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Nah, it was a big hammerhead. He just laughed when we got back in the boat and said, “come to Brisbane mate, I’ll show you some sharks.”


Don’t know if you’ve ever been there but the best freshwater fishing I’ve ever experienced is Dale Hollow lake which is in both Tennessee and Kentucky. Not that far from you and incredibly beautiful. Smallmouth heaven, crystal clear waters and hundreds of miles of shoreline. Couldn’ find any fish pics but the lake pretty much looks like this everywhere:


Here’s a little better shot from the boat. The lake is huge and easy to get lost on. I have GPS on the boat and is the only time I needed it


Wow Dale Hollow lake is pretty much the same size as lake Eildon which is about 800 metres (1/2 mile) from my front door if it wasn’t for the different vegetation that photo could have been taken here.


And, symmetry noted, the Lake of the Ozarks used to look a lot like those too! Until it got over-develped, of course.

I love fishing!


I’ve never been to dale hollow, we always skip right past that and go down to northern Alabama and fish lake gunterville, I don’t have any pictures of the lake itself but we catch fish this size every day when we go down there

Also went to lake pickwick last time we went down, it’s a massive lake but it stays mainly riverine for its length. The Tennessee river system in northern Alabama is about 7 hours from my driveway.


My brother pulled a 7 pounder out of a local lake a couple weeks ago. He said he’s going to take me there next spring. It’s a 30-ish acre private lake, and I can not wait. We have a trip set for the 'Zarks in October so I can get my bull-blue fix again. Pics will be forthcoming.


I’m looking forward to the pictures!! I’m probably going to set some jugs tonight or tomorrow for a couple big snapping turtles that live in our pond, if I have luck I’ll be posting pics of them lol


Ah, you reminded me of my youth again. We used to go to Bull Shoals lake because my Grandpa knew a lodge owner. He would set out a trot line with cotton baits (cottonseed cakes) at night. Next morning he would pull in carp as big as me!! He was going for cats so he would curse those monsters and toss them back. But that sort of memory really stays with you. Massive fish!

And it reminded me that Jeremy Wade did an episode of River Monsters from the Ozarks because the cats are so huge. Yeah, I said I love fishing, didn’t I?


Bull shoals is on my bucket list, one of the few lakes you can pull the black bass trifecta, catching a keeper size largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass on the same lake lol


You would love trying for a murray cod in the lake here


Wow. Had to look this one up and now I understand why. The Wikipedia article explains it It sure doesn’t look like any fish we murikens would call a cod, because it isn’t. Awesome.


I’m edging ever closer to getting a pontoon boat. Always wanted one for more frequent family fish-n-fun outings but just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. This thread has me going though! Usually we go with my brother and take turns going out on his bass boat, or staying dock and shoreside. It would be great to have a little bass barge to hang on and fish, BBQ, etc…


We had pontoon boats for years and even camped on them.They’re great on the water as long as the lake is calm but the speed and wake boats can really get you rocking. They are also a pain in the ass to load on a trailer in rough water or when windy. Putting upright guide rails is a must if you like to trailer your boat like we do. I don’t like to be confined to one lake for the season and renting slips is outrageously expensive here in Indiana at least. But for all around fun you just can’t beat them. Swim, fish, camp, cruise etc.

We sold ours and I restored a 20 ft cuddy cabin which we also enjoy. But with the two of us and our dogs space is a premium. Boats are never big enough. Get a big one- 22 to 24 feet for a pontoon.


I’ve wanted a pontoon with low profile floats and no rails on the deck for bass fishing, they need much less water than a bass boat to float but have better stability than a jon boat, perfect for shallow water flipping and pitching with heavy line:)


I’ll confess, I would prefer a Skeeter or some hot rod metal flake 250HP bass boat, but no matter how big a one you get, you ain’t fishing 6 people in one! And, well, $$$$$$$$!!!


A boat is a hole in the water you throw money in but damn they’re fun. I’ve always been kind of a frugal bastard but could never see spending 30- 50K for something to use 4 or 5 times a month. We have an old boat I restored. I built the engine and did all kinds of different things to it and can do damned near anything I could with something costing me 10 times as much. Same with the pontoon (and other) boats. Bought older ones and rebuilt everything myself. Floor, playpen, engine. electronics, custom this and that. It can be a great hobby. Here’s my current cuddy cabin- a 1987 Glastron:


Freakin’ gorgeous shots man. Would love to hit that!


That’s a crazy ass fish lol


Yeah, brand new 22 foot ranger with a 250 goes for 70 grand, not even tricked out that much either lol. My bass boat is a 15.5 ft mastercraft that me and my dad redid the fiberglass on 10-12 years ago, we also increased the front deck size while we were at it lol but to be honest I use the kayak or canoe far more often. I fish by myself a lot and the little boats get me on the water and fishing a lot quicker, and I can fish water that doesn’t get as much pressure. Last I checked here in Indiana we are in the top ten states with registered boats and in the bottom 10 states for public fishable water, so the bass here are well aware of what most baits and techniques look like lol the biggest lake in the whole state is only 10,000 acres