Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)


I’ll preorder now.


Sorry buddy he said people :rofl:


Well, I never! I’m gonna go pet my pony.


We have to do better than Mixomatic. All this Ronco stuff is just too kitchy and detracts from the awesomeosity of this gizmo.

And while it’s nearly certain @mrpipes has already named and applied for the patent of this whizometer, we should nonetheless attempt to derive a good name for it anyway.

The Miscler
DIY Juice Factory
The Rosetta Swirl


Bust a Myth?


The Time Machine?


@mrpipes Sign me up too! I want one! Me! Over here!

You got a pony when you were 8 years old… you ate it.

@Phil_Fish I propose;

MixMaster 5000
Ready Mix
Mr. Mixer
Mix Buster


Honest to God, I am laughing out loud. Momma Ogre still reminds me of that from time to time.


I thought “pet my pony” was the ogre version of choke my chicken lol…ogres are large creatures after all lol


Ok, @mrpipes,

This is the best batch yet. Bravo per your suggestions!

Mix VG,PG, flavors.

Heat to 142F

Homogenized starting slow. With the heated liquid it did develop enough suction to address the complete flask.

OoooPs, let the exhaust port of the homogenizer raise above the level of the liquid for an instant. Put in USC just long enough to dissipate the suspended gasses.

Allowed batch to cool, added nic and magnetic stirred for about 1/2 hour.

Hands down best batch right out of the hopper.

2 Strawberries, coconut, watermelon and a touch of sweetener.


That’s great man. I played around with some PG/VG and food coloring. Seems like if you lower the generator to about 1/4 " from the bottom it creates more “pull down” or downflow. But I also raise and lower it. A powerful flashlight also helps to watch the downflow.

A lot of the large commercial generators have a blade to assist downflow but that is not possible with the lab size like we have. I’ll see if I can find a pic of one. I almost never mix more than 120 ml and really haven’t had any problem, but saw that I needed to start slow to initiate the pull then gradually increase. I wind up full speed now for 2 or 3 minutes. I did experiment with lower temps and it just didn’t work very well.

Great to hear it.


See the blades above the rotor/stator. I’ve been temped to build along these lines but if I did something small scale even it would not fit inside a small container. I like mixing in the bottles. Less time, less cleaning etc. I’ve also been concerned about contamination from bearings even though they are sealed and claimed food safe. So I’ve stayed with the PTFE plain bearing like what we have. Most others do the same.


here’s a better pic of the same one:


That would make a huge difference for sure!


I did SV chicken breasts yesterday (hey, I am out of VG at the moment, why not eh? Man they were the most tender breasts I’ve ever felt. Um, well… you know what I mean. Even though I had only spiced them an hour or so before cooking it still permeated deeply, which is cool. I guess I’d need to sear them afterwards to get a better result since they were a bit mealy looking, but they were pretty dang good. Fresh asparagus also worked very well.

On the bright side, my Wonder Flavors order shipped yesterday so I’m really looking forward to these upcoming tests!!


Bravo! Ya, SueVe doesn’t brown. Sounds like a good first meal.


I guess being a perpetual dumbass I ordered mine off ebay on the 17th.Check out the shipping details:
Estimated delivery
Fri, Dec 21

Tracking details- USPS tracking
Dec 19, 2018
Arrived at Post Office
APOPKA, FL 32712

Dec 19, 2018
Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility
Dec 18, 2018

USPS picked up item
Dec 18, 2018
08:53am PST
Tracking number provided

All 3 locations are within 20 miles of each other. After polite contacts today the seller stated that it was not his responsibility after he shipped it. Time to file a PayPal complaint.

arrgggg…when will I ever learn to stay away from eBay.


Maybe it wanted to visit Disney.


I don’t know… I kind of agree with the seller, once there is verified tracking info anyway. I don’t have the utmost confidence in the USPS, that’s for sure. Seller can’t control how the incompetent slugs in the mailroom route your stuff. That looks like standard USPS zig zagging to me. I watch packages get stuck in transit all the time. Maddening as it is, it is the carrier’s fault, not the seller’s.

Ask @woftam how pleased he is with the carriers handling his big concentrate order in Canada…


That is true as far as it goes. I didn’t assign any blame to the seller, obviously he shipped it. But just as clearly (a) I am entitled to receive it (b) eBay/PayPal policies give assurances of delivery within specified time frames. It is very odd that that an Item arrived at a post office on the 19th from a distribution center and then disappears. Everything that moves is tracked unless it is destroyed by postal machinery etc. I simply requested that he check with the local post office and don’t like the attitude I got. Apopka and Altamonte are very close if not suburbs of Orlando. In fact the eBay listing says Apopka as the item location. To me that is very odd.