Nic Salts - More addictive than freebase?


No I can’t say I have but everyone is different - if you can have a shot at 1mg (if you are game). I trust Nic river FWIW but mistakes do happen (I am pretty sure that they test every batch with a GC before it goes out the door). The inability to test nic is probably the major drawback of nic salts.

Nic river should be able to give you the GC results for that batch.


Do you think it could be because @mrpipes is so old and fragile? (Oh, kidding. I had to say it!!!)


Lmao no I don’t think that is it - It could be that it is absorbing a lot quicker for him, the fact that it is acidic or that it is mixed higher than the label says or a heap of other things. My suggestion to mix it a 1mg or less is based on the fact that Nic river offer a 250mg mix and thru some fuck up it has been put in a 100mg bottle making his 3mg mix an 8ish mg mix (I don’t get nic sick on 8 but i do get head spins).


Higher than expected nic content sounds like the most likely issue to me too. I would at least spin at 8mg. I remember seeing every color in the rainbow and even some in the non-visible spectrum, when I accidentally did a 12mg hit. It was like the Starship Enterprise just shot off into warp drive. I don’t know how people can do drugs, man. That shit is trippy and scary. And that was just nicotine!


I think that is the attraction :grinning: But I am with ya on that one


I have no room to talk though. I have never done a single narcotic, prescription or otherwise. Never done anything ‘worse’ than a ciggy and alcohol. I’m a drug virgin.

Oops, sorry @mrpipes, back on track.


I am a little old and busted up from being crushed under a machine in an accident. In fact I spend a lot of time in a wheelchair… wanna see? :grin:

Here’s the old man setting in his wheelchair : (2016 I was still smoking)


Now that makes sense. When I began using these I thought they were awfully strong and I went the better part of a week with almost zero nic just to “see.” Maybe that lowered my tolerance or something but this stuff …damn. I’m certain its the nic or I’d be seeing a doctor. I had no idea they offered 250mg and personally think its just plain dumb.

I have no confidence in NR employees. One fucked up order after another. I think I’ll just order some freebase from Carolina Extract.

#29 is my go to…


I bought some EU sourced nic from them once and it was good: much better than some of the shit I bought starting out. I’ve wanted to try the Carolina Extracts for quite awhile and based on everything I’ve read it is the best quality freebase but expensive. I don’t give a fuck as long as its good. I’m getting ready to dump nearly a liter of mixed juice. That’s expensive. I made a call about having the salts lab tested. That’s really expensive. So I don’t know and don’t intend to badmouth the salts, just trying to figure out what happened.

What? No comeback about my wheelchair? :laughing:


Noting the thread’s ‘timestamp’ (loosely, as it’s serving as a minimum here, not in reference to Dan’s last post…): - 2 MONTHS LATER

It sounds like “everything was ‘all good’ until”:

Combined with:

And ‘enhanced by’:

To me, cumulatively equates to a strong potential for a perfect storm situation.

Given your body/head is already ‘desensitized’ to (adjusted for) the use of freebase, I’m wondering if 5-7 days off of it wouldn’t mean that IF you had gone the other way, and say dropped to 2mg FB, that you would have been just fine. And perhaps you were even getting a slight bit of a ‘boost’ at 3mg FB, without realizing it. Simply because you were already accustomed to it. And if you followed having had MAJOR issues with salts, with using 3mg FB… Then it would stand to reason that there would feel like there’s no “appreciable effect” after just having your system shocked, and your perceptions blown into disarray by the salts. Especially Chain vaping. Where the salts might have been accumulating, but not absorbed as fast as you thought they might?

But then, I also think, well… IF he’s been using salts at 2.5mg for 2+ months “without issue”… Then it almost has to be the increase in power, but could also be combined with an increase in the vapor production given a new tank/coil.

So it could be a double whammy. “Potency increase” by power, combined with the increase in volume (vapor), “multiplied by” chain vaping.

In any case, in so very sorry to hear about the experience. I recall all too well that level of sick (system shock). But it usually occurred (for me) when I bummed a smoke from someone in a pinch, though I also recall the vaguely same sensation when I started smoking WAY back when… Anything from light headed (head spinning) to literally gagging, and trying to keep from getting sick (Camels).

Just trying to offer things to think about, so you can reassess if you’re so inclined when you regain your equalibrium.

Again the above is all “logic”, as I’ve still had no experience with salts.


I’ll say it is…
That’s something that until just now hadn’t thought about, or known!
Thank you!


Yeah I was trying to toss out possible causes including the new tanks. The vape is thick and I normally don’t use that kind of airflow and its thirsty so there is a lot of vapor production. But it happened with a single coil Kylin mini too.

It didn’t feel like a gradual thing. It was bam… damned near lights out. So setting aside the bullshitting about my age which is fun , it’s scary when something like that happens and you get dizzy and nauseous particularly at my age. (67) I only have one serious medical condition (diabetes) but do have serious problems as the result of physical injuries. I know you are well versed with that. I monitor my blood glucose and everything was within limits, but I can’t rule that out either.

I appreciate the input. I don’t think this stuff is for me but really would like to figure it out. Just not enough to take a chance trying a different mix. I’ve been fine with freebase for 2 1/2 years so I’m going back to that. I just dumped a shit ton of juice.


I had not considered my rate of absorption while using both freebase and nicsalts at the same time with different juices. You may have hit the nail on the head,:+1:


Glad you understand that I am only ribbing you in fun about your age. Please do let me know if it irks you, because I would never be mean-spirited intentionally to cause harm.

I am 20 years your junior but I very much understand what you mean. I have learned a few things about aging and it’s a bit scary. Realizing and accepting that you can’t do some of the things you used to do in your youth is a sober reckoning, and not really a lot of fun.

So where does this leave you… are you thinking it was an accidental overdose or are you still thinking the salts are not working for you?


I gotta pitch in a little here. I switched from freebase nic to salts about 6 months ago and vape them daily, but in a very very low concentration - 1.5mg. Reason for the switch was that i really don’t like the throat hit.

I never had any adverse effects, and I don’t think that i’m really addicted since i can go for a week or even more with 0nic juices without any cravings.


Absolutely no problem. I am not remotely offended and in fact consider it a badge of honor as well as fun. I can take a ribbing and can dish it out too. :grin:

Both. I was ready to contact the supplier and looked for the batch number on the bottle. It’s no more than a pre printed label stuck on a bottle and in fact so small it took a magnifier to even read it. It could be stuck on anything. I think this is a hot mix. That’s why I asked if anyone had heard of other similar incidents.

Of course it could be my metabolism and I did not consider that by vaping older juices with slower absorption freebase and then following with salts might cause it all to hit at the same time. I always have several tanks/flavors going at the same time. Whether the salts could cause all the nicotine in my bloodstream to hit like salts is I think a possibility but far beyond my capabilities to determine. I overdosed…that is certain and something I don’t want to chance repeating.

I would say that if they work for you, don’t worry about it. The smoothness is really nice. As you already do, buy from trusted sources only. I think that any company that offers a 250mg nicotine mix to the general public is fuckin nuts.


I have no opinion or experience with that company, but I tend to agree with you there… 100mg is more than strong enough for the DIY crowd.


A few companies offer 250mg nic. Not something I would touch tho. Totally agree with:


I’ve genuinly never touched Nic salts, I’m 1mg, can’t see the point :man_shrugging: