Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2018



jk…spoke to you like…this mornin, but still…BOUT FUCKING TIME!!
dirty stop out (totally what my mum would say)


Since my country doesn’t do end of december holidays, i will be at work as usual :slight_smile:


Yeah, I thought so, still have a great day and stay safe :+1:


Hasn’t spoke to me… :frowning_face:


Will do. You folks have a great time and stay safe (and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do :stuck_out_tongue:)


Yeah I think its on purpose too Grub…I’d be havin words…

jk…or am I…maybe it was that thing you did that she didn’t like, that really doesn’t narrow it down much I know…
jk again…maybe…:thinking:


My country does, yet I have no days off through year’s end. I am on call…


I’m signed off, apparently I nearly exploded, so the doc signed me off for 3 weeks, back Jan 7th …I didn’t argue, and so far…no explosion


I do work from home, so I will probably just set up the drill to rotate over the mouse cord so the laptop doesn’t go to sleep…


She hates me I think :frowning_face:


Its probably just sexual tension…I’ve always thought that with you two…


I hope you get paid extra for that


Where’s that wooden spoon gone… :laughing:


Always :heart: ya Grub!

Yeh, that’s totally it :ok_hand::roll_eyes::laughing:


Nope, I don’t. Such is the life of an incredibly important man.


Thank you, and may I wish for you all, everything you wish for yourselves.
Stay safe


Being in the restaurant business my wife almost never gets any time off over the holidays. The restaurant only closes 2 days a year. They do close early on the 24th and are closed the 25th but they are open new years eve and ny day. It sucks but it is necessary. She does get 4 weeks paid vacation so that is good but no vacations over the Holidays.


I can imagine. We have a good holiday season in september/october time frame (different dates each year because jewish calendar is a lunar one). This year in September i was at work barely for 6 days


happy holidays everyone, and remember, no matter what religion people are or how pc you try to be…nobody ever gets mad if you say praise Odin!!


There’s seriously people that worship cell phone programming software? o0

Tsk. Takes all kinds I guess. :wink: