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The one month steep is UP !!! Let the madness begin !!!

Medicine Flower

All tested @ 1% and 1 month steep unless otherwise noted. All critical testing done on a Steam Crave v.1 RDTA, 7 wrap kanthal single wire coils with KGD Cotton. 70V/30P @ 3mg NIC, tested at 55 watts on a Para 250C. Fresh cotton, and dry burned coils before testing on every flavor. DON’T let the higher price fool you, you will use FAR less than you think, as these are much stronger than most, if not all other flavorings.

Big thanks out to @Pro_Vapes, @Sprkslfly, @jay210, @NChris, and @Chrispdx for helping to bring Medicine Flower more into the mainstream.

Honeydew Melon (MF) 1% (8-19-18) – First flavor test as a SF for my MF stash, and had a hard time waiting 1 month to get started. This one I knew was going to launch a flavor bazooka at me when I was mixing it. 1 month later, I was right. BOOM. In your face, perfectly balanced Honeydew Melon, with just the right amount of the body, and rind. Tastes incredibly fresh, and ripe, at the same time (is that even possible ?). Just the right amount of sweetness, and in no way candied or overly sweet. It was very strong and good @ 1%, and in no way off putting, with no off notes, perfume, or artificial. I did get a slight bit of TH from it, which was a non issue, perhaps mixed too high ?? It’s strong enough where I wondered if dropping it to 0.5-0.6% would improve it, or lessen it. May do some lower testing. As is, it is simply the freshest, most realistic Honeydew Melon I have ever tried. Inhale, exhale, room note all deliciously the same. If you are in need for a very realistic Honeydew Melon that will wow, this one will do it for you. Unquestionably 10/10.

Morello Cherry (MF) 1% (8-20-18) – Number 2 on the list had me somewhat apprehensive due to some bad “cherry” flavorings before. With the Morello being part of the dark or sour cherry group was expecting maybe a sour kick, but that was not the case. FIRST things first, this was a GOOD cherry. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. NO offensive notes, chemical, medicinal, or perfumey notes were to be found with this one, and THAT, is a BIG deal. To add to that, NO cough syrup !!! Ok, moving on, this one did not have the kick that the Honeydew Melon had, but that was ok. Just sweet enough, didn’t appear to have many sour characteristics to it, and it perfectly conveyed the darker cherry flavor, with just a pinch of skin. Because this was following the Honeydew Melon, I can’t help but compare the strengths. This was more laid back at 1%, and it felt as if it could maybe use a little more kick, maybe in the high end to help it pop. Perhaps being an acidic fruit, maybe a little Stevia here would work the magic. Will have to consult with @ozo. Very even tempered, dark cherry body with some sweetness, and a little ping on the top end, but could use a little more ping, IMO. Overall, this was quite good, and the fact that it had NO chemical or cough syrup notes, was impressive to me. Might benefit from a smidge of Stevia to make it pop a little bit more, but as is, nicely sitting at about 7.5/10.

Fig (MF) 1% (8-21-18) – Fig baby FIG !!! There was NO other way to start this flavor review, than that. I have the luxury of having a fig tree in the yard, so I’m very used to the taste of fresh figs. Have never vaped it before now, but I think this one is going to change that. Realizing these are natural flavors, the fact that this IS a spot on Fig flavor should be no surprise, but the fact that it is so good, actually is. It perfectly captures and conveys the fig body, and almost the seeds too. Tastes like a perfectly ripe fig fresh off the tree. I almost ran out to the fig tree to compare, but I couldn’t put the tank down. For comparison it was seemingly quite a bit more present than the Morello Cherry, but fell slightly behind the Honeydew Melon in strength. The sweetness, body, flavor, and overall blending was perfect, and the dark, almost malty-ish notes were perfectly presented in this gem. This one was priced higher on MF’s site @ $41.00 / 15ml as opposed to the more common @ $22.00 / 15ml, but after tasting this, it is worth every bit of that. I may have to buy the BIG bottle of this one. If you are looking for Fig, this is where you find it, and in spades. No faults whatsoever with this one, in any way. Strength, sweetness, profile, with nothing artificial, you cannot go wrong with this one. Think you don’t like Fig, you better try this one first. No choice but 10/10 on this one.

Watermelon (MF) 1% (8-24-18) – My current go to for WM is LA colorless. This one might just change that. Firstly this is a very delicious, juicy watermelon, and at 1% tasted very full, just sweet enough, and really embodied the best parts of a watermelon. You could really taste just enough of the red and white parts, and maybe a hint of the rind to top it off. As expected (with all naturally extracted flavors) it was not heavy handed, and tasted, well, very natural. In comparison to the LA colorless version, this one just tasted more clean, natural, and no candyness whatsoever. This may influence your use of it depending if you are going for a candied mix as opposed to a accurate watermelon. Strength was very good @ 1%, clean, full, and just plain damned good. I can’t find faults with this one, and this seems to be a growing trend with my MF tests so far. For a very accurate, clean, natural, and full tasting watermelon you cannot go wrong with this one. Strength wise in comparison to the previous MF flavors @ 1%, this one was still stronger than the morello cherry, but behind the Fig and Honeydew Melon. Another winner with no complaints @ 10/10.

Plum (MF) 1% (8-27-18) – With the Medicine Flower Fig blowing me away, was pondering if the Plum would hit me as hard. First off, this Plum is GOOD. Just absolutely captured the aspect of the fruit, and you can just taste the darkish red body while you’re vaping it. Compared TO the Fig, this one is much more laid back, almost at the level I had with the Morello Cherry. Doesn’t make it bad, but it didn’t have that brick to the face that the Fig did. Medicine Flower really seems to get the fruits right, and with just the right amount of sweetness without being overbearing and this is no exception. With it being more laid back @ 1% the other thing that seemed to be missing somewhat was the twang or bight of the skin. I actually HAD a few Plums from the store and vaped and ate to compare. The skin has somewhat of a sharpness to it, that I didn’t get from the flavor. Again, didn’t really take away from it, but in addition to the more laid back-ed-ness of this one, it seemed to detract somewhat from the overall experience. Very natural tasting, full, ripe, and juicy. Just a great overall flavor. Unsure if upp’ing the % would bring it into a fuller light or not. As is, having NO off-putting notes, and somewhat laid back, would rate it nicely at a 8/10.

Wild Raspberry (MF) 1% (8-28-18) – Bing, bang, BOOM !!! Review over, I think you get the idea. I had QUITE a hard time, trying to find faults with this beauty. Vaped 3 tank fulls trying to find any faults, and couldn’t. Wow, I’m glad I got the Wild one as it was great. Just about every other raspberry I’ve tried, I’ve had issues with in some way or another, but not this one. Massively delicious, darker raspberry, full, rich, and just the right touch of bright on the finish. Could you taste the seeds even ?? Almost, just almost. Sweetness was perfectly balanced in this one, some hints of sour and brightness, but the smooth and darker deliciousness just washes over you when you vape it. What’s it like ?? Hmmmm, I did get some similarities to Inawera’s Raspberry, but without any of the heavy handed sharpness that it can present. Similar, but this one is far superior. I’m wondering if adding a smidge OF the INW might add a little punch to this one or not. Honestly, after 3 tank fulls, I’m not sure I would dare to try as it is just too damned good, solo. Not candied in any way, very full and impactful at this percentage, and too good to put down. The first thing that I thought, literally on the first test, on the first tank was, “I’ve got to throw this in some custard” !!! Very fresh and natural tasting, with just the right amount of darkness (wild perhaps), and very hard to put down. 10/10 without question.

Strawberry (MF) 1% (9-8-18) – I am a lover of strawberries, and having tested more than a few MF’s was waiting to see about this one. First off, it is probably the weakest MF flavor I have tested yet. Because of that, it was quite a bit more elusive in identifying it’s characteristics. Smelled very good, and fresh in the bottle, but vaping it at this percentage, proved to be less satisfying, and it performed almost as if a sweetish fruit. I could tell what the underlying flavor was but it was very laid back at this strength. I have read it is one of the weaker flavors, and my testing seemed to verify that. From the notes I was able to obtain, it continued with the freshness that I’ve grown to expect from MF, and very natural tasting at that. Without increasing the strength, further indepth notes are impossible for me, will re-test this at twice this strength @ 2% to see what is revealed then. At 1% I am unable to go above 6/10 for this one. Stay tuned for a 2% re-test coming up, for an update.

Cucumber (MF) 1% (9-8-18) – Whew, this one was potent, true to name, and clean and refreshing !!! No sense holding back on this natural tasting powerhouse. Was strong @ 1%, and could be reduced, but even at this strength, a clean, refreshing cucumber is front and center. Sweetness was lower in the spectrum, but it worked perfectly with this flavor. MF was able to accurately capture the inner juicy body (minus the seeds), and had just a smidge of the dark outer skin, enough to make it really realistic. Nothing off putting or perfumey in this flavor, and despite 1% appearing somewhat strong the initial impact was FRESH. Having SF tested this now, I see exactly why @Pro_Vapes paired this up with the Honeydew as this one is a strong, juicy contender, and paired they are incredible. When comparing this to a few of the other cucu’s I’ve tried, this one (expected as MF extracts are from the actual food itself) was far more natural, and clean tasting, almost what you would expect, from the actual vegetable. If you hate cucumbers, then you will hate this flavor !!! 10/10.

Butterscotch (MF) 0.75% (9-23-18) – I have mixed with this a bit, but never tested it as a single flavor. My first reaction was this is a very clean butterscotch. Very natural tasting, nicely sweet with some of the subtle nuances of BS that many others miss. It was somewhat light @,75%, but still surprisingly full. Not sure how they got it this good with no dik’s, but it’s entirely possible some of the richness might have suffered because of this. Very clear, which is again, indicative of MF in general. My personal preference is for a slightly heavier, buttery-er BS, but surely one could easily tweak this clean BS into a richer one with ease. No complaints beyond the strength and richness, clean, accurate, and quite full even at less than 1%. 7.5/10 on this one for me.

One GREAT recipe that showcases what’s possible with this is from @Sprkslfly.

Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.5% (09-24-18) – I knew this one was going to be one of the Heavy Hitters from Medicine Flower, but held off on testing it, until now. Having mixed quite a bit of this up, was interested to see exactly HOW good it was, solo. Chocolate seems to be one of the hardest flavors to get right, but somehow (through their extraction process) MF has managed to absolutely capture the entire essence of a Dark Chocolate with this one, AND, it’s completely clear. Clear you say, sure, you have TPA DCC, and it’s pretty clear, but it can’t touch this one. I think it’s far to say when comparing the many chocolates I have, this one and TPA DCC are similar, but after that, they are not in the same league. This one is a delightfully (yes I said that) Dark Chocolate, with NO off putting notes. No need to tweak, add to it, push or pull it, right out of the bottle delicious, full, sweet enough, creamy, and dark, RIGHT out of the bottle (after steeping) and even @ 0.5%. Wow, and more wow, doesn’t even come close. It is dense enough to be very full at this strength, with no overowering notes, nothing artificial, and does appear to be a fairly complex blend that most others cannot compete with. Dark almost implies it will be, well, dark, but it’s almost assumed it would be bitter, or maybe dry, but NOT with this one. Somehow they’ve come up with a just about perfect blend of darker chocolates, just the right amount of sweetness, but with plenty of “mid-body” that carries it through to a much fuller chocolate than just a “dark” chocolate. I’ve heard @Pro_Vapes rant and rave about tossing all of his chocolates after trying this one, and now I see why. If you are in the mood for a full, creamy, dark and full bodied chocolate, you cannot go wrong with this one. At some level, 10/10 doesn’t seem to come close, but it will have to do. On a side note, I cannot NOT post a shameless link to something Pro_Vapes came up with, that pulls this into a Milk Chocolate, as it is TOO good not to…

Lemon (MF) 0.2% (10-17-18) – With all of the warnings about this one being super strong, mixed it down at an insanely low 0.2%. At this low rate, it is probably one of the BEST lemons I’ve ever tried. It actually have a little sweetness which surprised me, and with it’s beyond natural taste, was almost a little lemonade right out of the bottle. Natural, fresh, and punchy were the three words that kept coming to mind through the entire tank. Strong it may be, but deliciously clean, fresh, and accurate it is. Mixed at a low rate, I cannot see anything requiring lemon, or top end boosting that this wouldn’t work in. Outstanding, no faults, just plain great lemon. 10/10.

Caramel (MF) 0.75% (10-18-18) – Wow, this one surprised me more than once, when vaping through the tester tank. The re-occurring thought that I kept getting was EFFORTLESS when vaping it. I was very surprised that @ 0.75% it was very nice and full, with just the right amount of sweetness. As most my other MF tests, this one was very clean, natural, and just felt effortless in it’s portrayal of a great Caramel. I think having used many other Caramels I was used to a more strong handed approach to the flavor, with a more in your face punch, as opposed to how this one tastes. It’s not lacking in any way, except for maybe a more of a artificially forced flavor, which this is not. Nice caramel (duh) elements with a somewhat buttery touch, that finishes clean, and leaves you wanting more. I don’t think it is overwhelmingly rich, probably due to lacking dik’s, but lacking almost feels wrong, in talking about this flavor. Even when comparing to other heavier Caramels, it’s hard to find fault with this, and it’s clean nature will allow it to be used even more often than many others. 9.5/10.

Blackberry (MF) 0.75% (10-19-18) – Like all of the other MF fruits I’ve tried this one came across as very natural, and clean tasting. It seemed to lean towards the darker side of a blackberry, as opposed to a brighter one. The sweetness seemed lower than some of the other MF flavors, and it was somewhat laid back in comparison too. Some added sweetness and/or stevia might help it pop more. I don’t think I would use this as a main blackberry flavor, but more so of a booster or additive to others. Steeped very well, def. got across what it was trying to convey. For a slightly darker, not so sweetened blackberry, that is not as strong as many others, that’s what you’ll get with this one. Not great, not bad, riding in the middle of the road for me. 6.5/10.

White Chocolate (MF) 1% (1-18-20) – Back for round FOUR !!! First one in, and having not vaped many White Chocos was unsure how this would fare. At the low mixing weight of 1% this one was surprisingly rich and full, and did impart about every aspect of a White Chocolate that you could want. Sweetness, like most MF’s was about perfect, at just enough, not too much. Because I have gone through soo much MF Dark Chocolate, I kept looking for a trace of that in this one, but there was not. Creamy, and accurate were the first two thoughts that came to mind. Assuming dik free it is interesting how MF pulls this off, even with their Nitrogen extraction process. Accurate, with nothing medicinal or chemical, and did appear to be a natural tasting WC. For mixing, I think my tastes align with the Dark Choco more than this, but that’s a preference thing, not anything negative for this flavor. All in, it was quite good, but comparing to the Dark Choco (fair/not fair) this lacked some of the punch and impact, but even with that said, this one was good, and solid @ 8.5/10.

Mandarin (MF) 1% (1-19-20) – Medicine Flower sure does their fruits right, and the Mandarin is no exception to that rule. The first two things that hit me were “accurate” and “mid-notes” on this one. Mid-notes ?? I had anticipated much more of a high-note, brighter vape, but this one turned out to ride much more heavily right smack in the middle. It still had some brighter top notes, and some very low notes (almost the peel / rind), but the majority of this was the nice full body of the Mandarin. At 1% it was about mid-strength, and might even be able to go higher (in regards to a SF), sweetness was about perfect, leaning on the lower side of the scale. It came across very accurately, and did almost leave your mouth watering as if you were eating one. That’s NEVER a bad sign. I think overall, it’s hard to find fault with this, but for the seemingly lack of the bright citrus notes that I had expected. Doesn’t really take away from the overall vape, but appeared missing somewhat. As it stands, with only the missing bright high notes, feels pretty good @ 8/10.

