Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)


Ya it is tough going - it isn’t going to change me using daap flavours as I figure I will always be under the levels I was when using analogues - I was actually searching for some unrelated information but it looked interesting so I started reading.

There are many flavours with these compounds in them and I have always wondered if the no DAAP camp were being conned a little with the BA and as you said there are health effects with both so I would guess the answer is a soft yes.


That’s pretty much the way I see it too. I breathe better now than I did 20 years ago so I want to see something definitive. I have always tried to be cautious about it though particularly after watching how FA tests and researches. Whether people like their flavorings or not, that is a class act if I ever saw one.


I’m to the cool down phase now, after which the nic will be added. I may be able to test this evening still.


I imagine were all on pins and needles.

I’ve had to chuckle this whole time because of your supposed impatience. I’m probably “worse” than you. I’m sure Walt would tell you, when we talked privately before he bought his homogenizer, I said that maybe the best thing about it was that I no longer had to do all that shit. I could mix and be done with it. Even the cool down and add the nic time irks me. But I don’t consider myself to be all that impatient. I’ll relentlessly pursue what interests me. Just a nut about using my time efficiently. So I can’t wait, good, bad, or somewhere in the middle.

I mix MF Lemon and MF Butterscotch and vape the same or next day.

Edit. I think you’ll be at least 70 or 80 % there. I quit shaking bottles long ago. My wife walked in and asked if I needed an ambulance or a hooker. :rofl:


Both, but not in that order.

No man, I’m terribly impatient with this stuff. I wish it was faster, but it’s probably worth it.


Wow! Cheaper than I was expecting it to be.

Looks nice!


OK, here’s the result of my impatience…

I am not going to test it tonight. Why? Because I’m pissed off from spending all these hours on it. Yes, I am so impatient that I am not even going to test it, to teach it a lesson for keeping me focused on it all day. So even though it is ready, nic’ed up, and bottled for vape use, I am going to make IT wait now like it made ME wait. Results to follow tomorrow.


That’ll learn it!
/shakes fist :laughing:


OK, so I’ve been able to test one so far, Creme. It is basically this… And @Grubby I promise I will migrate them all over here.

So whether this recipe suits you or not is irrelevant. What I do have is one time steeped one (best guess is 5 weeks) and the one made yesterday in the SVUSC.

Please don’t laugh and think I’m a clown. To me I can’t tell which one is which. I know you’re thinking I am biased, even unintentionally, but I don’t mean to be.

I know how this tastes S&V and it’s very much not in that state. I’m literally trying very hard to find a difference.

This is only one. I will test more as I can, as well as having the wife blind test as well. But first results are very surprising.


And I’ve just now tested Scotchie with the same damned results! Lord above and @mrpipes, I promise you all I am not making this up.


After I was done with the SV for the juices yesterday, I seared and seasoned a chuck roast and it’s been in it since 8:00PM CST last night. I’m hoping for similar good results with that as well…


cough Some folks already know that! :laughing: :wink:

Welcome! Glad you made it to the “dark side”! :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
Oh wait! No darkness (store and forget) needed! Mea Culpa :laughing: grins


I think the other side has a rather steep cliff…

Now really though… I got the SV for $43. I got the USC for $35, Both are multitaskers. I spent around 6 .5 hours from start to finish and I have vape-ready juices. Who would not want to do this, exactly? Who would literally prefer to wait a month to try a juice?


Well, I dunno about you… But I’m used to being in the minority at this point. :wink: (Syringe use, long time heat use, ‘abnormal’ appliance use [USC], preferring a two year+ old and largely unpopular single coil atomizer [Theorem]… Etc etc)

Honestly though, we are a “fringe group” who sees things differently than “the majority”. And I’m fully and perfectly fine with that. I’m also happy to “live and let live” though, since what they do doesn’t affect me even one iota!

Love your enthusiasm though, and your getting positive results even more so!!

Amazing ride isn’t it? (This thing called DIY) grins


Well, me too, and I was firmly in the Time Camp even after hearing about these methods. I did not take them seriously until @mrpipes’ infectious enthusiasm made me look more closely. And since science isn’t a veil of magic, I was able to see and understand what’s been said about how juice matures. And oxidation/time do not play a role in the maturation process (unless you choose to let time be the process).

So this is really big for me, anyway. We can be The Outsiders, but we’ll have the juice ready first…


Well, some independent testing results are in… The wife and daughter tried three of these that I had three time aged ones already made. It was a pain in the ass to do it with all the cotton and multiple RDA’s, but worth it. Two Dead Rabbits and a 13/9.

First I asked them if they could tell anything different about them. My daughter couldn’t tell the difference. My wife could.

So, I took it further. In an intentional act of deception, I told her the new one was the old one, and vise versa. Then I asked which was better, and why.

She said she “knew” which was the older one because it was better, that she knew time helped it become more mature, smoother, etc. She got mad and quit the testing when I told her I revealed them backwards intentionally, claiming I tricked her. Said I was lying, too, and she knew which was which. But she clearly didn’t. She was right about the lying and the deception, but I wanted to be sure.

Results here show that A.) mechanical maturation is viable, and B.) the mind is easily tricked. This is why I switched them on the reveal. So from what I can tell, she actually couldn’t tell a difference. Her mind told her there was a difference that seemingly doesn’t exist in reality, especially since she was certain the new one was the old one. I don’t detect that these new juices are in any way ‘better’, simply they are the same. Which is exceedingly good news. And a far better result than I anticipated.

Oh, and one thing I consider a large bonus… they are much lighter than their aged counterparts because oxygen has not yet compromised the nicotine.


Fish and I were doing the PM thing a few days ago and I warned him this stuff makes people mad :rofl: Anyway, I’m trying to lay back and let everyone interested weigh in. I’ve had really good results, Ogre has had good results, and now Fish. It all makes my day.:smiley:


When I re-up my nic and bases here in a few weeks/month, I’ll be buying my nic separate so that I can try this too, don’t have any fancy equipment but I do have a candy thermometer so I can hit and hold some water at 160 to give my juice a bath in. Most all of what I vape is either custard, bakery, or cream based and I always try it at least once a week during my traditional month wait. I have at least 5 recipes that I am very familiar with and vape every day, and all need a month normally so I make a pretty good test subject lol.


140 F but I don’t think 160 would hurt anything. The CBD people are using 160-170. I’ve been using a meat thermo for a long time. I’m also trying salts for the 1st time if I ever get them from NR. Ordered the 17th and still waiting. Woftam and Fish both say they’re real smooth and work good.

This method works. What stood out was the first test with the Cap VC1 and MF caramel. No mo 30 day stuff.


2nd batch of latest method completed today. Different Recipe and the same results. Full flavor right out of the oven. I’m liking this portocal a lot and anticipate staying with it.

In regard to irritating people, I’m apathetic. To me these discussions are a poor excuse to become irritated and I consider the reaction a character defect. Not much I’m going to address with that.