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Well my name ain’t fish addict for nothin!! The 420 part used to be a big part of my life too, but having a kid in a non legal state changed that part in a hurry…but I digress lol this is a shitty time of year to go fishing in Indiana, and I’ve been really wanting to go here lately but the free time is not available. Anybody who likes fishing throw some pics up on this post! Saltwater, freshwater, big or small, idgaf lol this isn’t a bragging board post either, and in that spirit here is the last fish I caught, bout 3 weeks ago in a little creek you could toss pebbles across lol ain’t she cute;)


Awesomely appropriate that you should be the one to launch this thread my good man!

I see you’re working on the bait. Can’t wait to see the fruits of the bait run! lol :wink:

/subbed :thumbsup:


Give a man a fish and he can eat for… 5 secs… :laughing:

I used to go fishing with friends but only to smoke weed in the bivvy, very relaxing…


Only shot I could find. Salamonie lake catfish about 30 inches.


I’ll post a couple of the catfish I caught last trip to the Ozarks. Going again in October so I hope to have more to post. Just need to shoot them over from the phone. May not be in my name, but I’ve been a fish addict since I was old enough to hold my own pole. (Fishing pole, you weirdos).


We’re an hour and a half or so from the Lake of the Ozarks, which houses some nice catfish among other things. Took my youngest boy there last fall so he could see what a real catfish looks like. He’d never seen a substantial fish before since we go to local lakes and cull bluegills and small bass most of the time. Anyway, we got 4 nice ones down there, from 19 pounds up to 26 or so. When I wrestled up the first big one, his eyes got as wide as saucers. Here’s a few pics, including one of him with a look on his face like the fish was going to consume him.


Nice catch!


The weight reading isn’t the one in the pic, that’s the smaller one. I caught all those on the 8lb test line, and lost 4 more that broke it off. I switched to 20lb test and had another 3 beasts break me off too! Man I wanted to see those river monsters!


Those are blue cats right? I use 50lb braid when I catfish now lol but most of my cat fishing is done in a creek with a bunch of snags so I need to be able to muscle them away from all the logs


Blues, yep. The boy about shit his drawers when the first biggun surfaced. He thought I was only pretending to fight it so hard.

These didn’t snag me, they just ran till they broke off or straightened the hook.


Guess I can post some nicer fish now, these all came from the same creek the little baby fish in my first pic came from.


Ok, story time lol so the creek I caught all those fish from is white lick creek, one of my first memories in life is when I was 3 years old, I caught a carp and it started dragging me towards the embankment, so my dad grabbed me by the hips and let me reel it in by myself since I wouldn’t let go of the pole lol. Back then the area around that spot of the creek was gravel roads and it was all owned by one farmer that let my dad park and walk down to fish. Cut to me being 16 years old, the farmer died and his kids sold off a portion of the farmland and developers built a small neighborhood on it, my best friend Matt’s grandma and grandpa bought a lot in the neighborhood and built a house. I took my dad there to fish and he said their property that touches the creek is less than 30 yards from where I caught that fish when I was 3, so I tell Matt that even though it’s his grandparents property it’s still my fishing spot cause I was there first lol!! Here’s some pics of the creek and Matt with a nice smally.


Places I’d like to spend a few days camping for 500 please Alex! :wink:

Some great pics, and very cool story!
Totally agree with you on the “my spot” rationale! :grinning:


While that would make for an excellent time of fishing (great fights I bet!)… I probably wouldn’t be able to eat them. Most big cats I’ve had taste naaaasty because of being alive and living on the bottom scum for so long. (At least IME. Though I prefer trout, bass, crappie, etc if I can’t reach saltwater.)

LMFAO!! That’s great!
I bet you also made a fisherman for life out of him once he saw what you can catch! :wink: :thumbsup:


I let them all go but one. Nice soak in salt water and it was tasty.

Yes, he is hooked, so to speak.


Your story reminded me of myself when I was a little kid. My first and only trip to Lake of the Ozarks was when I was about ten. The fishing was great off the dock. My dad rented a boat and was teaching me to water-ski when we came across a dead spoonbill about 6 or 7 feet long. Scared the shit out of me and I did not want to get back in the lake. Looked like a shark or sea monster or something. :rofl: Some big ass fish in that lake. I’ve always wanted to go back.


We have a great lake here, no doubt. Actually got those cats off the dock. They’re smart enough to hang out under the cleaning stations.


That’s how I felt about it too. As a little one, we’d like to fish off the dock at night with a few bright lights pointed out into the water to attract whatever. Once in a while we’d see some 300 foot Alligator Gar patrolling the topwaters and I always stepped back to the middle of the dock as they cruised slowly past. OK, so I know they only looked like they were 300 feet long. Probably more like 4 or 5 feet long. But a sub-teen with a wild imagination in the Jaws movie era definitely saw a legendary giant preparing to leap from the water and consume him. :sunglasses:


Yeah I was like 8 or 10 years old. So damned near 6 decades ago but I’ve never forgot being totally freaked out by what I now know was a harmless fish. I’ve been tempted to go back to the lake but probably wouldn’t recognize it now. There was some development back then but not very much. 1960 or so and it was beautiful.
I went on to become an avid scuba diver and have spent a great deal of time in saltwater/coral reefs where sharks and creatures that could kill you were an every dive occurrence. What a rush. Dove several times with a Aussie that smacked a shark in the head with his fist and acted like it was no big deal. Now there’s a fish story.:grin:


No, you would not recognize it. It’s gone from a nice weekend lodge and sparsely populated place to basically a city with the big box stores, condos, all sorts of everything. Mark Twain Lake would be a nice place to go if you want that less crowded feel, but none of that compares to punching tiger sharks.