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It’s awesome! May be getting it tomorrow! Ugh. You could eat off the motor. Whole vessel is clean as a whistle. No signs of trouble. Got to drive it on the lake. Very impressed. 2007, 140 hours. Stored indoors its’ whole life. Only been on one lake.


Y’all got me.

Fortunately, I have an Econoline 350 with a beastly 7.5l motor, because this van struggled mightily getting it 200 miles home. It’s supposedly rated to tow without issues, but no one told the van that.


Yeah they catch a lot of wind on the highway. The 7.5 will do a lot better. Congrats on a absolutely beautiful boat! We need pics of the 1st family outing. :+1:


It’s just disappointing, because we specifically got the tow package just in case we’d need it. I did not foresee a pontoon boat in my crystal ball, but I always get the tow package on all the vehicles I buy because it’s better to have it and not use it than, well, you know. Too see how it struggled was a huge letdown. That’s the wife’s van, of course. The other choices are a HEMI Durango (old but strong like bull) and the E-350 (older, but strong like herd of bull). I would have preferred the newer vehicle be the primary but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

First trip is to the Ozarks in about a month. It was already planned and we were just going to take turns in my brother’s boat. But now, I guess that changed.


Sounds a little strange because pontoon boats are pretty light. But the van is not very big. I pull with a 3.7 Ford pickup without any problems but we go places where the launch ramps are really steep and I need the power so I have never tried a small or midsize vehicle. The v8 struggles some times and I don’t dare back in too far where it gets slick. I’ve set and watched people burn tires trying to pull out. Boat ramp watching can be pretty entertaining. :rofl: The big iron works best.


There’s No Replacement For Displacement!!! Preach it. My Econoline can pull a house off its’ foundation.


I hear you there! I came up just the opposite. Grew up on salt, and had to learn fresh. Interesting how different they can be. I still much prefer salt though, there’s just something more “wild” to it (at least to my ‘warped’ mind. lol).
I guess it’s because lake fishing seems like ‘fish in a barrel’, and with salt, it feels like they have “the world” to roam. (Even though most are highly territorial, it’s the way my mind works. chuckles - shush Phil! LMAO) :wink:




Grats on the new boat though brother! :thumbsup:

Way fucking cool @FizzeWizze!



Believe it or not, one reason I got a break on the price was a trailer light wasn’t working properly. He said a marina quoted 350 for rewiring and new lights. It was a loose ground, problem solved for zero cents. Won’t tell him that though. Pays to be handy…


I was on my mobile last night. Hate foruming with that. Anyway, the brake light…

So they guy said the tail light was ‘acting up’ this year. He only towed the boat a half mile from storage to the launch, on a rural road in the wildlife reserve area, so he didn’t do much about it. Since he kept it near the marina that serviced it, he took the trailer to them for a diagnosis. They said the wiring was corroded and the light sockets had all fallen victim to aging, a normal thing. And then the $350 quote to re-wire the whole thing. He politely passes, as I would have also done.

Symptoms… in normal operation, both brake lights and both blinkers worked normally. With the headlights on, the driver’s rear running light would not illuminate. And, when you hit the brakes, the entire driver’s rear light would not work at all. Classic ground symptoms.

So I took off the tail light, and sure enough, the ground point was corroded and a little rusty. I scuffed it all up to shiny, slathered on a little dielectric grease, re-assembled, and everything works as it should. I will do the other tail light later as a maintenance measure. Hate when service centers play the BS game with uninformed customers, but it worked out for me this time.


How do you find the service manager at a marina? …Look for the guy with a peg leg and a parrot on his shoulder.


Sold that van today too. I told the old lady I don’t like losing that money out of the account, and since the van really ain’t up to the task of towing that boat, her fancy van goes. She actually agreed (because let’s face it, I can bloviate all day long, but you all already know if she puts her foot down, I’m not doing anything). So goodbye garage anchor. I can replace the boat expense now so I can feel better.


I think you will enjoy the boat for a very long time and with the comparative costs of travel and entertainment is a pretty good investment which when taken care of will retain its value. Cars and vans, not so much. Plus the old saying is certainly true, “when momma’s happy , so is everybody else.”:rofl:


Abundantly true.

So if you think about it, I actually got her to trade a POS useless expensive paperweight of a van for a pontoon boat! And she actually agrees that was the best path to travel! I better not put it that way. But then, the deals are already done, so HA! I rarely win. I’m savoring this.


PLUS, the boat puts food in the freezer!! :smiley:
Honestly. Have you seen the price of fish these days? o0 /smh


On first launching all new boats need to be named and the ritual performed. So lets help Fizze with suggestions:

How about VAPE 1?


Tentatively, it’s Boaty.


Sounds good.

Red sky at night…the fish will bite.


Leaving tomorrow morning. Definitely feeling weird; I’ve never had a boat and although I’ve been on countless fishing trips, it’s almost surreal that I’m going with my own boat. Bubba is more than up to the task with his 13,000 towing capacity but I still can’t help but worry myself to death. While I can’t think of a thing I’ve missed, I have nonetheless convinced myself that there will be huge problems. Isn’t that stupid?