SXmini SX Nano - Auto Squonker Review

Hi Vaping Community, In this review i take a look at the SX Nano Auto Squonker from Yihi SXMini. The SX Nano was supplied free of charge for the purpose of this review by Yihi SXMini.



The SX Nano is the fourth portable device to be released incorporating the latest technology from Yihi, the ESS(Electronic Spray System) Driver integrated with the latest third generation temperature control technology.

Don’t shoot me if i am wrong but as far as i can work out both iPV (Pioneer4You) who brought us the first portable device using the technology and VSticking are owned by Yihi SXmini so while SXmini concentrates on high end products we have iPV bringing us more affordable products while the aim of VSticking is to offer luxury but at an affordable price. I made no secret of the fact i really liked this new technology when i first reviewed the iPV version and was quite blown away when VSticking then brought us a version with a more functional TC DIY mode along with Rebuildable ADA’s, then came the long awaited SX Auto from SXMini thrmselves which was their portable device following the technology being used in the X-Class.

The SX Nano almost reverts back to the IPV version in regard to being much more simplistic but is far from a downgrade as this device has been in development for a full year perfecting the firmware to bring the perfect vape out the box while making the device both more affordable (while maintaining quality) and also cheaper to use with the ADAv2’s which just need the drop in disposable decks (Disk Coils) purchasing rather than the entire ADA.

I was first made aware of this device back in February and along with others received the first prototype a few months back which has been part of the process of making the Nano as good as it possibly can be and even since receiving my review sample there has been 3 more firmware upgrades, the RSA (rebuildable) decks, new Stainless Steel drip tip (which will be included) and now optional 0.3ohm disposable decks all become available, let’s check out the SX Nano!

In The Box



1pc SX Nano Device
1pc 0.6ohm (SS316L) SX-ADA V2 Atomizer Set
1pc 0.6ohm Disk Coil (SS216L)
1pc SS Drip tip
2pc Reservoirs
1pc USB Type C Cable
1pc User Manual
1pc Warranty Card

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

The SX Nano comes in the usual minimalistic White SXMini Cardboard packaging with customary matching paper gift bag! On opening the first thing that stands out is how small the device is, it’s one of those devices that you can see as many photos as possible but it’s size in real life will still surprise! My review sample is Black, the options are Black, Gunmetal, Red, Blue or Green, i must say the Green, Red and Blue look particularly nice shades of those colours!

We have a nice looking Chromed outline both front and back and grooved edging. On the face we have a very nicely machined protruding round chromed fire button central top and central bottom 2 smaller matching buttons lined up vertically, between the fire and lower buttons we have a narrow elongated display.

Looking at the device with the front facing you we have the reservoir at the bottom on the left edge, moving to the base we have a Type C USB port. Moving to the rear we have “SXmini” printed in White centrally which doesn’t bother me personally but below we have printed safety marks which i just find an eyesore and somewhat looks cheap on such a nice looking, well made device.

Up top we have a small plate with proprietary BF connection, the ADA is Silver and heavily grooved with almost a multi heatsink fins look, at the top it steps and tapers to a proprietary screw-on Delrin drip tip! As mentioned the device is very small as the name suggests so just gets swallowed up in the hand and is a great out and about option!


Out the box the device comes with a silicon dust protection plug in the plates threading protecting the BF pin. If you keep this then if you are not going to use the device for a while you can remove the ADA and reinsert the plug!


SX Nano Specs and Features:

Powered by the YiHi SX681J
ESS Driver
Battery capacity: 900mAh
Reservoir capacity: 2ML
Reservoir material: PETG
Max Charge: 5V/1A
~60 min to full charge
Quiescent Current <3 uA
ADA mode supported coils: SX ADA v2 0.6ohm
Device size: 87.43917.9mm
Colours: Black, Gunmetal, Red, Blue, Green


What You Get And What’s Available?

You receive obviously the device and ADAv2 with a 0.6ohm disposable deck pre-installed. You also get a spare disposable deck and a spare 2ml reservoir. Although in the sample i received only included the pre-installed Delrin screw-on drip tip the retail version will also include a longer profile Stainless Steel drip tip with Ultem base, very nice!


Although they have decided to include the Stainless Steel drip tip it is also available as a separate purchase.


The previous ADA’s were completely disposable but with the ADAv2 we have a permanent ADA then you simply replace the drop in disposable pre-coiled deck (disk coil) which both brings the cost down and is more environmentally friendly! The disposable decks are available with 0.6ohm builds and also will be available with 0.3ohm builds.


To save even more money a semi-rebuildable option is also available in the form of their RSA’s which although i am sure stands for rebuildable squonkinq atomizer actually all you receive is a pre-wound, pre-wicked coils and paper rings that fit around the top of the deck.


You actually use both the existing ADAv2 and use a used disposable deck, removing the used build and fitting the pre-wound, pre-wicked coil and ring, below is a video showing how the coil is fitted:

How The System Works

The SX Nano is a temperature control and bottom feeder device. The YiHi chip also controls the supply of e-liquid to the atomizer by pumping just enough e-liquid as you vape so when you press the fire button it heats the coil while simultaneously spraying the atomizer’s build with e-liquid via the electronic pumping system, the system is called ESS (Electronic Spray System) Driver. The idea is that the e-liquid is completely isolated from the heating core apart from when you actually vape so you are always vaporising fresh e-liquid, so giving improved flavour and coil longevity.

Although it’s a temperature control device it’s a proprietary system although unlike the previous ESS Driver devices everything as been set-up for you so you have no knowledge of the Joules and equivalent wattage or temperature, just Cold, Normal, and Warm pre-sets. These pre-sets have been tailored over a year which has involved testers which i was lucky enough to be one to get them spot on!

The SX ADAv2

The SX ADAv2 looks just like a little BF RDA and works the same way, the upgrade is the v2 is not disposable but instead as already mentioned accommodates disposable coiled decks. Up top we have a proprietary screw-on Delrin drip tip and looking at the sleeve it has a small slot each side for adjusting airflow. The threading is much shorter but wider than the usual 510 threading and the connector on top of the device is shallow and has a fixed BF pin, the real bummer here is despite being proprietary like with the SX Auto, iPV V3-Mini and VKSma they have managed to have them all a slightly different size when it comes to the threading and as much as i love this device and the technology the lack of compatibility is it’s biggest con!


Fitting The Disposable Decks

When you no longer are getting good flavour it’s time to replace the pre-coiled deck which is done by simply pulling the deck out. Fitting a new deck is just as easy, you just press it in place and it can only fit one way!


The Airflow

We have a small slot either side on the sleeve and 2 small holes either side on the base section. When you look inside the sleeve you will see a recessed section either side and we have a tab each side on the base. When fitting the sleeve turn and it will drop in place when the tabs locate the recessed sections we now have a rail system with stoppers!

Turning the sleeve between stoppers allows you to have one hole open either side or two, of course you can have one and a part hole or even just part of one hole either side!

The air travels through the hole/holes either side and up from underneath giving bottom airflow!


The E-Liquid Reservoir

The e-liquid reservoir holds 2ml of e-liquid and towards the top there is an indented slot to get your fingernail into for grip, just pull down and it slides out of the device. Looking at the device their is a pipe that feeds all the way down to the bottom, when fitting the reservoir just feed the pipe into the main hole at the top of the reservoir and slide back into position, it fits perfectly. Looking at the top of the reservoir we have a hole which is used for both filling and feeding the pipe into as already described. We also have a second minute hole which allows air to escape or suck air in depending on the requirement, make sure you leave enough volume for the pipe when filling. I found filling and both removing and refitting the reservoir quick, easy and a 100% mess free experience.


Operating The Device

The device is the usual 5 clicks of the fire button to turn on but you need to enter the menu to shutdown which is the first option, to enter the menu is 5 clicks and select shutdown.


When you first use the device or install a new disposable deck and press fire it detects there is no liquid through the temperature control dry burn technology so doesn’t fire but automatically pumps e-liquid to the ADA, while it does this “NO LIQUID” is displayed on the screen. Once the correct amount of liquid has been pumped through the system it goes into priming mode and “PRIMING” is displayed on the screen until the cotton is saturated.

Now pressing the up button you enter the 3 power pre-set modes which can now be scrolled through using the up and down buttons with fire selecting, the pre-sets are Cold, Norm and Warm.

Pressing the down button enters the pump speed setting which is set differently for each power pre-set but can be altered if you wish although each pre-set allows different pump speed parameters.

Just like the previous ESS Driver devices you can manually feed liquid through the pump by holding down the up button or draw liquid back by keeping the down button pressed but they have these pre-set settings and corresponding pump speeds so homed in i have found zero need to do anything other than choose my power pre-set and press fire!


As mentioned the device also has a menu which is 5 clicks to enter which allows you to scroll through and select from a choice of Shutdown (power the device down), Update (choose this when updating firmware), Brightness (adjust display brightness), Help (will come to this) and Exit!

The device has just one other feature which is 3 clicks of the fire button locks the whole device (it will not fire) and 3 clicks again unlocks the device.


I really like the Help option as at a nice speed allowing time to read and digest the information it scrolls through how to use the device, it’s almost a digital version of a manual, very useful!

Firmware V7

How i described operating the device is how it is explained in the manual that will be included but since the manual was printed the device has been updated to firmware version V7 which will be the version of the first production run! Not a lot has changed, it now just includes an Auto lock, 3 clicks to unlock and when initially feeding liquid and it says “NO LIQUID” it requires a second press of the fire button to confirm.


The Nano has a type C USB port for charging and firmware upgrades. The charge rate is 1A allowing the device to fully charge in just less than an hour while supporting pass-through, the only issue i have is the USB port is on the base and i much prefer devices standing up while charging!


My Experience Using The SX Nano

To start with a bit of background as when i first heard about the ESS Driver technology i read up about it and was immediately intrigued. Also this is the fourth device i have reviewed using the technology and i have enjoyed using all four devices and seeing how the technology has evolved.

The first thing i want to point out is a con which has been resolved! On my sample the gap between the base of the ADA and the plate on the device is quite large, normally i mention gaping even though it doesn’t usually bother me but this even bugs me. I did inform SXmini suggesting they did something about it but was told i wasn’t the first to point it out to them and they had already improved it and sent me the photo below which is much better!


This device in my opinion really is very good but like most things it does have cons the first being the obvious that this is entirely a proprietary system so the ADA’s won’t fit anything else and likewise the device can only be used with the ADAv2! The other con with the Nano being so small and also incorporating a pump system means as a trade off it only has a 900mAh battery but on the plus side it has type C USB with a 1A charge rate so can be fully charged within an hour while also supporting pass-through.

I love how simple this device is, it really is very user friendly which is down to the constant improvements and firmware upgrades before release, remember this isn’t the first device using this technology but the fifth yet they still worked on this device for a full year and we are already on firmware version 7 before release!

The idea with the Nano is the other ESS Driver devices had a real learning curve to them so were not ideal for newer vapers so they worked on just having pre-sets and putting a lot of effort in getting them right in regard vapor production, quality of vape and corresponding pump speed although the pump speed can be altered and manually activated and also you can manually draw liquid back.

The other aim was to make the device both affordable, cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly! And at around $60 for the device and just needing to replace the disk coil or even fitting the pre-wound, pre-wicked coils yourself to a used disc coil assembly this is a cheap vaping option while the build quality of the device is still extremely good!

I received my final sample version 7 or 8 weeks ago and although apart from two days it has been my secondary device over that period it has had quite some use and i am only on the second what i refer to as disposable deck (officially called disk coil) so like the previous disposable ADA’s the longevity is quite outstanding!

The other thing that really has impressed me is apart from the initial liquid feed with a new coil i have never touched the pump speed setting or manually pumped or drawn back liquid yet i have had Zero leaking and not once the “No Liquid” message during use so they have really homed in the syncing between the power pre-sets and pump speed, it’s pretty damn near perfect!!!

The flavour is also very good, not as good as my very best RTA’s and RDA’s but better than the flavour i get from the stock coils with pod mods! When it comes to airflow 2 holes open either side gives a choice between a tight restricted direct lung vape or very loose MTL whichever you prefer and one hole open either side is still a loose MTL but more a medium loose draw. You can go down to a part hole for a medium MTL and also closing the airflow altogether just allows very slight air leakage allowing for a tight draw but not ideal as the airflow is quite smooth but with the airflow closed down it’s a bit of a rough ride! Another pros is the way the pump just delivers the liquid needed making this very efficient with juice, it might only be 2ml but that 2ml goes a long way with this device!

