Ogre meets the Charon Mini


I’m glad to hear that. I don’t sing praises unless I think something is exceptionally good and I enjoy and think highly of these mods . @Eddie is pleased with his Cylon and seems to be enjoying a whole new vape experience with TC combined with SS coils. And now you with the Mini. Great.

As to AF I tried it long ago and while I think it was good it still can’t be any better than the mod its controlling. As to algorithms they are simply sets of instructions and nothing more. Speaking for myself the less I have to mess with the better and at this price point I couldn’t be happier.


That was actually what I was hinting at.


Loving this thing so far. Only complaint, literally the only complaint, is that the button is too hard to press. Still not used to it.


Wonderful! Hope you get used to the button. Every once in a while I gave to reposition my finger to get a good solid press.


It’s really on me I suppose. I get pissed because I think I’m pressing the button, then realize a few seconds later I am not getting a draw. Pisses me off and since I refuse to blame myself, I blame the mod. It’s just a matter of getting used to it. I’m coming off the iPV8 that I used nearly daily for about two years, so it’s just a conditioning thing.


That ITV8 is a nice unit too. I just have to tape my battery door shut when I use it.


Never had a problem with the door at all, actually. The leather unbonded pretty quickly and it had serious wear and tear but it held together well and always fired when asked. I miss the little bugger, but not enough to go back…


Lol, damn nice little mod.


Thanks to you @SmilingOgre I now have one in my basket, bugger the vape budget :roll_eyes:


I thing you’ll love it. Thanks!


Thanks. So now I wait for my little gem to arrive. :grinning:


Thank you Mr. Fog. The hard part. Checkin the trackin number every 10 minutes. Congratulations!


I won’t check the tracking number, I won’t check the tracking number, I won’t … what was that tracking number again? :roll_eyes:


I’m doing the same thing with a G_Box that is a replacement item. They told me 30 days and it’s only been half that, but I check now and then hoping…


I found a valid complaint finally.

It shouldn’t be edge beveled at the bottom like it is at the top. Makes it unstable and I’ve toppled it a few times (no damage). The base as it sits on a surface isn’t as stable as I would like it to be.


Alright! Bravo! I knew there had to be one. I just missed it.


The Charon Mini has arrived.:smile:
Now time to check what all the hype has been about.:smile:


Alright! Congratulations. Love to hear what you think.


So far it is great, works amazingly.
To be honest it is a bit small my big mitts😄 And the menu sysem is a bit strange, but it really does work great.
Overall I’m a happy camper.


Wonderful to hear! Glad the two of you are getting along.