Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)


Well while I agree with pretty much everything here my method is a little different and since most of the time, the aging time isn’t an issue, as a result, I don’t feel the need to use it all the time.

But this is what I do FWIW

Since my equipment is not quite the same - my method is a little different but really the same principle.

I heat my mixes (the ones I need fast) to only 50c and since I don’t have an SV I use a hot plate on the lowest setting (i have been eyeing off a nanoheat plate with a temp probe for a few weeks) but here tis.

I mix in 2 lt batches generally so everything is a little larger scale.

The hot plate is set to 1 and slowly heats the mix until I see a vortex forming at 400 rpm I manually turn off and on as required (why I want the nanoheat) to keep the vortex at roughly the same size and the temperature static at around 50c. I do this for around an hour.

While it is not a real indicator as you can see the two bottles look pretty much exactly the same. The bottle on the left is time aged since 15 Dec the bottle on the right with the bubbles is today’s mix

They taste identical blind tested (not today but previously)


I fell pray to the “no heat” professors in the beginning because it was stated with such confidence. I also had to take some time to understand why it was so important to add nic post heating. Love the overhead btw.


I think most of them just parrot information that has been passed by indian whispers - I have never been in the no heat camp but have always been in the excessive heat will damage a mix - and by excessive i mean really hot.

When i say vaping itself I really ment it the cloud forming from over cooking took over the mix room


Don’t know but I’m guessing the flavor all went up in the air. Looks like it really got hot.

Coffee is best brewed at 195 F (90.5 C) to 205 (96.1). Again not sure but most drink it at above 140F/60 C. I know that the restaurants and coffee shops use the same flavorings as us and I use it in my coffee at home. Pretty hot and I can’t detect any flavor loss though there must be some small loss because I can smell it.

I’ve done a lot of testing and have a firm belief that there is a viscosity and structural (same) change at 60C. Like Walt, below that temp I can see some separation with a flashlight. But of course we are all free to do as we see fit and it sure looks like you have a good business by those quantities.

When I get the sous I’m planning on some new testing. It occurs to me that through the water circulation and heat there may be enough vibration that over time like Fish used may actually agitate the mix on its own. Dunno, but I plan to check it out.


Fish didn’t mean to break new ground, so please keep that in mind…


By the way, the chuck roast was c’est magnifique.


Anyone who may be interested, Amazon has this deal today. Mine was cheaper during Black Friday, but then this one has Bluetooth and an app and shit that mine lacks.

And it’s likely they recycle deals like this occasionally, so it will probably come back around again. It’s invaluable to me for mixing now, plus it makes some damned fine tucker.


This ^^ :smiley:


So, one thing we need is a catchy name for this process. Mechanical Maturation is not only too sciencey, but also a little weird. How about we cut it down to 3M DIY? Mechanical Maturation Mixing?


Maturation sounds about right to describe the process :+1:


Batch three completed this morning. Two strawberries, Bavarian Cream, Sweet Cream, touch of sweetener. I have to say I like the creams better than the previous batch I let sit. Could be psychological, who knows, who cares. Per my perception (and what else is there?) it’s great. I think I may have found my method.


FWIW I don’t think its psychological at all. I’ve never gone here but the truth is I like “fresh” juice. That is across the board with a shit ton of flavorings. I make a lot of 30 mls and rarely ever fail to use them up within a month or so. But I’m talking about nuances rather than change. Again, I attribute this to added nicotine slowly oxidizing. I have made mixes without nic and let them set for months and believe they remain stable and without detectable change.

There is another factor that I have kind of avoided. By eliminating the time factor I can mix on the fly if i want to add or change anything, say like add .5 of something or even dilute a mix. I’m not a good flavor pairer or recipe creator so the last thing I want to do is wait a month to see if something turned out. To me this is a huge benefit.


Really good points and I agree fully per my results and preferences. It took me awhile to accept the impact of oxidized nic but the results of my testing confirm your assertions. Next step for me is to more closely examine my nic storage habits. I believe I am getting some oxidation prior to adding the nic to a mix. Obviously, that needs to change.


Regarding the oxidized nic, I’m actually going to do all my small Wonder Flavors samplers without nic totally; that way I can adjust the % on the fly like you said @mrpipes.

That is pretty monumental for lack of a better word. I can literally make changes in a very short amount of time and test everything in near real-time, rather than having to make changes, wait a month, make another change, wait another month, etc. That’s literally game changing.


Yeah! I always taste in a dripper before I add nic and can then make changes, even if I wind up dumping it. That has happened after I added something I shouldn’t have LOL.


I am dying to try salts. At first I didn’t think I wanted to but they are supposed to oxidize less and be really smooth. Ordered from NR on the 17th. Was out for delivery yesterday and didn’t show up. Not the post office or fed ex this time. NR didn’t ship until last week.:rage:


I was put off by salts at first because of the high percentages of nic being sold in commercial juices. I’m thinking now more like yourself. I don’t enjoy “throat hit” any longer. I do have a shit ton of standard nic to use up first however. It would really bug me to waste it.


That is why I switched. The difference in smoothness is like night and day. It hits like there’s no nic at all. And I use them at the same levels I used freebase (3mg). Aside from the throat harshness I have not detected any difference in how I feel. Prior to 3M DIY that was the biggest vaping breakthrough I’d seen.


and @mrpipes,

I’m pretty sure I’ll be a convert. I am going to dump about 50ml of nic. I just compared the nic I have had at room temp for say six months to nic I have had in the refrigerator and room temp nic has definitely started oxidizing.


I do too. I have a freezer full but I’ve noticed it turning brown a little. Its well over a year old and bought when all that FDA uncertainty started. I hate to waste it but I don’t expect it to last much longer anyway. I only bought 250 ml of salts but I’m down to 2.5 % on nic so even that will last awhile.