Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)


Off topic, but I do the same to my coffee every now and then with cap sweet cream and it makes a little milk in my coffee taste like I used real cream, it’s fantastic but I don’t do it often cause it’s one of my most used flavors too lol.

Back on topic, you have continually said that people do not need fancy equipment to make good juice, and as an example I will give my takeaway from these advanced mixing threads. I have always mixed with 3mg nic in vg so it’s one less thing I have to measure or think about, just add pg and flavors and I’m somewhere between 1.5-3mg nic, good enough for me.

My new house is gonna be a money pit for a couple years till we get everything fixed up, so I can’t afford even an USC, but I will be buying plain vg/pg when my stock runs out, so I can use heat and aggressive stirring/shaking and then add nic after. If this improves my mixes readiness then it’s worth the extra step to add nic later and I never would have bothered without these discussions.


As an experiment, I poured some boiling water into a cup, let it sit for 5mins, dropped a 100ml bottle of e-liquid in and left it until the water was luke warm then took it out and shook it, the difference in viscosity is immediately apparent.


I’ve so far used flavorings in homemade whipped cream, essential oil diffusers, and sugar cookie icing to much success. Didn’t even have to heat it. :rofl:


heating makes a lot of sense actually. VG becomes less viscous, all liquids in the mix become a bit more agitated, and it all blends up a lot faster. Leaving the bottle open while heating would be bad because the more volatile molecules would evaporate faster.

As for other uses, Hazelnut (FW) is always in my morning coffee :slight_smile:


There is a change in viscosity at about 40 C and a lot of people use that slight temp increase. But through over a year of experimentation along with good advice from pro people, the sweet spot where PG flavorings will penetrate VG easily is at 140F/60C. It makes a huge difference. Agitation (shaking, stirring, etc)works but doesn’t produce the hydraulic shear and cavitation effect the rotor stators and ultrasonic sonicators will.

I’ve already spilled the beans about what I am working on, so I’ll show it soon. It became apparent to me that while the high shear mixer is the ultimate, there are aspects of it that aren’t really necessary for ejuice making unless solids such as CBD/hemp products for example are being processed. See and then look at the stages for the concept. Mine is based on these concepts but scaled way down to lab size which has been a sumbitch. :sweat_smile::laughing:


And now that said beans are spilled (and I presume quite homogenized), your doohickey needs a name, so no one insults your engineering prowess by calling it a doohickey, a contraption, or a thingamajig.


We can call it the Ronco mixomatic. I have another concept called the Lopomatic which is a coin operated guillotine on wheels …it slices…it dices, it lops heads off at your local government agency and processes them into pig feed or fertilizer all in seconds. No mess, no fuss. Hot sale…U buy now…Hot…Hot…


So it’s collapsible for easy transport too?

Actually I don’t feel comfortable poking fun, even in jest. It’s a wicked-ass thing you are doing here and you should be lauded, not ridiculed!!


Is your Mixomatic going to incorporate the heating element as well, or will this be able to work with the juice bottle in the SV container, albeit not fully submerged?


It is the mixing head but I am designing it to work with Dremel motors as an attachment or with an ordinary trim router with a 1/4 inch collet. Most people have a dremel and if they don’t about all Dremel type motors have the same thread where they can use the same attachments. They can be had cheap.
In fact @SmilingOgre has a Pro Scientific Homogenizer and they obviously adapted a Dremel to power it.
Mine has a bigger motor but I just don’t see the necessity when all I am using it for is ejuice making. If I was grinding bones and tissues it might be necessary.

As far as heat source the Sous Vide I am sure will work great. Hell, I’m using a tiny little crock pot to heat my mixes but I bought a Sous. But people could use a candy or meat thermometer and a pan of water to heat with.

All I am interested in is getting them out to people that can say to other mixers…try this and see. Let someone else run with it. I’m too old, too sick, and really don’t want to invest in or cope with dealing with government agencies and lawyers etc. Small business in the USA is akin to dealing with the mob…which it is. Been there done that.


MrPipes, the Patron Saint of DIY mixing. Love it, man, love it.


I’ve been called a lot of things but that’s a first. Bawhahahah.


Well, my preference has always been to mix what I need when I need it. So I would completely adore having a means that would allow me to have all the juice I want, ready to vape at the time I mix it. I have always loathed, and still do, making juice and having to hide it for weeks before I can even test it much less vape it. And the same for known good recipes. I want them now, not later.

And as I’ve said, I also do far less creating and testing because it’s a simple matter of annoyance and impatience, I cannot state enough times how much I despise waiting for a sample of a new recipe. Hell, I usually get tired of waiting and end up resenting the recipe by the time it is “steeped”. So in that respect, you bet I’ll be praying to you on Sundays.


This thread is awesome. I have been heating my VG and sometimes PG together since soon after I started mixing. Sometimes I would heat the flavorings with it and I saw a benefit in it. Many flavorings were developed long before vaping and get baked, boiled or otherwise heated far beyond what we would do for mixing. There might be some delicate flavors that get damaged by heat sure, but to suggest they all do is ridiculous. I used to laugh, shake my head or sometimes get irritated seeing people get chastised, lectured or told how wrong they were for suggesting heat as an alternative. I am one of those curious bastards that questions everything. The more someone says that what they say is gospel, the more I will try to find a different way. I know damn well most of the commercial juice companies don’t let juice sit around and steep for 30 or 60 days. You guys are the best!


The problem with the Pocket Fisherman is…
You’re more likely to catch walnuts, or pecans, or some other kind of nuts long before you’ll ever make it to the docks. =x


Ron Popeil was a genius!


You’re damn right he was.


We should probably both be slapped for posting this nonsense in a quality content thread… But I’m going to blame you for starting it (yeah. Real mature I know. But, given the drift content…) :laughing:


Ya know if ya need test subjects for this mixomatic idea I’m only a couple hours south, right lol


I’ll definitely keep that in mind. :grin: Seriously, it needs to be put in the hands of respected people and there are a lot here including you.