I like what is included and that they decided to also include the Stainless Steel drip tip. Both drip tips are very comfortable but if chain vaping on either Norm or Warm then the Delrin tip can get a bit toastie but my lips stayed nice and cool using the Stainless Steel option.

Finally it’s quite light and very portable, the only other minor cons i have is the safety marks being visible on the rear of the device and it can easily fall over if knocked! I did partly because of the innovation involved say that the SX Auto was the best device i used in 2019 but it’s far too early in the year to make such a statement about the Nano in 2021 but it’s great to see the technology evolve in regard ease of use and becoming much cheaper with disposable disc coils, in my opinion it’s a winner!



Very good build quality
Small and ergonomic
5 nice colour options
Very nice looking (subjective)
ESS (Electronic Spray System) Driver
Integrated YiHi Chipset
Easy to use temperature controlled device
3 Power/flavour pre-sets
E-liquid isolated from heating core until you vape
Can manually pump e-liquid to atomizer or suck back into tank if needed
MTL or Tight Restricted DL
Device lock/Auto lock
Device can be turned off and on
2ml reservoir of e-liquid goes a long way due to micro management system
Removing, Filling and reinstalling reservoir is very quick and mess free
Adjustable airflow
Zero leaking
Very good flavour
Smooth airflow
Disk Coils give very good longevity
2 included drip tips
Spare Disk Coil and Reservoir included
Disc Coils, cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution
Pre-wound, pre-wicked RSA’s even cheaper and adds a semi rebuildable option
Type C USB
Charges in less than an hour
Supports pass-through
Firmware upgradeable


Lack of compatibility (entirely proprietary system)
Only 900mAh battery
Safety marks on rear visually obtrusive
Does topple over quite easily
Don’t like USB port being on base

I would once again like to thank Yihi SXmini for supplying the SX Auto for the purpose of this review, thanks for reading and stay safe!


What makes someone an amazing product reviewer?

In my view?
The ability to feel all nuance of the product, to understand not only how it works, but why it works as it does. to understand its limits and its fortes. to remain neutral and honest all throughout.
to fully transfer an experience of usage to the reader even though on a hard medium (writing) in oppose to video.

Thank you for providing your readers with an intimate feel of the use of our SX Nano. a well-done review.

David - SXmini


I know I ramble a lot move both in my head as well as my posts here, @Timwis … you put all of the information out in a clear and concise manner… Very well done!

Tiny cons here, Tim :stuck_out_tongue: that 900mah battery… I only change mine once, at night… and I am good to go for the entire day. Score!! As far anything else… mine has been my main mod… and chances are… I finally found a mod set up I really can get into :slight_smile:

I am thinking on making a stand for mine… I already made a pouch with a lanyard for it… I love it because it is so small and I can taper my clouds when needed :slight_smile: Flavor is the bomb!!!

Thanks for your review, Tim… :slight_smile:

Fan girling here tonight!! :rofl:


Absolutely all minor cons, even the proprietary nature is a necessity because of the complex technology!

Where’s my pouch? :sunglasses:


I crocheted mine… but thinking on upgrading to canvas :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I hear one person says they are going to make a wooden holder for theirs… that would be nice… :slight_smile:


I’m a tattooed rock dude who before nature dictated otherwise had hair down to my arse but i have a secret! I can crochet!!! Did a blanket once that was that big at the end it took 5 balls of wool just to go around the perimeter once!


A stabwood and resin hybrid holder would be really nice!


My hero!!! :smiley:
Yes… or even a knotty wood… will give him some ideas. I suck at making holders… but I can make some homemade guitars! :guitar: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:


@SmokyBlue i needed to go out Covid dodging today to get some “essentials (i include booze as an essentilal)” and the SX Nano made a great companion!


I found out I have a spare cubby in my car… perfect for the Nano, Tim so I am golden…
and it’s easy to reach, my mod won’t fall… YAY :grin:

Setting up my new phone right now… but I will try to get some snapshots :smiley: