Session Drummer’s review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design



I probably should have tried some clones to be honest, but as the supply dwindles, I got nervous. Will you do a photo review or comparison @adary ??


I will do a photo review, but can’t do a comparison since I don’t own the original one


Thanks for the review! Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts too that are getting it & the clones too!


Gas City Vapes acts like they want your business. My order was at the post office a few hours after I ordered it and is on its way to the US. Total cost with shipping was about $88 USD.


Nice to hear @Jim22


Update (11-9-18) – Continued non-stop use of this, including multiple re-wicks proves this to be a VERY reliable flavor chucking vapor monster. I have intentionally changed up the wicking in the wells from fairly full, to not as full, and I just doesn’t seem to really matter. No leaking, no dry hitting, it’s just NOT that picky, and I like that. I DID however manged to BREAK the 4ml glass tank, so I am unsure as to the hardness of it. Didn’t drop the tank loaded or assembled, but when washing the parts, and moving to set them down, dropped the 4ml glass onto the counter and it cracked. Didn’t seem like that far of a fall, but I may have hit it JUST right, but not sure, and reporting AS IS. If you’re a similarly clumsy oaf pick up a spare…


Looking forward to your comparison, I got the clone when the original was sold out, expensive for a clone at close to $30.

It is good stuff but want an original, if QP was at the Vegas expo I would have one for sure.

@SessionDrummer killer review as usual :+1:


Thanks a lot @mjag, :slight_smile:


First of my clones came in today. It came with 5 glass options(!!!), and the machining seems to be perfect. I will do a photo review in a day or two (once i clean it, build it and actually vape on it :slight_smile:


Oh look @Mjag , they still have some in stock… not trying to be an enabler or anything, just pointing out that a limited edition somewhat rare tank is still in stock. But who knows for how long? Just sayin. :wink::innocent:


Well well well, enabling much? :joy:

I want the gunmetal, being difficult helps my cheap side :grin:


Sloooooooowly sliiiiiiiipping awaaaaaaay…


the clone seems to be 100% identical to the original. The only difference I could find comparing it to friends original one is a slight burn in the metal from machining in the filling port.

It came in a plastic box with 5 different glass options (tall ultem, short ultem, tall glass, short glass, and bubble plastic)

Machining is perfect, there are no leaks, and it vapes amazing


Do you have a Juggernaut clone as well? You saw on the other side I was interested in one of those also…


Nope (or rather not yet)


@FizzeWizze I don’t have any clones, but did order one from Gas City Vapes, so I can try and leave a rundown of the Jugger once I get it, and have some time to play around with it.


So i’m not going to do a review on this one (given this some thought) but here is a photo dump


The bubble tank is plastic?


Yes, it’s plastic. Same kind of plastic as the frosted drip tip.
And yesterday there was another discovery.Clone tanks are 29mm wide at the base, while the original one is 28.


Well the big question is: How does it perform?