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YIHI is a leading vape technology company focused on improving and innovating vape technologies, enabling better outcomes across the vaping world!

From software to hardware, chips to mods, to atomizers and coils.

YIHI leverages advanced technology and long research and consumer insights to deliver integrated vaping solutions.

Headquartered in Changping Town, Dongguan City, the company dedicates to pursue the perfect vaping experience for vapers worldwide.


The SX Nano is here!

  • SXnano is focused on simplicity and affordability!

  • It packs a super-advanced technology for automatic fast and precise liquid injection.

  • It packs a state of the art temperature control system to keep the coil healthy and prevent any dry hit even if you forgot to refill!

  • SXnano will come with our next generation ADAv2 Disk Coils - a tiny economical coil, provides superior flavors while reducing the costs by more than a HALF.

SXnano is a compact device, for on the go, or when not feeling like blowing big clouds. Sometimes, all that we need is a fix for our cravings, why not enjoy the safe and amazing taste while we are at it.


So what is this ESS Driver technology inside the new SX Nano?

4 years ago, sitting at our round table, we were pondering an issue in vaping: Wicking.

You see, for many years, the internet was filled with questions and guides, reviews, and How-tos on how to best wick RTAs, RDTAs, mass-made coils with wicking issues… which some suggested poking holes in the cotton.

(Photo by Ecigclick)

The technology had not changed much in so many years… and new vapers and even advanced ones were affected by it, leading to so many dry hits on the one hand or leakage on the other or just not having enough taste.

We worked hard to bring a good temperature control for the vaper community to eliminate the dry hits, but it wasn’t enough.

It is then when Mr. Chen (SXmini’s CEO & R&D Director) decided to take the difficult task of inventing a new method to wick the cotton.

ESS Driver came to life

ESS - [Electronic Spray System], which works in conjunction with a 16-bit data sampling chip for temperature control, is an accurate and sensitive system that injects or pulls precise e-liquid amount directly into the coil’s cotton.

When the system detects there is not enough e-liquid in the coil, it will automatically transfer liquid from the reservoir and into the coil. When over-saturation is detected the system will automatically pull back some and restrict the injection of more e-liquid. When idle, the system will lock the pumping circuit to block any likelihood of leakage.

And what is that good for, you ask?

  • Instead of waiting for capillary action to pull (maybe) enough e-liquid into the cotton per puff.
  • Instead of searching for guides and trying to master how to wick.
  • Instead of having dry hits on a higher wattage due to the low amount of liquid in the cotton.
  • Instead of wrong wicking leading to e-liquid leakage…
  • Cotton changes its quality over time, and even if you wicked perfectly, after some time, it could still lead to a leaking tank.

An ESS Driver technology injects the liquid by force into the cotton. And only the correct and the specific intelligently measured amount will enter the cotton.

Using temperature control technology, we know exactly when the coil is too hot or does not have enough liquid. The ESS driver will then boost more liquid into the coil. Providing a more constant vape experience.

It comes with other perks as well: the liquid placement.

In most tanks, the liquid is stored just around and near the heating element. Heating and reheating the whole tank of liquid on each puff changes the liquid elements over time.

The ESS driver technology allows us to place the liquid reservoir far away from the heating element and store the liquid safe from leakage. The only exit point is up and is protected by the pipe.

The ESS driver will make sure each puff you make is the same as before and as fresh as it got out of the bottle.

It took thousands of tests, experiments, and firmware revisions to reach an ideal balance in liquid injection technology.

The new SX Nano packs all that technology with a huge step above anything we have ever made.

This December marks our 10th anniversary. Over the past decade, YIHI & SXmini pushed the boundaries of vaping science and technology, by chasing new safe and optimum methods of vaping.

For the upcoming years, our mission is to continue and push the boundary that defines the edge of what technologically is possible further and further. Curiosity has not got the better of us so far.

If you can think it, we will make it.

On this note, we wish you all a better year, a healthy year, and a happy one. A year where all of you could be entitled to make your own choices rather you should vape or not, with flavors or without. A year of freedom and success.

We would not be here if it were not for you. And we are truly thankful for that.

God bless you all.



Very excited about the new innovations coming out of YiHi these days. Any chance of getting a new RDA design to better utilize the auto auonk on the x-class. I have tried many different RDAs but none seem to work that well. The one that does is the Asmodus C4 though at 24mm it is dwarfed by the x-class. A single coil seems to me the best for auto squonking and flavor. Maybe work on a 26-28mm that can alert the mod when to auto fill the tank. We appreciate all of your hard work.


Welcome to the VC @McDuckie.


@McDuckie We are working on some new technologies in that regard. shush…


:shushing_face: gotcha I’ll keep an eye out.


Click me: Santa is coming…! :santa:


@David_SXmini where can we purchase this?


Im not sure yet… but I do have one last giveaway coming up…
Not sure on the when or where… but it is coming :smiley:

@David_SXmini might have a list… this is his nudge!! :smiley: :tropical_drink:


@Dan_the_Man We are now starting to ship it to retailers worldwide. Happy new year!



Happy New Year David!


Happy New Year, @David_SXmini

I did get to see a few countries yesterday, shooting off fireworks!!
Still wet and rainy here, so here is to hoping 2021 will be a good year for us all :tropical_drink:


Full review finally posted!!!


The ability to feel all nuance of the product, to understand not only how it works, but why it works as it does. to understand its limits and its fortes. to remain neutral and honest all throughout.
to fully transfer an experience of usage to the reader even though on a hard medium (writing) in oppose to video.

Thank you for providing your readers with an intimate feel of the use of our SX Nano. a well-done review.

David - SXmini


Still haven’t seen them for sale


If you don’t mind buying from China they have them on pre-order for $58.99 at 3fvape!


Thanks for sharing that @Timwis. :slight_smile:


Google is my friend! :sunglasses: