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I wouldn’t. “Sir”? Who dat?


The guy who keeps helping me, that’s who!


Well, it actually went pretty smoothly, I guess. I’d read a lot of back and forth about fogging the cylinders pros and cons, and that fogging a fuelie (like mine) is not the same as a carbed engine. So I sprayed a bit into the intake but it didn’t literally start to smoke. I also used the Boeshield on the entire engine and bay. The lower unit gear oil I still need to do as I didn’t have a big enough screwdriver to engage the screw properly and I don’t want to strip it. It may be a Spring deal anymore this time… I may or may not need it, but I don’t know when it was last changed so, better safe than stranded.

Is it actually supposed to be that easy?


But I’m serious though, is it supposed to be this easy? I feel like I’m missing something. I will take the batteries inside and get the trailer wheels off the ground and covered, but is it really not that huge a chore?


No, it isn’t any big chore at all. 2 stroke outboards with carbs involve a little more and inboards and inboard/outboards, again with carbs, are a harder but even then winterizing is not a big deal. I guess some people think removing a spark arrestor from the carb and spraying fogging oil till it dies is some big deal but its not.They all want you to go to the marina and drop $200 or $300 for little or nothing. Sounds to me like you have everything possible done.

I put up a Carolina Carport to store my boat. Works great and in the long run saves buying a $500 cover every few years. I have a cover on mine but the carport keeps the snow and dirt off and keeps UV from destroying the cover. I had to level the spot and put gravel down but I think I only paid about $800 installed. Sure worth the $ to me. I’m confident that we get a lot more snow than you do though.


We get a handful of 4 inch or less snows, and maybe two that will be 5-10 inches. So yeah, not the snowiest place.

My dream is a big garage with a lift. I’d love it to be wide enough to store the boat and the van side by side, with the lift for vehicle building and maintenance, just because who wouldn’t want that? But the truth is, that will never happen. I have been thinking about a carport option like that as well, it may be closer to a budgetable item but still not soon. I also thought about an indoor storage facility near Mark Twain (since that is where we will be 90% of the time), but $600 a year! Plus I would miss Boaty.

Thanks for the confirmation, I guess I will stand down and let myself think I done OK.


Darnit Pipes, I have been reading around again (stupid me) and now I’m worried that if I don’t change the lower unit oil, it will die next Spring. Talk me off the ledge!!!


LOl. I don’t know that motor so I can’t say. But I’ve seen 20 year old gear oil in Johnson/Evinrudes without a drop of water in it and still has its viscosity. Same with Mercruiser lower units which is what I have. But I just can’t say for certain. IF there is water in the lower unit it won’t last long… the gear dogs start slamming when you shift and you would notice gear oil on the water. Typical gear oil. stinks like hell…rotten eggs sulfur smell.

If you can’t get it with a screwdriver then maybe a bud will have an impact driver, the kind you smack with a hammer. (gently) There will be an o ring on the screw so I wouldn’t heat it but sometimes just a light tap will loosen them.

Also If this is the same screw as jonnyrudes you can take a quarter or nickel coin or washer and use a small adjustable wrench to turn it.

The boat forums are like all others…you have to be careful what you listen to. Some of these fuckers spew ex spurt bullshit about as bad as suosuckmyass.


Fantastic idea; I should have thought of that. And you ask why I call you Sir…


Well, I bent a quarter and a penny, and a nickel is too fat to fit. Dang.


Damn…whoever tightened that needs his ass kicked. But I guess we all have to suffer from misused tools. I bent and then broke a 4 way lug wrench once just trying to get a wheel off. Wonder it didn’t break my arm.

I imagine you’ve tried to find a steel washer to fit the slot. That’s never failed me that I can remember. Other than heat I’m out of idea’s. You should probably change that screw plug anyway after you finally get it loose so some heat will maybe do the trick. Damn.


Guess I’ll wait a few days and try again…


We of course got it here in Indiana. The only positive was when I let the pup out and he saw snow for the first time. He went about 3 steps and turned around with a WTF look. LMAO. But then he started playing in it. The look he gets on his face when he discovers something new is hilarious. Couldn’t be more childlike. :grinning:


We haven’t gotten any snow down here in south central Indiana yet, I’m hoping everything doesn’t freeze this weekend, I planned on squeezing in one more fishing trip on Sunday or Monday lol


It spit snow off and on here all day today but nothing really. Forecast is clear for the weekend. Maybe you’ll get that state record. :crossed_fingers:


Winterized my brother’s boat for him today. He had a huge screwdriver and I got to change out his LU oil and I got the screwdriver for myself. So I can do mine after all…

Question, just tossing it out here. His engine is a carbed Yamaha 75 4 stroke. It is exceptionally hard starting, and I’m looking for ideas. I will check elsewhere buy y’all are a smart lot so I am asking here too. The choke works, both manual and electric (I was really hoping that would be it). He primes the bulb until it is firm and chokes it but it still takes forever to turn over. He had the carbs rebuilt 2 years ago but it still does this, did before and does now. The shop said that’s just the way it is, but I don’t buy that…


I can ask a mate of mine who is a marine mechanic but I know F all about boats if you give me more details I can ask propper.

My answer would be along the lines of a fantastic Aussie product (yes it is a real product)

(really is is just Aerostart which i assume you have over in the states)


Called starting fluid here, and yes we have it.

Well, as much detail as I have… It’s a carbed 75 horse Yamaha, early 90’s engine. It just cranks and cranks and cranks before it starts. Worse when cold but also when restarting at operating temp. It will fire right away with Start Ya Bastard but who wants to do that every time, on the water, trying to fish not be a mechanic…

It has a functioning electric choke and a manual override, makes no difference and it feels like it is not choked. I can verify the butterflies close on all 4 carbs when choked. He primes the fuel bulb until it is firm. I don’t believe he is flooding it.


I will drop my mate a text message today see if he has some suggestions to try


Thanks man, appreciate it!