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Here’s my bass boat, excuse the weeds lol I don’t feel like weedeating in the heat so it’s grown up a little, haven’t even registered the boat this year, just been using the canoe or kayaks


Nice boat. Just guessing but looks to me like a 1980’s V4 Johnson???


Late 70s if I remember correctly, Johnson 115 lol


Obviously made back when things were built to last and awesome power in a small package.


Back when I still lived in SW Michigan, I had a 17’ Dolphin Expedition canoe. It was an ugly faded yellow color, but I loved that thing. I could get on creeks and streams and even lakes that boats couldn’t access.

I went out by myself a lot and had to throw my spare tire in the front seat as a counter balance because of the trolling motor and battery in the back with me.

A canoe gives you so many more options if you can do it. Just the solitude and freedom of being on water with nobody around is an awesome feeling. Now if you catch some nice fish there too its even better.


Nice, my canoe is a 16 footer and I just use a paddle lol you should try a fishing kayak, they have more stability than traditional kayaks and you can get into places canoes can’t even go lol the only problem with the kayak is if you hook into anything bigger than bluegill or crappie the kayak actually moves when you set the hook, causing a little slack in the line which translates to lost fish, I about set the kayak on fire before I figured that one out lol. I don’t mind getting skunked but I absolutely hate losing fish, now I only use the kayaks for panfish unless I have an anchor.


I live in S. California now. There is very little fresh water here, and the few lakes around are so crowded and crazy that its hardly worth the effort. They are so artificially managed that its just not the same to me.

It took me a few years to transition to saltwater, but once I did I really liked it. I see people using the fishing kayaks in the bays and they look pretty slick.


Nice boat @Fishaddict420! We were crazy poor growing up. Always wanted a boat but no way was even a cheap jon boat in the budget, ever. Eventually a few of my siblings grew up and moved out, and there was a little extra budget room. Dad finally bought a 1960’s Mark Twain runabout they he ‘converted’ to a bass boat. By convert, I mean made a bench seat out of plywood and mounted a seat on the bow on the deck. This thing was small party vessel, not a fishing one. Hard as hell to fish out of. High sides and very little room. And you had to climb over the windshield to get to the bow seat. It was really, really lame. But it floated so we used it! Naturally, it died in the middle of Mark Twain Lake one time and I baked redder than a lobster waiting for someone to come along and drag us to the landing.

But you know what? Good times.


I remember those Mark Twain boats and they were pretty well made. Still see them for sale occasionally.
While I love to fish I’m by no means a good fisherman. I love being out on the water both by myself and with others also. Or just fishing from a bank or pier or just letting my dogs swim. But for family or group fun I think a pontoon boat can’t be beat. I made a canvas camping cover to fit a 24 footer with a hard top and spent days and nights on it back in coves with my wife and dogs. Good times!


Like this: (not mine but same idea,)


Good times indeed! But here is my problem… One, I lack the funds to buy a water-ready, nice, turnkey boat. Two, I lack the time (and most of the funds) to by a fixer-upper. So, until one of these two missing ingredients is found, I shall stay on the shore and on the dock and watch the boats sail by, a little jealous but not enough to drown anyone.


I understand. Just attempting to show the possibilities. One hell of a lot of time and $ gets involved in restoring and you almost never recover your investments in either. Plus with buying a used boat you can count on hidden conditions. Rule number one is that if a boat doesn’t have a working engine, it’s a liability.
Boats were my hobby for over 30 years and I had the plans and dream of building my own design from scratch but never had the time and despite having a workshop as large as my house, I wisely put it off. Major time and money and lack of space.
Nevertheless I can’t resist the urge of tempting someone bitten by the boat bug. :smiling_imp:


So, you are a boat enabler? :thinking::smiley:


Absolutely. :joy:


Definitely an enabler. Seems I keep finding myself perusing pontoon boat websites. If I find just the right deal… :rofl:


Guess what this impulsive jackass is doing? Going to look at a pontoon boat this afternoon. I foolishly mentioned to the wife that maybe, just maybe, we should look again for a boat. She’s a terrible nag about things, and one thing she’s been on me for a long time about is that. I knew way better than to mention it.

So, along with you enablers, I have a non-stop bleating in my ears, so the search just got real. It’s a good looking boat. Mid-2000 model, 20’, plenty of room to hang out or fish, 90HP merc outboard, trailer included. Wish me luck. Supposedly water-ready since I will NOT abide a project. Decent price for the model according to NADA, so I’m sure there’s a catch.


Inspect the toons very well. Sometimes that means lifting the boat up off the cradles on the trailer. A pressure test leaves no doubt and is easy though a dealer is best to check such things. Never exceed 10PSI. People die from this. I’ll give a full checklist if you like- motor and hull.


Sure. Today is just a look-see and a spin around the water. Won’t be daylight enough for a full inspection. This is just getting eyes on it.


Sorry, had visitors. Sending a PM soon.


Good luck fizzy! And remember, gooba gobba gooba gobba one of us! One of us!! Join the boat brotherhood!! Lol and don’t forget fisherman’s anonymous is every Wednesday night at 8!