Coconut (MF) 1% (1-19-20) – Oh Coconut, why have you eluded me so long ?? I’ve had some REAL issues trying to get a really good Coconut base over the years, and my current go to’s are Delosi’s Coconut, and FLV Sweet Coconut paired. Many just give me off-putting notes, or come across as oily. Let’s see what MF has in store. Yummy McYum, in BUCKETS. Ok, concisely this one was a very good Coconut. Nicely authentic, creamy and delicious, with no off-putting notes, no suntan lotion, and no greasy-ness to it (you know what I mean Coconut Extra). At 1% it was nicely full, thick, and tasty with no hints of being over/under powered. Not dry or implying flakes, but an even keeled coconut milk-ish vape that stayed true through my entire tester tank. Although not as punchy as some of it’s artificial bretheren, it really didn’t need to be, and sometimes honest, natural flavors ARE the way to go. If you are in need for a delicious coconut that leans towards the milk, but still has the meat, you could not go wrong with this one. 9.5/10.

Black Cherry (MF) 1% (1-19-20) – If you’re reading this, and you DIY, you KNOW the fear of mixing/using/trying Cherry flavors. I have GREAT NEWS, Medicine Flower really did a great Black Cherry !!! Having tried only the MF Morello which was good, but a little too laid back for my tastes, I was pleased to see that this Black Cherry steps up MF’s cherry game. No medicinal, floral, soapy or otherwise off-putting notes in this one @ 1% after a month steep, just deliecious dark cherry. Because of their natural extraction, the fact that this captured the perfect Black Cherry flavor should be no surprise. Middle of the road sweet, and fairly full at this percentage. I could see this one working VERY well with Inawera’s Cherries, and may have to mix that up before finishing this tank. Nothing marashcino or white in this mix, just pure Black Cherry. Not overtly tart, but more of a nice even, dark bodied, full BC just about sums it up. It was actually soo good that I’m already thinking of a Black Cherry Custard. As far as “in your face”, I’d put that at about an 8/10. About the only thing it might be missing would be a smidge of high notes, and a smidge of sour that you’d get from the skin. Even with that said, I cannot go less than 9.75/10 on this one.

Guava (MF) 1% (1-19-20) – Yet another “knock it out of the park” for MF with this one. Having loved, and mixed quite a bit with CAP’s Sweet Guava, was looking forward to throwing the MF Guava into the tank. As expected the two are worlds apart. Love the CAP’s, but this one is dead on accurate, natural tasting, and spot on at the ultra low price of 1%. Sweetness was right in the middle of the scale, with the full face full of a delicious red/pink guava. Nothing off-putting, no cat pee (you guava heads know what I mean), just mouth watering guava. Has the perfect amount of “fermented” twinge to it, and overflowing with body. This is hard to quantify, but probably one of the TOP MF fruit flavors I’ve tried. Now when I say the top, it means merely edging out many others by a tiny bit. It’s making me want to dash and grab some FLV Lemonade, LA Lemonade and throw some of this in there, for a smokin’ Guavade. Clean, natural, full, and accurate is all in there with this one. If you want/need/love the Guava, sign yourself up for this one. 10/10.

Kiwi (MF) 1% (1-22-20) – Well, well, well, what do we have here. Just when you thought I was a #MedicineFlowerFanBoy, Kiwi. Hmmmm, what an odd one this was, JUST when I was starting to think EVERY MF fruit flavor was the bomb. OK, let’s dive in. Smelling it, smelled spot on Kiwi, with all the high, punchy notes that you would expect. Vaping it however, it was quite a bit different. My FIRST impressions were a mid note Kiwi mixed with some Cotton Candy, and Marshmallow, with a hint of chai tea ?? Hmmmm, that’s not like MF. Re-coiled, re-wicked, let steep a bit more, nope, that’s what I’m getting. My current go to has been FA’s Kiwi for quite some time because of how accurate, clean, and punchy it is. This one just kept riding right in the middle of the brightness scale, meaning it was missing much of the higher/brighter/punchy notes that you want (at least I do) from a Kiwi. Now, it wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t help but keep noticing a Chai Tea note in it. It’s an interesting one, but I’m not sure if this is the Kiwi you are looking for. Not terrible, not great, right in the middle with a somewhat subdued Kiwi, that was missing much of the brighter notes. I may re-test later at a lower %, but it had none of the telltale signs of overuse. If so, I will update this, BUT, as it stands, at the low, low, low mixing weight of 1%, will have to leave this at a 5.5/10.

Nectarine (MF) 1% (1-23-20) – Juicy, delicious, accurate, review over !!! OK, maybe not over over, but those were my FIRST thoughts on Medicine Flower’s Nectarine. Smelled great in the bottle all during it’s steep sleep, and vaping it, was exactly the same. It was soo juicy, that it was very close to eating one, or about as close as you could. MF always seems to get the sweetness right, and this was the same, with mid to low sweetness. Nice and punchy top end with some brightness, but with no bitterness or any off putting notes. Juicy, accurate, and delicious really does say all you need to say about this one. 9.7/10. After much peer pressure from @xxanalogxx, I’ve decided to disclose the -0.3 was for “No Tang”. That is all…

Pear (MF) 1% (1-25-20) – The more of these MF fruits that I test, the more obvious it becomes between natural flavors vs. non-natural. This Pear continues that observation. Many of MF’s fruits are as true and accurate as can be had, but sometimes are not as “in your face” as a manufactured flavor. The Pear is no different. At 1% this on was nicely full, with a nice smattering of mid and some high notes. It did come across as a full Pear assault on your senses. Sweetness was low to mid, with varied notes leaving it in the somewhat complex category. Full and juicy were the first two thoughts I had, and that carried through to the end of the tank. I could see this perfectly pairing with FA’s Pear to push it even more in your face. Although not weak, maybe one of the slightly lower strength fruit flavors I’ve tried, but in no way lacking @ 1%. Plenty of body, a smidge of the skin, and a full Pear vape through and through. I can’t find fault with this one. 9.25/10, with only minor take offs for saturation/intensity.

Peach (MF) 1% (1-25-20) – What typically sucks with peaches, is they’re either “white”, or “yellow”, or “juicy”, but never seem to be ALL of them. Well, I think Medicine Flower did it somehow. I mean, I could just end this by saying, “Wow, what a great peach”, but I wont. One of my current go to’s is TPA’s Juicy Peach, which is not a stellar peach by itself, but I use the “juicy” aspect and push/pull it. When comparing that to MF’s offering reveals QUITE a bit of differences. This peach, may well be the BEST overall Peach I have ever tried. Rather than settle on a particular peach, it really encompasses the ENTIRE peach. Extremely full @ 1%, but not overpowering. Sweetness was perfectly right in the middle of the scale. It really DOES taste like you’re actually eating a peach, perfectly ripened, and you can almost get the fuzz (perhaps anticipated) from it. In comparison to TPA’s Juicy Peach, this has juiciness but (duh) in a much more natural way, as opposed to a more forced way. If I were forced to pick ONE type of peach it favored, I would have to go with a full, yellow peach, but it’s so evenly balanced across the spectrum, even that is subjective. Not candied, not gummy-ed, just natural. This would clearly work as a main note or supporting with equal ease. If you want to vape a peach, that tastes like you’re eating one, THIS will take you there. Probably one of the unspoken secrets of SFT, is when you’re testing a flavor, VERY often you immediately think of what flavors would work with it, boost it, push it, but with this one, I was struggling to think of any out of the gate, and that is the sign, of a great flavor. Sure you could push/pull it, but once you vape it, you might find yourself asking, why …

Blueberry (MF) 1% (1-25-20) – Having heard ALL the rave reviews about this one, for some reason I held off getting it. Maybe I was too content with my current Flavor West Blueberry / TPA Blueberry Wild combo, but that has now changed. With Medicine Flower price reducing all of the originals I was able to score a 30ml of this one, and now, I’m GLAD I did. In a word WOW. Smelling it on the bottle it seemed kind of odd almost, leaving me hesitant during it’s sleep/steep. But as always, Medicine Flower proved they DO know what they’re doing. This one, IS now the BEST Blueberry I have ever tried, made, and/or mixed. You looking online for it yet ?? Blueberry isn’t the easiest one to get right, or everyone would be doing it (well). I have tried more than most, and some have even had a funky muskiness to them. This one is literally the definition of a complex single flavor. Utterly full, rich, and delicious to start, and it finishes, exactly the way it starts. Now there IS a kind of earthy/musky-ness to this, but it absolutely works. Hands down, it just plain works. It’s hard to convey how rich and full this is, as many fruits can come across as thinner, hollower than say a bakery or custard, but this one, is right up there with the full-est of them, AND, as a fruit flavor !!! Continued vaping, continues (LOL) to reveal it’s multi-dimensional makeup. The center body is some dark, more mid, and some high notes, with this fascination almost fermented high end kicker, which just sets it apart from the crowd. Sweetness is mid level, total absence of anything floral or soapy, and NO funky musky-ness. One of my first (and there were a lot) thoughts was, “How could you NOT use this in a blueberry muffin” ? May have to get on that, but quite frankly, will not be doing ANYTHING, until this entire tester bottle runs dry. I now see why there was so much hype on this one, and claims of “the Best”, and I agree. At times I thought I picked up a somewhat jammy quality, other times not. IMO, it’s that complex. Wish I could give an 11/10, but 10/10 will have to do. If you can FIND IT, you should BUY IT !!!

