Session Drummer’s review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design



Both black and silver are used daily, and I have no issues with them. Both are built to 0.12 ohm with staggered ss316L coils (36 over 26) and wicked with Muji.

Flavor is excellent, wicking is super simple (as mentioned previously).

The black one tends to sweat a little juice around the airflow, and the silver one is bone dry.

I never tried either one with the plastic bubble. Using Ultem on the black, and glass on the silver.

I’m definitely getting an original when they are re-released :slight_smile:


I have a single 4mm coil set low over the bottom air hole. Its really delicious.


I’ll ask you too Jim… Any special needs for filling the tank? You know, like the famous Boreas Burp…

@adary reports nothing more than closing the juice holes off during filling.


Nope, none at all. Put the cap on, open the juice flow and it will wick like a dream. I stress the open the juice flow part because I forgot once. So few RTAs have that feature any more. I haven’t had any air lock issues at all.


Yeah, only once too, I bet! (Been there done that…)


Well I got the Voltrove at the same time, and I forgot to open the juice flow on that too. :nauseated_face:Except for my own stupidity, I haven’t had dry hits on either.


Awesome. I’m strongly considering a single 3.0MM coil in mine, if it EVER arrives. Your post earlier about your single has me wiggly so far. Single coil=less maintenance, easier overall. As long as the flavor is there, colour me happy.


I used a 4mm because I wanted to mostly cover the bottom air hole and force all the air to go around it, but a 3mm might work too. I get incredible flavor and a lot of vapor from it for a single coil. Its impressive.


Here’s my thing… Nothing fancy. Just a single 26g A1 spaced, probably 6 wraps. I don’t want any issues with too much cotton for the ID width due to the simple spaced build.


Using a 4mm coil, it seems like there is just enough cotton to fill the juice wells. A single 3mm coil may not fill them enough and leak is my only concern.


I’ll figure it out I’m sure. Steam Engine has the resistance just a bit too high for the setup at 4MM ID. I know I can fan out a Boreas with a 2.5MM ID single and keep it dry. One way or another I will get it. Maybe I’ll have to do a twisted spaced, or a Clappy.


Can’t wait for you to get yours and see how you like it and what you come up with!


Friggin’ stuck in customs almost a week now.


It finally arrived. Not a lot to say, yet…

But, I now see the difference in what appears to be quality between the $20 atomizers and this $99 (before the sale) one. Heavy. Clean, crisp machining. Obvious quality. Very well made. More later. Right now the wow factor is off the charts.

I’ve never spent up for a device so I may be more giddy than I should be, but wow.


I’m trying to not pay attention to these because I can never just buy just one of any vape device that I like. Too pricey for me :sweat_smile: but they sure sound nice.


I hear you there. Always been hesitant to spend up. I think what happened is, I’ve been glued completely to my Iron Maiden for years. I know I won’t find a better RDTA, and I never wanted to stop using it. But I’ve run out of spare parts. I figured, I’m not going to find a better device in my typical budget, and then Sess comes along and drops this bomborama on me, and I was hooked. I hope it lives up…


Nothing to add to @SessionDrummer’s great review. Just a couple shots of it on the gold Charon Mini.

Yeah, so far so good!!


By the way, that’s easy to gloss over while reading a review, but that is flippin’ NEAT. I tested it because I didn’t believe it. But yep, it sure does! You can pop off a full tank and expose the deck for maintenance or inspection without losing a single drop. That is a super neat trick.


Congratulations @fizzewizze, I didn’t believe it either until I tried it as well.


I kinda feel like one of the cool kids now. Finally vaping a device that people have heard of and love.

On that note, the Iron Maiden never got the love it deserved. For what it is, a great atty.

And on that note, it is clear that the Fatality is several cuts above.