Session Drummer’s review of the Fatality RTA by QP Design



Haha I don’t feel like a cool kid. I feel like someone that was geek enough to get one. I know how much @SessionDrummer loves his Steam Craves, so for him to heap praise on this, it had to be pretty good.


How can I leave you out? Living vicariously through you also nudged me into this. So, you do buy quality gear a lot, how does this stand up?


Other than the Voltrove I bought at the same time, all my gear is mass produced stuff that almost every online vape shop carries. I might have more than the average vaper but not quality like this. I have been looking at QP stuff for awhile and agonizing about spending that much, but I am happy I did.

The machining and finish on the Fatality makes most of my gear look like what it is… mass produced stuff. I don’t know that it surpasses some of my other tanks in flavor but its close, and its a pleasure to build and work on. Its one of those pieces where I look at it while I exhale and have to smile.


Exactly @jim22 !!!


With the versatility of the dual air flows, I don’t think there is a wrong way to build this. I have had dual 2.5 mm coils over the side air flow, up to a 4mm single coil and they all are tasty. Some might be better than others but they are all really good. Throw in ease of access and building and the quality of it and damn, its a really good tank.


lemme fix that :slight_smile: