Furry Family


Had a bit of a laugh this morning when I saw my horse dog and my dog horse just being buddies.


Awesome, your dog is huuuuuge!


Ya he is (87 kg) but in fairness the horse is small too lol


I agree with grubster…Holy shit man!!


Beautiful…both of them.


Beautiful babas :smiley:

You should share the pic of when the horse wandered into the house :smiley::rofl:


Ah one of my favorites of this little one she has a great personality, loves the dog and the cats and the rabbits.


why do you have two horses in your house?


On occasion one just wanders in for a stickybeak the other lives inside


Horse: This blue Grass tastes funny.
Dog: That’s not grass dude!
Photo of the year… Cheers man, love it!


I’m soooo jealous, I love Amsterdam but there’s no space for that here :cry:


After a long life of almost 20 years I have had to say goodbye to Monty on June 15.
I haven’t been smiling a lot since then.

Until today when I got Fudge. She’s a chocolate brown Labrador and was born on my birthday, August 6.

Now I have a big grin on my face :grin:


Good for you Jose. I know how hard it is to lose them but getting another is pretty good medicine. I never said anything because I didn’t want to remind you of your loss.

They are our best friends and she’s beautiful.


I needed some time to get over Monty but when I saw her today and found out we share a birthday the deal was done.
The cats are petrified of her, she just ignores them. They will be fine, they’ve always been around dogs :scream_cat:


So how is Fudge but from the pic it’s a silly question. That smile!. Utter contentment and looks like she’s floating on a cloud. Showed the pic to my wife and got a big awwwww. :grin: Probably be best friends with the cats before long.


The first day she’d obviously decided I was hers and since yesterday the house became a home.
She doesn’t mind the cats and leaves them pretty much alone but the cats are still petrified.

And how are you doing Jose? Thanks for asking dear, I have a big smile still but I am totally wiped out, haven’t slept this little since the last time I had a baby :laughing:
I can’t really eat because I’m way too excited to process food.

She is very smart, easy to correct but extremely forgetful about so called rules…
It is safe to say that she’s the smartest dog I’ve ever had and she will be and already is a very good companion.
There’s nothing but good nature emanating from this dog.



Looks like the perfect best friend :slight_smile: :heart:


This is going to be delivered to my house today and we will have so much fun :joy:


Of course the dog inside will be a lot cuter than the one here :heart_eyes:


this is why the internet was invented. Absolutely amazing.


If I get reincarnated, I want to come back as your pet! What a life! :joy::heart_eyes: