Oxva Arbiter Solo Review

For those considering a first Restricted Direct Lung or Mouth to Lung RTA, I wanted to cast down my thoughts in my first-ever (and most likely last-ever) review! I just wanted to review this unit a bit because I don’t believe I’ve seen one yet on VC, and I don’t see myself getting into regular reviews, but I have high hopes for this particular RTA. I freely admit that I plagiarized @SessionDrummer’s review format, and I hope he will forgive me as he’s perfected a great format, and sincerely - imitation is the greatest form of flattery. OK, here we go…


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Two 510 Drip Tips – MTL and Wide Bore
  • 2 ml Straight Glass
  • 4 ml Bubble Glass
  • Easy twist to choose between RDL and MTL
  • Wide range of airflow options
  • Screw-top access to fill

What’s Included:

  • 25 mm RTA w/ 4 ml bubble glass and MTL drip tip installed
  • 2 ml Straight Glass
  • Spares kit with o-rings, grub screws, hex key, wide-bore drip tip
  • Shoelace cotton and one Ni80 0.8 Ohm 2.5 mm ID, 6 wrap dual core fused clapton coil
  • Instruction manual

I chose the Stainless Steel finish and it seems to me that the Oxva branding blends in better and doesn’t stand out as much as the other finishes (Black, Blue, Gunmetal, or Rainbow).

The package:

What’s in the box:

The Oxva Arbiter Solo with spare glass:

Next to the Oxva Arbiter 2:

The main parts:

I don’t think the internal rotating airflow selector comes out?

Pretty good size kidney holes and notice the keyed receptacle for the rotating cap to engage:

The main event – rotating airflow selector cap:

It’s keyed to insert into and turn the airflow selector:

The deck – decent size wick ports for a single coil unit:

Side airflow for RDL mode:

Central MTL airflow:

The WireOptim 26 gauge SS316L wire that also just arrived:

A 2.5 mm ID 10 wrap that initially comes in at 0.60 Ohms:

The grub screws are smooth:

Coil mounted:

Glowing like a champ:


Juiced and ready to go:

Some of Wayne Walker’s finest – I mixed this at 60:40 PG:VG, instead of my usual 70:30, to help the wicking along:

On my Lost Vape Thelema Solo DNA100C – I think it looks killer:

Test Results:

The unit comes with everything you need to get started. The fit and finish from Oxva seems excellent.

RDL Mode:

I went to this first because this will likely be my primary usage. Since I’m seeking that dense, saturated, flavorful vape, I started with the following settings:

  • Selected RDL mode for the airflow
  • Opened the airflow fully
  • Selected Wattage Mode and started at 12.5 W
  • After wicking and soaking the coil now registers at 0.75 Ohms

Results: My first attempt was a fail, as the tank had flooded, so I emptied the tank and re-wicked, trying to use more cotton, without thinning the ends. 2nd Attempt: At 12.5 Watts, my device is pushing about 3.1 V, and the vape seems a bit too cool and wispy. At 15 Watts the vape is becoming more dense and flavorful. At 17.5 Watts we are definitely getting there! At 18.5 Watts warmer and better. From here I started to neck down the airflow, and I shut off the single, large Cyclops port, and raised to 20 Watts – this is definitely hitting the flavor zone now, and the coil is now registering at 0.66 Ohms. At 22.5 Watts I’m really starting to enjoy the Arbiter Solo! I closed off another airflow hole, and the vape is really enjoyable – dense, saturated, and flavorful.

RDL Mode – Temperature Control:

I selected SS316 mode on my Lost Vape Thelema Solo DNA100C, set wattage to 22.5 W, and set Temp to 325 degrees – this is too cool. Raised to 350 degrees – better. Raised to 375 degrees – even better – I think I can fine tune it from here, but I’m still getting some raw juice spit.

I decided to empty the tank, I added 1 gram of VG to the remaining 8-9 grams of the 60:40 juice that I mixed, and re-filled. The wicking is now better, and at 22.5 Watts and 375 degrees, I’m getting a great vape.

RDL Mode – Replay:

Replay mode with similar settings (22.5 Watts) is providing a great vape nearly identical to the Temp Control mode.

MTL Mode – 2nd Attempt:

With thicker juice in the tank I wanted to try again, as I think the potential is there for this RTA.

  • Selected MTL mode for the airflow
  • Opened the airflow fully
  • Selected Wattage Mode and started at 20 W
  • The coil still registers at 0.66 Ohms

Results: MUCH better. The thicker juice was just the ticket, and necking down the airflow to 4 smallest holes open is providing a thick, dense, warm vape with a decent throat hit. I then rotated the airflow around to try the single hole opening on the largest single hole, and it just keeps getting better – I may actually vape MTL a bit in the future. I necked it down again to the third smallest hole and the draw is now very restrictive, and the throat hit is even more pronounced. The smallest hole is still usable for those who enjoy that extremely tight draw.


  • Excellent flavor and wide variety of airflow choices that worked well once I fine tuned my e-juice.
  • Very classy looks in stainless steel that blends in the branding.
  • Works well with a 2.5 mm ID coil
  • Performs very well in both temperature control and replay modes on a DNA unit.
  • Everything you need to get started in the box.
  • Two post design captures wire easily and simple to build on.
  • Single coil unit uses less power and a battery can last quite a while.


  • Two post design means clockwise coils – counterclockwise coils mount upside down and may fall below the RDL airflow.
  • Large juice wells may permit flooding with thinner juice?
  • They’re getting hard to find!


Excellent flavor that performs well in both RDL and MTL modes, and I may be a part-time convert to MTL. The unit has definitely piqued my interest, and I see myself already using the Oxva Arbiter Solo as part of my everyday rotation – it may have just gone to the top. The only other single coil RTAs I own are Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme V3s, and I usually run those with the dual coil postless deck. The Arbiter Solo is providing flavor that is on par with the dual coil units, and I think I made a good choice when seeking a unit that is tailored to the RDL draw I like. The wicking issues were my own fault and the unit is functioning perfectly now. If you are interested in an RTA that does both jobs - RDL and MTL – the Oxva Arbiter Solo can be an excellent choice. Thanks to all for listening.


Damn nice job @CaptainKirk


Cracking write up!, designed by Justin so bound to be very good!


@CaptainKirk well I don’t know if it’s the supreme format or not, but thank you very much for the kind words.


Nice work, @CaptainKirk :+1:


@SessionDrummer, @Timwis, @whthek Thanks a lot. I can certainly see the time and work that @SessionDrummer puts into his reviews. All the MTLers out there probably already have RTAs they love, and to be honest, I was looking at another brand/model until they sold out, and these came back into stock. They’re getting hard to find, and I added a note on that. In retrospect, I was lucky as it turned out, and I think I’ll be using this unit a lot. Hell - I’m using it now!


Good review. I really liked how you kept dialing up the watts to find your sweet spot for this vape. :+1:


@Wayneo Thanks a lot. I felt I had to do it that way because everything was new to me - the RTA, coil material, coil size - so I felt I just had to “creep up on it” until it was good. I think I’ll try and come back and provide a follow-up after I’ve used the RTA for a while.


Excellent review @CaptainKirk, thank you.


@JimmyLee, @CaptainKirk’s review is making ME want to pick one up.


Yes, it is rather tempting I must admit.


Ahhh fuck it @CaptainKirk, @JimmyLee, I just picked up two. I don’t know if I can review it now, because CK already did, but it sounds interesting. DTL/MTL just by spinning the top cap ??


Alright @CaptainKirk, now I can blame YOU for this …


It would still be interesting to hear your thoughts on this one mate as there is nothing wrong in having a second opinion.


Yeah, Roger that @JimmyLee. I think you’re right, AND, it’s just TOO damned interesting, to NOT get into it. Spin the top cap for MTL, RDL.


30 Day Follow Up:

I’ve been using the Oxva Arbiter Solo for 30+ days and it has gone to the top of all my other tanks for my everyday vape. I absolutely love the ease of adjustability and the airflow choices that are available, and with a SS316 coil on a DNA mod with Replay selected, every vape is the same – nice and consistent. Wicks show absolutely no sign of burning or singeing and feel like they last forever. I’d experimented with temperature control a couple of times, but my experience with the Arbiter Solo has shown what it can do for your vape.

Week 1: I used this RTA for a full week before I re-wicked it, and here is the wick:

I vaped about 1 tank per day using a Cinnamon Banana Nut RY4 that I like, with 0.5% FW Sucralose as the sweetener. Even with this fairly “dark” juice (it’s got banana nut bread, bananas foster, brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon danish swirl, and FA Soho as ingredients) I love how temperature control seems to be extending the time between re-wicking. At 22.5 Watts, the coil has settled in at 0.7 Ohms, and my mod is pushing about 4.2 Volts and 5.3 Amps. I took the power down to 21.5 Watts for MTL mode, and that worked very well, but 22.5 Watts for a tight RDL draw is working fantistico and I vaped for 3 days on one 21700 battery charge.

Week 2: Been using the unit to easily select the different draws. Build Quality – A small con mentioned elsewhere I can confirm is the play in the top cap assembly. This is present in all modes but doesn’t seem to leak or cause problems.

Week 3: I love it. Probably should confess that it’s possible I’ve always been an MTL vaper dying to get out. Still have the original 10 wrap SS316L coil installed that I run at about 21.5 W for MTL, and 22.5W for RDL (or less). I really like the way I’ve been able to fine tune my vape. I see myself getting another.

Week 4: I was a bit sick this past week so I had cut back my vaping, but better now, so not much to add for Week 4 notes. However, some impressions from the last month:

  1. Coinciding with this purchase, I also selected and received some new WireOptim 26 Gauge SS316L round wire for this and other uses. I believe this has released the full capabilities of DNA temp control for me, and I LOVE IT! Once you dial in your settings that you like, every vape is the same and it’s near impossible to burn wicks. I’ll probably be sticking with SS316L round wire temp control/Replay for the foreseeable future.
  2. On MTL – I’m a convert, full stop, love the flavor. I’d experimented a little, and I actually have an Aspire Nautilus Mini, a Tripod clone, and two Kayfun 5 clones. The Tripod o-rings are so tight that I literally can’t get it apart without tools. Perhaps I need to experiment more with Kayfun 5s – so far I just haven’t gotten that flavor experience I’m seeking, and the Mini has a super-tight draw, but uses pre-built coils.

Summary: Cannot argue one bit with a device of this performance and price point. Unfortunately (for me) I see this experience cracking the dang door open to other MTL tanks. I saw @SessionDrummer just got a couple and I wouldn’t mind his thoughts at all. A good RDL/MTL RTA (which this is) along with finally unlocking the full capabilities of DNA Temp Control/Replay and SS316L coils, has changed my vaping experience completely for the better, and I owe thanks to the Community for all the recent help.


Now THAT, is saying something.

Mo better …

That is always a great sign …

Very impressive.

I’ve really got to get into them.


MTL these days is the way to go mate, it’s moved on so much from plus ohm coils vaping at 10w max, modern MTL with a sub-ohm coil in a well designed MTL tank and narrow bore drip tip is hard to beat for flavour and as someone who did over 600 reviews I have tried just about everything! Personally I aim for about 0.4ohm for MTL (varies with wire types) which only 3 or 4 years ago would be unheard of but you can’t beat a medium MTL around 20w in power mode or even better in TC, add a long narrow drip tip and it’s intense flavour heaven.


I know you’ll never part w/ your Steam Crave RDTAs, but if you like MTL too, you may enjoy the Arbiter Solo, and I hope you do.
Also, don’t think for a minute that I forgot that QP Fatality M25 V2 teaser you shot us a while back!


Couldn’t agree more Tim, and I’m really enjoying the RDL/MTL vape. I’ve been following your experiments with zirconium wire (which I’d never heard of before), and, as I’ve mentioned, I am LOVING DNA Temp Control/Replay with Stainless Steel wire. I see myself getting some WireOptim SS316L 28 gauge to go in my MTL applications, and use the 26 gauge for my dual-coil applications. Thanks again for getting me up to speed on Steam Engine too - that’s made a huge difference.