My dream car/truck


No love for the Night Runner? How about if I guilt you into it… 'Tis mine…


Don’t recall seeing one IRL, and that may just be a bad angle… But it looks like “just another Dodge” in that pic.
But if it lights your spark plugs, who am I to judge? Oh wait! :laughing:



It is just another Dodge, like any Challenger or Charger or Viper, I guess. Man, rip a fella’s heart out why don’t ya. :disappointed_relieved:


You guys would love it around here classic car wise. I’m not far from Auburn Indiana where the Kruse Auctions are/were held. Classics from Auburn - Cord - Duesenberg on up to the ones we’re listing here. Auburn has a really nice car museum and so does the auction grounds. Everything…some selling for millions.


Yeah, but to Sparky they would be “just another Cord”.



The shot you posted was just a bad angle.


When you get a decent shot, it’s actually a fairly sharp looking vehicle!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Tryna make up, I see… :sunglasses:


It occurred to me that being international some may have never seen or heard of an Auburn, or Cord, or Duesenberg. So…


Not sure if I ever knew the name for the Auburn, but definitely remember the car!

The Duesenberg is definitely a bad ass classic! And the Cord looks like it could have come out of the same factory! I remember playing with the Hot Wheels version waaaaaaay back when. chuckles


The Auburn and Cord did basically come out of the same factory. Its now the museum in Auburn IN. My 96 year old mother lives there. The annual festival and classic car auction are awesome. :grin:


Here’s a link to festival photos where I found the above.


Good stuff in here and love classic cars.

I remember the auto shop next to my business got in a late 50’s to early 60’s Corvette that belonged to Michael Anthony from Van Halen. That classic was just the best looking car I had ever seen, it was silver and so damn clean you could eat your lunch off the engine. That became my dream car and have never forgotten it. These are just pics I got off the net.

Would need that silver though, elegant and mean at the same time.

Was watching Garage Squad the other day on the Motor Trend Channel (use to be Velocity) and they brought a 1950 Ford F3 back to life. Great story of a guy who wanted to get it running again as it belonged to his Grandpa but it sat unused for 30 or 40 years. They kept it patina on the outside to preserve the name of his Grandpa’s business and Damn did it come out kick ass.

Corvette first then a 1950 Ford F3 second just like in the pic. Then I will take a Aston Martin for a daily driver, not to much to ask right? :wink:


33 Ford coupe :ok_hand:


Learnt about the Auburn today from American pickers, they bought a not so desirable 853? 6 cylinder but got it running


I was driving along some time ago and this was pretty much running with me. Something took my eye, not sure what. Maybe the way it moved, maybe form, and fit. It is very understated but there was just something about it. I had to pull in behind it and find out what it was.

Austin Martin Rapide



Along the lines of ‘regular’, non-collectible cars most of us can actually afford to buy and maintain, I kind of like the look of the new Supra. I’ve never bought a foreign car (well, a Mazda GLC once for $200 but that doesn’t count), so I probably wouldn’t buy one, but it looks ok.


Ever since I got a chance to sit in a few at the LA Auto Show the AM are my dream car, that and I want to be 007 dammit :grin:


It was weird. The body style is not that out of the ordinary. I found myself watching it wondering why. Something was different about this car. I’m not an enthusiast, they’re transportation. I got the name off the back of the thing and looked it up on google. Ahhhhh!!! That’s the difference. The price tag!!


No argument there, the price is nuts. The workmanship was stunning in person though, that’s what got me playing the lotto :grin:


My garage if I won the lottery :ok_hand::heart::heart: