QP Design JuggerKnot RTA review by SessionDrummer

Happy Thanksgiving and review reading out to everyone !!! After having tested and fallen in love with the QP Design Fatality RTA wanted to see if that was a fluke, or if they really knew what they were doing, in testing this, my second QPDesign tank. No free samples given (again) so #IPaidForItMyself.

Specs / Features:

  • Pull up top fill
  • No leaking
  • Postless deck
  • Top airflow to coil design
  • Dual coil or single
  • Stainless steel design
  • 24mm base
  • 28mm with 4ml tank
  • 31mm with fat ultem tank
  • Serial number


  • 810 Ultem drip tip (Polished)
  • Ultem 6ml fat tank (Polished)
  • Ultem 4ml tank (Polished)
  • Glass 4ml tank
  • Spare o-rings, grub screws, allen key

Although it didn’t have the over the top packaging of the Limited Edition Fatality, it came safe and securely packaged.

No information card, but as standard fare for QPD, they included all the stuff you needed.

Just like the Fatality, this one is also a show stopper, and pictures rarely do it justice.

For all of my testing I used the 4ml glass tank. The gold color is stunning, and all of the finishing, threads, and machining were top notch.

Attention to detail extended throughout the entire tank down to the adjustable screw, and knurling on the bottom.

The included 810 drip tip fit securely, and looked great. The dual airflow slots (opposing sides) worked great, despite having some resistive drag even when wide open. Adjustments were easy to make, and I preferred the wide open setting.

The juiceflow slot may cause issues if you are using fatter tipped bottles such as cosmos with twist tops. I was able to fill with them, but it was less than fun. All other smaller tipped bottles proved to be a non issue. The o-rings sealed nicely with zero leaks, or accidental openings.

Because of the air channeling the entire top section does not come apart, but I had no issues cleaning the tank, and the superb flavor made it worth it.

With a 24mm footprint (flares to 28mm with glass tank, and 31mm with bubble tank) the deck proved to be spacious enough to build on with no issues. The juice wells did require some thinning, and trimming of the tails so as to not overpack when using cotton on 3mm ID coils. The top airflow is VERY smartly directed down through channels which perfectly comes up under, and beside the coils for great flavor.

My first build was with some tiger coils 3mm ID coming in at .49 ohms. I chose to use my precision Wiha driver, as opposed to the included allen wrench.

As typical with postless decks, you must trim your leads before tightening, and got mine right after the second try. Clearly bigger coils can be run in this with no issues.

I did have to trim, angle, and thin the tails more than expected to get some breathing room in the wick wells.

For comparison, also used my simple, tried and true 24ga Kanthal single wrap coils.

Gassing up the ride …

As mentioned, my beloved Cosmo twist tops were too big to cleanly fill, but most other bottles were not an issue at all.

Ready to vape.


Having owned and used the original OBS Engine, the similarities are glaring, BUT, the flavor produced by the JuggerKnot is worlds above what the engine could muster. Be advised, everyone’s tastes are different, but when comparing this to my go to Steam Craves for flavor accuracy and production, there was only a SLIGHT difference in flavor, with the Steam Crave(s) taking it by a hair. Surely the reason for the better flavor was the JuggerKnot’s air channeling FROM the top down to BELOW the coils, which the Engine did not. To me, this seemed like a newer/better/improved OBS Engine design. The flavor and vapor production were off the charts, had NO leaks, even when laying it filled on it’s side for 15 minutes. When comparing the vape between the tiger coils, and my simple single wire Kanthal wrap, I actually had better flavor, with the single wire coils. The tigers seemed to spit and fit a bit more. The o-rings were just compliant enough to keep everything where it needed to be, with no issues after multiple builds. The tank is very solidly built, and looks great on almost anything it rides on. With the smaller 24mm footprint looked great on my Para’s with no overhang.

Now with all the gushing love fest out of the way, a few negatives that I picked up on. I may have over-tightened it on the first go, and when trying to tear it down, the knurling on the bottom proved to be almost NOT enough to get it back apart. Could have been user error, as I did not lube any of the o-rings, but be aware. I also had to do more work on the tails than I was used to including thinning, angle cutting, and dredging as to NOT overpack the juice wells. I had 3mm ID coils with tight cotton, so nothing out of the ordinary, but be advised to not overpack, which will require a little leg work, but not the end of the world. The third and final issue was the beloved juice fill port. I have tons of Cosmo 120ml bottles with twist tops scattered around, and I was actually able to fill it ONCE with them, but ONLY once. All other attempts ended poorly, but switching to almost any other tipped bottle, was a non issue. For that issue, it seems OBS might have done a better job.


  • Stunning design and looks
  • Well built / machined
  • Easy to build on deck
  • Easy top fill design
  • Great flavor, top airflow re-directed below coils
  • Multiple tanks included


  • Can be hard to get apart initially, lube o-rings
  • Even wide open, airflow is still somewhat resistive
  • Small juice fill port
  • Somewhat limited juice wells requires extra thinning of wick tails


All in all, this is a GREAT, smaller footprint RTA, with outstanding flavor production, no leaking, and looks great doing it. It did not seem to be overly picky about coil size or type, and produced evenly across different coils. With no juice flow, how you wick and load the tails will make a difference. If you’re looking for a great looking, leak free RTA, but don’t want the additional size of the QPD Fatality RTA, and/or you loved the original OBS Engine but wanted more, and accurate flavor, this one will do it for you. 8.0/10.

Gas City Vapes still has them in stock:

QPDesign also has replacement tanks available:

Thanks for reading !!!


Looking good here as well :smiley:


Thank you @adary.


Great looking tank you’ve got there, thanks for posting. I’ve got to sit on my hands now because I promised (threatened) myself not to buy anything for a good while.


It is a show stopper for sure @jose.


Great review Session! Nice looking RTA as well! Cheers Man!


really love the look of these things, awesome review buddy :wink::raised_hands: thanks for sharing


Thanks @Eddie and @Steampugs I don’t think you’ll regret it if you score one !! Thank you.


Awesome review. Gas City should start giving you a commission! If I hadn’t bought that laptop on Black Friday… maybe later lol


Thank you @jim22, and I agree with ya.


I’m glad I got the Fatality instead, if only for the side fill of the Juggy. I don’t know if it is just a deep loathing that developed from the irritating iJoy Combo RDTA, but I detest side fill. I know I’m mostly alone there, but something like that is a deal breaker.

But it does look so good…

Nice review, brother Sess.


Thanks very much @anon96380778. I’m still trying to find any issues with my Fat. The Juggy is good, but it’s no match for the Fat.


Well, I have to find at least some fault with everything, so here we go then…

The o-ring that seals the fill cap to the chimney is FAR too easy to knock out and lose (and not notice). Caused me a nice juice bath. :angry:

And it is incredibly fiddly on the juice flow! I literally have to have it just right or I will get dry hits or weeping. It’s OK, not an actual problem… but I’m not a fan of fiddlybits.


Good info. I haven’t had any dislodged o-rings or weeping yet, but the day is young.


I had to say it, right? I just had to find some dumb little thing to bitch about. Now I’ve invoked the karma gods. Routine, simple maintenance. Washing out the bits and bobs for a new wick job. For no reason whatsoever, the bubble tank cracks clear across. I’ll be damned if I’m giving QP any more money right now.

I am back on the trusty, rusty Iron Maiden again.


I think this is the place to state your opinion, might not be the same for everyone though, thanks for sharing


I don’t understand, Grub.


The problems you’ve experienced might not be the same for everyone but sharing your experiences good or bad is helpful


I was waiting for your review on this, turns out I must be blind as I missed it for a whole month :persevere:

Great review man, I like mine but wish it had a touch more airflow like you mentioned in the review.


Sorry to hear that @anon96380778. I did break one, but it was due to a crashing fall.