Ogre meets the Charon Mini



That was really interesting, thank you @SmilingOgre
I was as impressed with the full size Smoant Charon TS, as you are with this one.


Thank you for the view! I have heard a lot of great things about Smoant mods. I only have two, this one and a Cylon. Both are fine mods. The TS must be really great too with no buttons to push.


Very nice review. We know that you call them as you see them good or bad. Smoant is doing things right and producing great products, so that’s not gushing.

I have 3 Cylons now and am still using my Battlestars bought a year ago or so. Never a problem with any of them. Best valued vape gear I have purchased.


I’m with you brother. I can totally see having three Cylons. Real solid mods. And as always, thanks for the view and comment. Truly appreciate your opinions.


I can’t stand it and I’m nuts, and an Ogre; I just have to share this with you. I got so inspired from the conversation on the other thread that I pulled out the stops on the last segment. I pulled out the Rhode NT1. That microphone can pick up mouse farts three rooms away. I ran it through a PreSonus 16.4.2 AI and directly into Cubase. After recording I ran it through Wavelab to bring it up to broadcast level. I really like the fidelity I got on that little chunk of audio. Ok, that was it. I know you understand.


You are right, the touch screen of the Charon TC is to me the dogs danglies. Unfortunately I sold it to someone who really really wanted it.
I do miss it though :heart_eyes:


She must have been one hot babe!!!


Great review, cheers

@Steampugs New steampugs logo needed for the ogre.


Excellent review once again my friend!
Loving the accuracy of Smoant!

Curious to what meter you’re using to check the resistance with? And where! (free-floating coil only or at the 510 connection under the atty).
The reason I ask is because I’ve been considering doing both. Just to get an idea of how much a given atty affects the “static pathing” of the calculated resistance (seen by the mod). Most folks probably aren’t going to give two shits though, so it’s more of a personal curiosity in reality. :laughing:

I’m with pipes… It ain’t gushing if it’s doing what it’s supposed to! That’s just appreciation of a job well done IMO!


Great job Ogre!! Your talent is obvious sir!! Thanks for the review!!


Thank you sir! Appreciate you chiming in!!


Thank you! Ya, I’m really taken with that mod.

The meter is a Vici milliohm meter. I’ve got a “C frame” with an attached 510 that I stripped everything else off of. First I measured the 510 with a brass shorting plug. Next I built up the four test resisters using 16g copper wire and 100W wire ohm resisters. I have a dedicated “deck” that I use and I tested each of the four sets of resisters using that deck plugged into the measured 510. I measured each set up with the milliohm meter and subtracted the resistance of the 510 from all four. I tap the scope probe directly to the open copper wire.


Thank you for the watch and the complement! My greatest talents lie in the realms of eating and taking naps, but I do like toying around with other things on occasion, lol.


First comment was a super quick one while I was doing other stuff.

You can tell your smitten with that mod, looks like a decent little thing, great size, easy to operate.

Your explanations of the graphs are great, in fact, your whole review technique is spot on, technical but not overwhelming and you show everything your going to get, great stuff.


I agree, It’s nice to see someone excited about something…


I sincerely appreciate that. I’m trying to achieve a balance. Nobody wants to sit and watch a review forever. I don’t. I can think of things I didn’t go into, colors of the mod, 5 clicks on/off, actual dimensions, weight, etc. and etc. I’m trying to find the “meat” and consider that fact that if a person is going to watch it, that person has some interest in technical data. I don’t want to insult that person by going into nauseating detail that he or she already has a handle on. I’m watching feedback and taking suggestions seriously. I think I lost Heavens Gifts but I’m not interested in doing sales. I do that at work right now. Having rattled all that, I do think this one sells itself.


Great review mate and as you say looks to be a ripping little mod. Lucky you made friends with Charon not sure who would win a fight to the death the ferryman or the ogre


I think the Ogre would have to be dead for the Ferryman to complete the journey.


Thank you kindly for the view! And on top of it I have an Ammit! Pretty much gotta be an Ogre to vape that combo!