Nic Salts - More addictive than freebase?


Ok… I have to ask… With all the ‘love’ being shown to nic salts, aren’t you guys the least bit concerned about them being more difficult to quit using than normal nic? (Dependancy-wise)

I’m already realizing over the last few months that it may be time for me to dial back to 2%. And I’ve already run a test batch to confirm. It seems to be making a positive difference (so far), especially when it comes to being close to bedtime. (I realize that salts can be adjusted too, but I’m experiencing zero difficulty in stepping down currently)

After so many years of being tethered to a cigarette, I’m very mindful of anything gaining that level of dominance in my life (at least knowingly). Not saying anyone else isn’t mind you. Just that it really really makes me nervous and suspect that something was specially developed, when what was already available was already working so perfectly for hundreds of thousands of people, so much so that an entire MOVEMENT (vaping) was created that effectively got folks off of cigarettes! Especially when nothing else did.

Feb 14th will be my 3 year anniversary, and I don’t want to risk taking steps “backwards”

Not condemning, judging, or otherwise. Just sharing what’s rattling through my recesses, and looking for opinions from those I value and respect!

Sous Vide 101 (and 202, 303)

I don’t find that I vape any more than I did when i first started using nic salts. Most of my mixes are still 3mg a couple are 0. I don’t crave for my mod if i don’t have it with me or have 0 nic. I will say I enjoy vaping and have no plans to quit but I don’t think it would be any more difficult with FB or Nic Salt.


I came to the conclusion that I am a nicotine addict long ago. So if I have to have a monkey on my back, then it’s good that it’s this one. It’s like a cardiologist told me, it’s not the nicotine that kills people. Its all the other things in cigarettes " He went on to say that nicotine is a mild stimulant that could be beneficial to my heart health. He gave me a thumbs up on the whole thing. I know that they are treating Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s with nicotine.

I just recently went to 2.5% in my mixes and may try 2% with the salts. Eventually I’m sure I will. I have no plans to and don’t foresee ever quitting. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to. I look at it like another one of Mother Natures little gifts. When you are my age, a nice little boost is IMO not a bad thing at all.


I’ll answer too. I haven’t read much about the differences in FB and salt that makes salts more ‘habit forming’ for lack of a better word. I was drawn to them for the smoothness. I mixed FB at 3mg, and I mix salts at 3mg as well. I have found no difference in any facet other than smoothness. I vape the same amount, I don’t feel any different, I don’t get to jonesing if I don’t vape as often as usual. I thought that the salt ‘habit forming’ tendencies was from the ability to use it in higher level compared to FB in terms of throat hit and harshness.

Short answer, no. I’m addicted to nothing. Well, sex, happiness, food, life. But no chemicals anyway.


My response was probably a poor choice of words. Addiction has a negative connotation if there ever was one.
Anything that keeps me from smoking cigarettes is a huge benefit. I quit as long as a year but always went back to them. So its not like I “had to” smoke. I like the effects of nicotine but smoking as the delivery system will obviously kill you. Seems to me that “at least 95% safer” is a health benefit and I have yet to see any proof of the remaining 5% causing harm. But people drone on about harm reduction. Okay, but I think the reduction may be 100%.

I don’t plan to quit. I’ve long thought that vaping (no nic) could be the answer to managing obesity and diabetes. I’m diabetic, and use vaping to control eating habits plus I can enjoy tastes that I otherwise can not, unless I had a death wish. Again, a health benefit. Coffee is likely more harmful, but I’m not giving up coffee either.

With all the shit in the world one would think that vaping, nic free or not, would be on the bottom of the lists of problems important to the messes we universally have.


All about perspective. Big Tobacco and Big Pharma will see massive cuts to their bottom line, so to them vaping is the greatest public health crisis of our time.


I’ve never tried Nic Salts but I don’t take my mod out with me anymore, I don’t crave it either


I’m not sure that there is anything in NS per se that would make it more addictive than FB, however the issue to me is the ease with which very high nic strengths of NS can be vaped without ripping your throat out, which could lead to some people going for the high nic buzz of NS, with the subsequent potential for the dependency on high nic vaping.
I’m not sure that the above makes sense to anyone other than me :roll_eyes:


I get what your saying, if you can vape more Nicotine your brain will essentially end up wanting more

Nicotine activates the same reward pathways in the brain that other drugs of abuse such as cocaine or amphetamines do, although to a lesser degree. Research has shown that nicotine increases the level of dopamine in the brain , a neurotransmitter that is responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being


In a nut shell, yes :grinning:


I never trusted it either. I might be paranoid and wrong but there it is.
Don’t really see the point of it. With NS you got the rise of the Pod and I don’t see the point of them either.
I started vaping on a 650 mAh ego pen and was really chuffed when they came with the 900 and then the 1100 and 1300 mAh.
I have moved on since and now I’m bombarded with those low mAh pods. Not much vapour but they work great with 50mg/ml NS.
They can keep it, I like the FB precisely because of the throat hit.
I don’t mind when it is a little peppery either, with tobacco flavours it just makes it more realistic.
I do realise that people who are into fruits and stuff will have a totally different experience.
But I’m speaking for me here and for me it’s a big NO :no_entry_sign:


So far free base has been my friend as the throat irritation has pushed me to lower my nicotine levels over time. I see no benefit to switching to salts. I’ve been at my current level for a long time now so maybe the benefit has diminished to the point where either nic would be fine. We’ll see over time.


Time for me to do some backpedaling. As I said in others posts I tried nic salts and gave high praise to the smoothness and apparent lack of oxidation. I began at 2.5% and am still there. However, I have been experimenting with higher temps and power particularly with the new Coilart 2019 tanks.

For health reasons I don’t particularly want to go into I have been sitting on my ass for quite awhile so naturally I have been doing a lot of mixing. I add nic last particularly when tweaking a mix. I went several days vaping different mixes w/o nic. Yesterday I added @ 2.5 % and am getting nic sick…bad…I tend to chain vape and if I do, particularly with the big coils and higher power, its nic sick city.

I make sure that I don’t have hot spots and measure correctly. I’m using 100mg nic salts in PG from nic river. The one thing that scared me off in the beginning were statements that it penetrates the blood brain barrier easier.

Thoughts, suggestions, experiences? I filled one of the new tanks and hit it a few times and it was like someone threw a blanket over me. Head spinning puking sick and I know it was the nic. Just don’t know why.


Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. No, I don’t have any advice or tips. I’ve been using the salts at 3mg as I was with the FB, and have not noticed a single thing aside from the smoothness of the vape. I have chain vaped like a bastard plenty of times, with both types. Only thought I can come up with offhand is maybe you added nic to a juice that already had it? I mean, it’s impossible for me to detect it at 3mg…


I keep them separated but even then it would only be 5mg if I messed up. But I’m sure I didn’t. Will a titration test kit work with salts? I don’t have one but can certainly get one. I’m obviously freaked out by this.

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Paging @woftam!!

Good luck Pipes. I can’t begin to speculate here so I won’t. But I’m quite interested now reading about this. I would hate to return to the harshness of FB nic, but if there are some real issues lurking I would not use salts anymore. Damn, if I have to stop using salts that would probably be the end of vaping for me even.


While I almost never read any other forums, there seems to be a hell of a lot of people using them without any problems. So I don’t think you need to worry. I’m inclined to think that it may be the supplier rather than the salts themselves. I imagine Simon is sleeping so I’ll wait but I’m I’m dumping these mixes. I still have FB in my freezer.

If a test kit will work then that’s what I’ll do. I was so sick for a few minutes I was afraid to stand up. So whatever caused it I don’t want a repeat.

Edit: I should add that this began yesterday when I added the salts and each time it was after chain vaping while basically breaking in coils.


No, unfortunately, you cannot titrate nic salts as they are already acidic (as opposed to freebase alkaline ).

@mrpipes nic salts can have a stronger effect when compared to FB nic but I would not expect that level of nic sick. ]
Where did they come from?
I would be contacting them and asking WTF.


Wow, hate to think they may have a bad batch sent out!! Or even a possible mis-mix that was made too strong.


Thanks. They came from Nicotine River. Right this minute I am vaping a 3mg freebase mix. No problems whatsoever. But I took 1 big hit with the salts a few minutes ago and my head was spinning. You’re right and I am going to contact them. Ever hear of this before?

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