The fisherman’s corner


Relax. You’ll have a great time. Everything looks to be in pristine shape with the boat. I don’t know how you have been able to keep from taking it out. I wouldn’t be able to stand it for a week, let alone all this time.


Pretty much license, registration, and all the electronics installs I needed to do. Plus, the repairs needed on Bubba I guess. Next year the plan is bi-weekly day trips up to Mark Twain with a few extended stays back down in the Zarks, so it will be used for real.


I did slap the rabbit ears on to make sure it runs, and it started on the second crank so I’m feeling better about that. All new batteries, really I shouldn’t worry, and it’s my nature not to worry, but for some reason I am.


I always have mech tools with me just in case. Had brakes catch fire 300 miles from home in the middle of the night. Without the tools I was screwed. Hillbilly engineered it (rigged) on the side of the road. Had a great time when we finally got there though. :grin:


I’m bringing a full toolbox, a spare tank of gas for some reason, some fix-a-flat, maybe even flares and a tent if I get stranded on the side of the highway :rofl:. Overkill, I know. And I’m following my brother down so it’s not like it’s going to be some Cujo scenario if I break down.

Oddly, I’m more worried about steering the boat into the slip. I’ve done that before with other boats and I’m sure it won;t be an issue, but what gives? Huge butterflies for some reason. Killing me. Not like me at all.

Oh, and thank you again for excellent tips and pointers provided when I was looking for the boat. You really helped me with the decision and I definitely appreciate it brother.


Docking pontoons can be tricky and there definitely is a learning curve. They can be a bitch when its windy. Double that getting it on a trailer in a cross wind. I put carpet covered uprights on the inside of the toons which helps a lot. One time I had to swim a 24 footer onto a trailer and out came the welder when I got home. I put on a lifejacket and tied a rope around me so I could keep the damned thing from blowing sideways. My wife said i looked a water buffalo.


Ugh, that’s a mess!

Well, it does have the carpeted guides on the trailer, the guy even made a point to mention it. I already look like a water buffalo so it may not be all bad.


Hey I’m going fishing tomorrow! Gonna be a balmy 55 for the high here in Indiana, I’m off to catch a state record fish from a kayak;)


Awesome! I’ve got Boaty tied to Bubba and all ready to go. Good luck, hope you nab the record.


Boaty and bubba sounds like a match made in heaven:)


Have a great time Fizze and Fishaddict420 too.


I want a picture of that fish!
I wonder if Fizze is on the lake? Its 54F there right now.


Eh, I ended up going fishing to fill the skillet instead, I’m looking for a state record saugeye, but when you fish for really big fish you might only catch one or two in a day if your lucky, and the fiancé wanted bluegill lol


Delicious and lots of fun with an ultralight. Get a big one and it feels like a whale.:rofl:


:flushed: Seriously? :flushed:
Doesn’t the hook just rip right through their body at those aerial speeds? :rofl:

And what happens when you hook a log?
Wouldn’t you lose a lot of ultralights that way (from the nosedive into the water)?? :thinking:


I guess I’ll have to check with FAA. They’ll probably have to do a ten zillion dollar study and solicit viewpoints on the use of fishhooks while flying and then issue 20 chapters of new regulations. On second thought I’ll :grin: just buy a fuckin cane pole.


Yeah, I wasn’t even going to go into the whole “keeping the hook underwater” thing, just because I didn’t want certain entities to panic about the need for an appropriately sized sinker. Especially when combined with theoretically becoming a lead proje… ermm n/m. :grinning:


Hey guys, I’m back. Weather was 100% terrible. Almost no time out on the boat. Low 40’s and rain nearly the whole time, with a side of wind to keep it extra miserable.

Boat was great; learned a few things about the configuration and will be re-doing a lot over the winter. Bubba towed it so easily I literally forgot it was in tow a couple times. And getting it in the slip and on the trailer was nothing at all; no clue why I was worried.

Weather held out just long enough Wednesday before the rain and front came through. Managed to do the one thing I wanted to do most for the kids- got a big blue cat. I’ll have to get some pics up later. 32.11 pounds of fun fight.


Weather was absolutely rancid. Not a lot of pics worth sharing. Here’s the big catch, the best friends Bubba and Boaty, and my boat next to my brother’s. (Pic of Bubba and Boaty was on the way home in the perfect weather, of course).


Sucks about the weather but awesome. What a fish …Batwoman approved! :grin: