Good Vape Deals & Discount Codes 2019!


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Figured New Year New Thread
Post Em up guys.


DarkStar 2019 coupon


Seems FA UK is clearing out some stock, may be nice for you cross-ponders.


Tesla punk 220 is for sale at £36 which is a good price for this mod


Vampire vapes 48hrs discount


Killer deals at right now, still have the valentines deal, $5 off $50 order and $10 off $100 order but eStorm over at elr found a 1 time use coupon for another 10% off: holiday10percent

There is even more than that but the best deal is the Pumper 21, I paid $130 for mine and it has never seen the inside of my vape cabinet, use it a lot and at $60 before discounts it is a screaming deal for a beautiful stabwood mod.

Was trying to slow down on buying but ordered a Pumper 18 to keep my 21 company, a Goon 25 and a Hermetic RDA. I would buy another Pumper 21 in a heartbeat if they had different colors. I would buy another Zesthia too but the only color they have left is blue and that is the one I have.


Those are some great retail prices. I ordered (1) asmodus Colossal mod for my wife $32.95 (2) Serpent Elevate RTA $21.95 I’ve been wanting and (3) Charon Mini $34.95 shipped. (prices before discounts) :grin:

While I ordered the Colossal mod for my wife, reviews say that it is a very nice little pocket friendly mod with good functions. I looked at the Minikin 2 and others. I’ve never owned any asmodus mod so if anyone has input on any of them I would appreciate it. I think the sale prices are continuing. I ordered Friday and tracking says delivery tomorrow (Monday) Can’t beat that.


As the name suggests. Never ceases to amaze me how poorly these vendors research names for devices.


The Asmodus made chip doesn’t do TC well but all of there mods are generally really well made.

Nice score :+1:


I’ve never owned one either, but I’ve worked on two of them for Tinman, and I was quite impressed with everything about them.

The construction was very well thought out, very well executed, and cleanly finished. They had recessed screw anchors (pressed into the stabwood, no lips, no burrs) which really surprised me! Battery compartment was isolated from the squonk bottle. They used a ST Microelectronics chip for the protections. Just brilliantly well done all the way around.

One of the few times I can understand why they sold for around $100. And you know me! :laughing: That’s not something I can justify easily. (I do think it would be better around $65-75…but given the ‘trash’ around the same price point, at least this one backs it up with quality.


I was very surprised by the prices. 180 W Minikin 2 touchscreen-- $52.95. Asmodus Lustro (seems to be their latest) $41.95. Colossal 80W- 32.95. Minikin Reborn-168W $37.95. Minikin Boost 155W $34.95. Lots of squonk mods.

The Lustro seems gimmicky with too many bells and whistles but that stuff can be turned off. Anyway, these prices about scared me off. I thought they were in the $100 range. The Colossal 80W is a small single 18650 but a 25mm tank fits with no overhang, Daniel DJLSB (?) gave it good marks and so did Vaping with Vic. I’ll let you know after I get hers but if I like it I may get one for myself.


I received the mod and IMO know why the prices are low. I had to almost completely disassemble it just to get it to work. I wasn’t going to mess with a return on a $33 item so just opened it up. The fire button was stuck tight. It turned out that it was stuck to what appears to be a clear coat on the finish.

The mod works okay but the navigation on the tiny touch screen is not for me. I have trouble with about all touch screens and I guess it’s because my hands are like leather. I had to swipe the screen over and over to unlock it and to navigate other things. It about found its way to the round file. However, my wife isn’t having those problems. The navigation is kind of neat but just too many hoops to jump through. Might be different if it was my main mod but it’s far too different than what I am used to. The mod fires good and resistance seems pretty accurate and surprisingly TC in TCR seems to work well, that is, after you jump hurdles to get it set. It is a nice compact size with a good “feel” and 25 mm tanks fit. Its not one that I would recommend though. Gimme my buttons to push.:grin:


Yeah, I am not crazy about touchscreen mods too…buttons just work :grin:

I remember when I first got the Minikin V2, so frustrated at first until I learned you have to swipe down slowly to unlock. One of the best touchscreen mods is the Smoant…errrr… ahhhhh… whatever it is called, the big one with a huge touchscreen. Even then it is too big but worked well.


That’s my view! :laughing:

Charon TS perhaps?


Yeah that has to be the one, So heavy it’s just ridiculous.

Just saw where BuyBest has pretty good prices on Lost Vape stuff.


Yeah, that’s the one :+1: like @mrpipes said it is heavy and the size just too big to carry around but I did enjoy using it…just at home :grin:




Took advantage of both :smiley:



Wasn’t planning on adding any new flavors but there waffle crunch caught my eye, hope it is decent.

Picked up 10 nic riv flavs, not all new but new to me. That with (10) 30ml stubby chubby gorilla bottles, tax and shipping just a shade over $20 figured it was worth a shot, like buying a single 100ml at a vape shop for a discount. There smallest bottle is 15ml which is pretty generous, hope there are at least 3 or 4 worth reordering.


We’re back with a couple of big announcements! First we are having a 30% OFF sale sitewide all week! Just use coupon code APRILSPOOLS at checkout!

I ordered some of there new Hex Core 32g, been enjoying the 30g version in some single coil tanks but too low to run dual coil unless in a series deck. Comes out to around $16 after the discount for a 15ft spool which is lasting me a while, only have to cut about 3 to 4" off the spool as it is so wide with 6 cores.