40 years. :laughing:



Currently in Spain for a short break, decided to get a day’s fishing in, only had 3 carp at roughly 5lb each… Beats work though :grin:



Quite the rig there bud!

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All hired as its a pain to bring my own tackle with me



Aren’t you lucky putting a new roof on, that’s exactly what I am doing at the moment.
Fortunately I have a contractor doing the hard yards.
Good luck with yours.



Hey Allan @Fishaddict420 is it crappie time yet with the weather change?



I went two weeks ago but only caught one, but I also launched the boat on the dirt road about 120 yards from where the boat ramp is lol so that coulda been it, you could say the water level was up a little…I think this is the prime time of year to catch a giant crappie, they are more than likely in prespawn and as long as we don’t get a hard cold snap they will be up shallow looking for nests when the water isn’t dirty, probably even when it is lol.

From ice-out till you see bass and gills on nests is prime time for all your colder species; pike, musky, crappie, yellow perch, walleye/sauger/saugeye, they are all up shallow and actively feeding and breeding while most fishermen are getting their stuff outta storage and getting their boat ready lol.

For those reading that might not know, fish don’t “hibernate” during the winter, a lot of people think they feed all summer and live off their “fat” in the winter, but fish are less active in the winter because they are actually still trying to gain weight; the spawn is the fish version of hibernation, they guard their nests and barely take time to even eat, so the best time of year to catch the biggest fish of any species you can is right before they go on the nest to lay their eggs.

If I can make the time I will be out after saugeye this weekend, but only because the park my favorite crappie lake is in is closed for repairs. I’ll be fishing for crappie and saugeye until mushrooms start popping up, then I’ll be too distracted to fish till they are gone lol.



I heard the crappie are out in drives at Mark Twain and probably the Ozarks. But that was before the huge rains we got in the past week so I don’t know. Boaty isn’t ready anyway.



How did you come out on the cover ordeal?



It is still being debated in the PayPal world. I was told a resolution would be had by now but no update. During the dispute, the amount is credited back to me, so if they forget I will kind of win by default.



I was never too hot on using PayPal but when I bought a new lathe last summer I was freaking out. eBay didn’t do anything but remove the listing but PayPal got the money $$$$ refunded quickly. Without it, it may have been an expensive nightmare. Thousands. I don’t like some of their policies but all in all they did protect me. I use PP without hesitation now. Seems the sellers know not to screw with their means of getting payment so it sounds to me like you have your money back. Hope so. That cover should not have ripped like that.



While I agree with you 100%, and just about any reasonable personal would agree as well, PayPal has found that the seller has done nothing wrong and denied the claim. I have ‘appealed’ but I do not suspect anything will come of it. I suspected the seller would be able to get away with this fraudulent scam of a garbage cover by hiding within the stupid warranty disclaimers and I was right. Shameful, disgrace of a company. Unfortunately the BBB site has numerous complaints about the garbage covers, so shame on me for not looking deeply enough prior to purchase. Lesson learned.

National Boat Covers, for anyone who may want to know where NOT to buy anything for your boat.

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