Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2018


Clearly it has been awhile since you saw a teenager with a new android phone. :rofl:


What he said and I think that makes it 8% that @Steampugs is offended :sunglasses: I was hoping for more but that mind is hard to crack :grin:

Wishing you all the best Holiday season filled with loved ones and plenty of intoxicants :wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer::beers::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass::dash::dash::dash::dash::dash:


I’m getting intoxbriated right now! And I just made a homemade Kinect SLS ghost mapper so I am hoping to get two kinds of spirits tonight. And it’s going to record me and the old lady getting intimate because I think that will look hilarious on the SLS.


And what if someone gets seriously offended because you failed to mention Thor and Freyr?


Have you checked your batteries lately?


I think I may be drawing way too much power, my build is super duper low, you’d think I’d know better :joy::joy:


Then you tell them that Odin is the allfather and we wouldn’t have any other gods without him lol…praise Odin!!


A priest, rabbi and an imam walk into a bar, and the bartender looks at them and says: What’s this, some kind of a joke?


So the part about filming skeleton sex was just me being silly, but the ghost detector does work great. I’ve yet to map in an unknown figure yet, but it looks like the ones they use on the TV shows at least.

It’s like this…


Instead of the alcohol, maybe try some mushrooms. They make you see all kinds of things and you can even talk to those spirits. :innocent: ( Or so I’m told ) :wink:


Oh, no no, nothing like that for me! Alcohol, and life are plenty.



Christmas is almost done and dusted here is 2.30 mins left - had a gut full of food and grog then the mrs drove the 2 hrs home - still feel so full and lucky I had a some travelers to keep the blood alcohol fairly high on the way home. You guys will be either opening pressies or still sleeping - I hope that Santa was good to you all have an awesome day.


It’s 12:02 midday here so waiting for the Christmas dinner, no alcohol yet even though I have a bit…


7:40 AM here and 29 F. @woftam and @G-Fog likely could have had a day at the beach. Bah Humbug :laughing::laughing::laughing: I like @Grubby plan and may have to indulge a little myself. Merry!


Unfortunately it was raining all day and really miserable weather, so the beach was not an option.
I hope you all enjoyed your day.


And a Happy New Year to you lot as well.

I would also be remiss if I fail to mention that we all gather here thanks to the terrific efforts and hard work of our man @Grubby, for providing this most excellent and comfortable habitat. Cheers @Grubby!


Happy new year! Cheers! I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to share this habitat with, we all make this community what it is, through sharing ideas and making suggestions we can continue to grow and have fun. :beers:


I like how you worded that! I sure can make some ‘awesome suggestions’ can I not? :sunglasses::rofl:


I hope y’all had a very good Christmas, I feel like