My dream car/truck

I thought it might be a fun thread to share vehicles we’ve always lusted after.

I’ll kick things off with one of my top five:
The 1967 Mustang Fastback GT500 Fastback (ideally a KR variant)

Different car, but I LOVE the back end…


Oh i do wish I could even come close to affording a KR - I did have a 1969 mach 1 for about 15 years I loved that car - expensive over here the 1967 Mustang Eleanor Fastback will run you around the $300k AUD



Another favorite (even though the HP had dropped off by then) remains in my top 10…

The 1973 Camaro Z28 (RS optional)


Another example:


Think I will put it on paypal pay later :rofl:


Yeah, I remember seeing your pic before! :thumbsup:
That had to be a barrel of fun to drive!

Yeah, not sure how that equates at the moment (to lazy to lookup the exchange rate right now) but I know they can run $500k USD and more here. So yeah… Pipe dream for folks like me.


Yeah, that’s just gorgeous!

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There have been a couple of clones sold over here as original for around that sort of $$ - Nicole Kidman’s dad bought one of the clones. That one has been molested with NOS and I suspect other things which would be why the $ are not top $

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Molested is right.
There’s just something lost when you start monkeying with the natural order of things. :wink:

High compression, a quality intake manifold, a great carburetor, a killer cam, headers, maybe a slight boring out… But NO NOS, no turbo or super charger. Just basic meat and potatoes thundering down the open road. Ahhhh good times.


Another one with classic lines!

BTW, Happy Cake day!


Some cracking muscle cars there, love watching fastnloud and misfit garage for them, spotted this a few weeks ago 2018 mclaren

So far I’ve driven a lambo, ferrari and Aston Martin, the mclaren is next on tbe list, hopefully this year


That’s a whooooooole different category of dream. Though I’m sure it handles excellently in the wet as well. LMFAO

Superb choice though!
Curves like a stripper. chuckles


To me there is only one dream car.

Other than that, I wouldn’t mind picking up a 1966 Dodge Coronet 500SE. It was my first car that my parents gave me. You could steer with one finger. It was a tank and was huge. It wasn’t a powerhouse, only had the stock 318 CI, single barrel Rochester carb. You could get to every part and it was so easy to work on. MIne was exactly like in the pic. Dark metallic green 4 door with black vinyl roof.


Sparky, this is at the Safelite glass shop at I-70 and Bryan Rd. in O’Fallon. Work in progress but maybe they’ll sell it to you.


I’m going to go a couple different ways with this one. I don’t have a single dream car because the auto world is too diverse. And I’m not a sports car guy, so while I think some of them are pretty cool looking, it would be like stuffing a marshmallow in a toaster if I tried to sit on one.

But alas, some are just too cool not to like…

Pagani Zonda. It’s like a real life lego.

Ford GT. All four options, please.

Now, on to other types. I love station wagons. Torino wagons (73-76) are my favorites, but I think the best looking wagon I never had is the 1970 Pontiac Safari.

1996 Ford Econoline 350. Luckily enough for me, I have one.

1973 Ford Ranchero.

I could go on…


This is my dream car:

1971 Corvette Stingray. If all stars align properly I will have one by this time next year


Those are still too common over here for my tastes. A C1 vintage (like the one on the lift behind the 71 there) is a lot more rare and desirable in these parts. Of course, if that 71 is an LS6, that’s a different story…

Trivia time… all Corvettes prior to 1984 were built in my hometown. Which means all the cool ones ever made. And there are no 1983 'Vettes because they moved to Corntucky that year and didn’t produce any during the move and retool to the ugly wedge looking C4.

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How about a 2007 HEMI Durango Night Runner.

I’m from Israel. A classic corvette (or a newer one) is quite a rate sight :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s why I said ‘my neck of the woods’. I guess it’s like a fancy Mercedes here compared to Germany.