My dream car/truck


Yep, that’s why I said ‘my neck of the woods’. I guess it’s like a fancy Mercedes here compared to Germany.


Probably :slight_smile:

I see a lot of team each time I’m in the US.


This piece of junk was the highlight of Israeli automotive industry:

You can imagine why we like foreign cars :slight_smile:


Its’ rarity here would make it sorta collectible. I bet a decent driver would fetch $3k.


It’s equivalent of the east german Trabant. Cardboard/resin body. In eastern europe pigs used to eat the trabant, and here camels would eat the Sussita


How about another HEMI… Definitely just about the best looking thing Plymouth ever rolled off the line. 73 Hemi Cuda.


Oh I love that one :slight_smile:

And this one as well:


67 Pontiac GTO (or LeMans)?


67 GTO. You definitely know your classic cars :slight_smile:


American ones, anyway. I grew up with these babies still on the road. They were not new, but had not yet aged out. I had some, back when you could get a rustbucket version for a few hundred dollars.


There are no classic cars beside American and British ones. Germans made crap in the 50’s and 60’s, and Japanese were even worse


This one is also a dream but I don’t see a chance of owning one ever:


Something like a 67 Jag? Man that’s a pricey thing!!

Always liked these little oddballs.


Close. It’s a 68’

But lemme drag out a photo of me with an absolute classic that is owned by my family and I drove two years ago :slight_smile:


Google Photos

That is me, and the car is of course a 1969 Charger


No fair. I was about to guess.


That specific charger was purchased in 1969 by my wifes uncles father in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s been in the family ever since. 100% original. Paint was re-done a few times. Only 55k miles on the meter.Today its owned by my wifes cousin and it relocated to Montreal Canada


Google Photos


Is it weird that I love the giant radiator it took to keep that power plant cool? :crazy_face: :laughing:


And this is the small block. Imagine the radiator on the big block version :slight_smile: