Ogre meets the Charon Mini


:rofl: The Ammit will do nicely until someone comes out with an rda or rta called Cerberus.


You’d need a Heracles to calm that beast!


Smoant is making some good stuff. GUSH! Great review man.


Thanks! I really think so. They are on my radar for sure.


Saw these in a vape store last night. Really sharp looking mod. They only had rainbow and gold. I am sure if they had it in black I would have bought one.


Pretty much guarantee you would not be disappointed. Just sweet in my hand anyway.


Five minute impressions…

One, the button is a little harder to press than I’m used to; more resistant force. I will adapt.

I’m possibly on board with the ‘off a little’ discussion. In power mode, same atty, same everything as when it was on the iPV8, it hits harder at the same wattage.

No real complaints thus far.


Scratch that, it was in mode Max, I put it to normal and it seems very similar now. Sorry, I seem to have reach a conclusion prematurely. Awkward.


They didn’t give a lot of thought to the default wallpapers. They look like they were culled from random Facebook posts. A rainy parking lot? A puppy? A kitty? Really now.


Lol, Yup, I agree, those are pretty lame.


How the fork do you update firmware and import custom wallpaper?


I found this:


Yeah the stupid Windows 10 POS laptop does not recognize the RAR file and does nothing with it. Why, vape gods, why?


There’s a bunch of free rar “unzippers” out there. WinRaR, 7Zip, and RaRzip are a few, I think.


use 7zip its less likely to result in an ID10T ERROR


Once I kicked the stupid netbook’s ass, it was easy enough to work it out.

The Iron Maiden does sit atop it nicely. Seems it’s almost the same size as the iPV8, just a little wider. So far so good.


I’m as tired of this being all about me as you guys are, trust me. One more question… I’m trying to scour the intertubes but can’t find the answer. What size does the wallpaper image need to be to avoid cropping or resizing when uploading?


How to custom your wall paper of Charon mini mod?
1)Download .rar file at http://smoant.com/charon-mini-update.rar, then unzip to desktop, Open the folder and click on the .exe file to open the software.
2)Take atomizer off the mod then plug usb into port.
3)To change wallpaper/screensaver click on the background tab,
Then goto 240px(W) X 320px(H) picture you wish to change then click on it, then … See More


That’s it, thanks ma- er, beast.


I took this to private messaging to keep from boring the rest of the world, but I figure an update is OK. I was able to get the wallpaper to load at full screen size, but to do that I had to actually replace one of the default wallpapers by renaming the new one as the old one. That’s really weird but nothing to knock a star off over. So far this is a great little mod, and everything I hoped it would be.

TC, in the couple days I’ve been using it, actually performs - dare I say - better then the YiHi in the iPV8. Smooth, consistent, fast. Not bad for having to use the programmed algorithms and not being able to fiddle with everything like you can with Arctic Fox. I’ve found nothing to prevent me recommending this to others so far.