Game Changer wait list

Updated 9/23/20
Additions to this wait list will no longer be accepted. I have the current list which will be honored as time permits but ask that you make contact through ELR or preferably for future additions.

Thank you. Dan

Updated 9/7
Thank you to everyone for your interest. The first units produced sold out near instantly simply by word of mouth. I had no idea what to expect and the response has been overwhelming. Vaping friends did warn me :joy: and @SmilingOgre did place an emphasis on limited availability in his much appreciated review.

Behind the scenes beta testing began months ago with highly respected people from the DIY communities. It was not until very recently that I announced that I was now ready to offer these in extremely limited quantities. I had anticipated a trickle of orders mostly as an old man piddling around in his shop with a kind of “will you make me one” kind of thing.

Ordering through a vendor website is currently in the works as are other matters needing attention and time.

Feel free to post or PM me here and I will be very pleased to put you on the list and answer any questions. I have set the price for either size at $199 shipped in the US via priority mail. I do not want deposit or prepayment. When they are ready to ship I will send PayPal info.

For ordering purposes there are 3 things I need to know.

First is the size. The smaller one is good up to 120 or so though users all said higher. The tube will fit in small bottles and is what I use for 30 and 60ml bottles. I like this because then I don’t have to clean flasks or beakers or have lots on hand. I put everything but nicotine in the bottle, heat to proper temperature, run the homogenizer and cap the bottle. I let it cool and then add nic. Done. (for 30 ml bottles I set the calculator on 28 which allows room for the tube without overflowing.)

The larger one fits inside 120 ml Boston rounds and up. This is the one people have mixed 500 with. My design target was 250 but all have reported good results with up to 500. I don’t recommend trying less than 30 ml with these. I very seldom mix less than 30.

My opinion is that your mix routine will change because you are not attempting to plan days or weeks ahead. I recommend that you consider the larger size.

The second thing is what rotary tool will be used to power the device. I’ve listed 3 rotary tools that can be used to power the units. They are current model Dremel, The Black & Decker RTX, and Tacklife RTD36. All three share the same thread sizes but are all different in the distance they protrude from the tools end.

The third is what country you reside in if outside the US. Unfortunately I have been advised by my attorney that shipping to some countries should be avoided. While I intend to honor those requests that have been placed on the wait list, there was one that I could not. It is my attorney’s legal opinion that this is or may be considered a vaping product, here or elsewhere. Please provide your location.


Yeah, throw me on the list, I gotta look into those rotary tools and decided which one I want to go with yet👌


Bump for the new people to know where to get on the list!


then I will be put on the waiting list😅


Hiya Can I please get on the list




Hiya all, any news on when we will know if we have made the list for the next run of the GC?


I have you on my list as of the 16th. I’m guessing 3 or 4 weeks before I can ship. I have had an overwhelming response that I didn’t expect so I am trying to step everything up.


Thank You Guitarded, I am jealous watching everyone with theirs, while I have juice steeping in the cupboard lol


Bump, because I have edited this thread.


I’d love to be added to the waiting list if that’s possible


Im not sure if I am on the list in this thread, or not…but now I will be…I think I just commented or messaged a while ago…anywho, put me on the list :smiley:


I do have you on the list but need to know which size and what rotary tool you will use to power it. Info is in first post in this thread. Thanks


Hey Hoff when did you sneak in bud good to see you here


Hey, @GameChanger, I’m not sure if I’m already on the list from previous posts, as I may have only exclaimed my excitement for your product.

Please put me on the list for the small version. I’ll be using the Dremel 4000.



Thanks. I do remember your nice comments but didn’t have you on the list. I do now :grinning:


Excellent! I currently have a dremel 4000, which I believe was one of the ones it’s compatible with. Though, I’ll more than likely purchase a new one to be used for this purpose. Which, I would probably just go with another 4000.

Ive been thinking about which size to get, and I think I want the small one. I don’t think I would need a large one, If I’m not steeping for months…


Heya Simon, I’ve been on here for a little while now, I haven’t been on the forum, except for the GC…I started getting my flavors in the stash a while back, so much to do yet!


Yes its compatible and works good. A new one is best and not full of dirt and dust etc. Thanks for letting me know.


Thought I should add I would prefer the larger option compatible with the Dremel.