VC Medicine Flower


ALSO adding these here. Not all, but a fraction of some of the BEST uses of Medicine Flower I have tasted to date, from the Master, @Pro_Vapes.


Love these reviews and keep coming back to re-read them.


Wow, thanks a lot @lukeloop, I really appreciate that. :slight_smile:


Spun up 25 ml tester (yum), and Im gettin’ ready to be blown away! Thanks SD!

Oh I think you will @Tmease

Sounds like you found the BLUEBERRY KING :star_struck:


He’s about to get SPLODED @Rocky02852.


Hehe, looks like I gotta pull out some MFing Blueberry…. :large_blue_circle:


MF-BB is on my list…any of you cat’s try MF-Orange? It’s in an alcohol base(Silver) line.


The BB should be on everybody’s list - I have not tried the silver line orange @whthek but the og orange is very strong (.1 tops) so I imagine the silver line is stronger so I would tread very lightly maybe make a 10% dilution


I think you stated that perfectly @woftam. For me, it was a game changer.


I noticed usage rates were real low, and thought the same. I don’t see it offered in a pg base, Simon.
At any rate(pun intended), it’s a tough call to ‘spend’ on MF flavors, just to try them! I will say, though, Alysia did offer to send me a sample of the Fig, so if I could also score a sample of the Orange, and she sent me 1ml…there’s my 10ml !


@whthek MF really screwed things up (for us) once they split/introduced all these lines.

Our Silver Flavor Line, previously only available to manufacturers as our II flavors, is made using highly concentrated, all natural plant derived active constituents in an alcohol base.

Our Premium Flavor Line is a new addition to our products and is replacing our old Genuine Flavor line and will most closely match the old line in flavor and concentration.


Yeah, don’t understand what their goal was…even the Lemon is Silver line! Doesn’t seem to bother in a mix, though.


In an effort to protect my investment, I asked MF directly, about proper storage of, and product expiration dates…If you keep them in the fridge, and allow to warm, while using in your mixing area…not good!

On 6/18/2021 1:56 PM, Medicine Flower Office wrote:

Hi Brian

Keep the flavors in a cool consistent temperature environment.

It’s the changing temperatures from hot to cool, that degrade the material.

Hope that helps.


we guarantee the flavors for 2 years, and of course they last much longer.

The citrus flavors would have the lesser shelf life

Thank you

Medicine Flower


Just tried the Black Cherry (one of the flavours sent by the legend that is @whthek) at 0.70% with some FA Custard Prem 2.00% and FLV Cream 0.30% for a creamy Black Cherry Fool. Best damn Cherry i have ever tried and not just Cherry but definitely identifiable as a “Black” Cherry, quite something as Cherry isn’t the easiest flavour to get right!

Just a Pity that first you can’t buy them in the UK and secondly they are so expensive! Yes in this life you get what you pay for but there does come a point when too much is just too much!


OMFG! This is the most amazing Blueberry EVER!! Thanks SD!!!


Well what do you REALLY think @Tmease >>> ??? !!!

I know when I smelled the bottle, there was a certain “musky-ness” and I wasn’t sure. Well that was until I steeped and then TRIED it.

I think @Rocky02852 picture about sums it up.


I’m right on your heels Troy! lol

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