Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2018


I hope you get feeling better soon. Meanwhile, snuggle up with the pup. They will always try to take care of you. Works for me.


Yes, get well for crying out loud. Never fun to be sick, but worse on Christmastime.

I would snuggle up with my Beagle, but those damn things have a natural stink about them that prevents snuggling. Cutest darn dog but P-U.


Had I known it prior to acquisition, I would have declined the order.


I had never heard that. We had a female boxer that died this year that had an awful smell. But she was full of cancer. The smell tipped me off to it but there was really nothing that could be done. We (including veterinarians) tried. The link has good info for dog owners.:+1:


Thanks guys, I’m fine really. I’m still recuperating from that awful stomach bug and had to take it easy with food over Christmas. Have to build it up slowly.
I always feel pooped after festivities, whatever they may be.
I thought this Christmas present I got was conveying my feelings very well :sweat_smile:


I love the mug, being a fan of all things dark and macabre.


I had a German Pointer who stunk to high heaven. I would have to wash his blankets all the time. The bugger was always cold so he needed them.
Get them fresh from the washing line and within 10 minutes he would have that smell all over it.
The whole house stank of him.


I got it from my daughter, she and I have an understanding when it comes to dark and macabre :skull:


On to the Happy New Year part, only 5 hrs left here of 2018 (less for @G-Fog)

I hope you all have a great 2019 be safe and wake up with a hangover that is at least a little manageable (who am I kidding)

Cheers my friends



Happy New Year to all of you from me and the Rodent :clinking_glasses:


Happy new years early to those of you who will hit it before me! :laughing:

Still have a little over 20 hours to go yet here…


Happy new year!



Happy New Year everyone!


Yes, Happy New Year to all. Although I really don’t know why anyone gives a rat’s ass. It’s just a calendar date.


There’s the spirit! :laughing:


It was never a big deal at my house growing up. We didn’t watch the parades, or make merry, or sing stupid songs of sentiment. I guess that carried through to my adulthood.

But it does matter to a lot of people, and who am I to toss a wet blanket on you.

Happy New Year!!! :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :clinking_glasses:


It’s a day off and reason to party. You don’t give a rat’s ass, and i’m Jewish. I’m not even supposed to give a rat’s ass :slight_smile:


Pardon the ignorance, but why? Do you guys just have one never-ending year, or is it something else? Sorry, not meaning to offend. Just curious.


Jewish religion has it’s own calendar which is pretty old and archaic (lunar based). Our new year begins somewhere around September/October timeframe (different each year because the calendar is Lunar and doesn’t align with the widely accepted Gregorian calendar)

The New Year in Israel (December 31/January 1st) is not an official holiday, and you actually need to take a day off if you want to celebrate it.
Despite it all, we like to celebrate it just because it’s a reason to Celebrate.

Needless to say, Christmas is also not a holiday except for the local Christians of course.


Happy New Year my friends