Furry Family


She’s beautiful Jose!! Congrats on the new addition!!


Thank you, I’m very happy :heart_eyes: Congrats to you on your new addition too, the Innokin Proton Plex Subohm Tank :grin:


Congrats on the pretty little pup! And for dear Monty, 20 years is pretty good though!

Out Midnite was gotten like Fudge. We followed an ad for puppies, and found a box with about 8 flat coat retriever/ German Shepherd mixes. The owners weren’t breeders and their flat coat got invaded by a shepherd and they never intended for that. Anyway, they put them all out of the box so we could pick one. All of them darted off in all directions. But Midnite, unprovoked, stopped and ran back to the kids and went nuts for them. Kids were just little ones at the time. That was all it took and he was ours. He’s 9 now and ran away for a week last year; we thought he was gone for good. But we got him back.

Problem with raising puppies with kids is that the dog turns into the biggest spoiled baby in the world. This clown sits by doors if they’re closed and he is alone and whines for them. And he sits by the back door looking in until they let him in. Total wuss.


Our selection process is about the same. We set down on the floor with the litter and usually each will check us out. But there is one that will take to us and then I look it over for potential health problems and particularly look them in the eyes. We’ve had 5 boxers now and each one have had eyes that are crystal clear and look like you are staring into a deep pool or something. All have been very smart and exceptionally good natured. Whether there is anything to this I don’t know but I think the eyes are a tell all along with letting them pick us. Mr. Pipes was an exception. Our 13 old male died and I was tore up. Friends got him and brought him to me on Christmas day with a big red ribbon tied around his neck. Best holiday ever.


I know exactly what you’re talking about, fortunately mine have all buggered off :rofl:


My McBee said he would like to take a ride with Fudge in her cart. :smiling_imp: Oh and he said to show what a handsome guy he’s getting to be- long, tall and lean and still just a young pup. :innocent: :grin:


@mrpipes @Jose

You two almost make me want a dog.
(they’re so cute)
Almost. :laughing: :wink:

I’d love to babysit them. But my boys would have a git-fit. :rofl:


She was the last of the three that I had together. Both the big dogs died age 14 1/2, the first one was still happy and jolly and seemingly perfectly all right the day before he died and then he died. The second hasn’t been sick for very long either, a few months.

Monty has been really, really old for many, many years and it really is depressing at times. She wouldn’t greet me coming home cause she didn’t hear me, I could talk to her, and I did, but it was pretty one sided. She didn’t want to go out for walks either etc.

Having this pup made me realise how many aspects of having a dog have been lacking for a number of years already.
The sheer enthusiasm I was greeted with this morning when I woke up or when she hasn’t seen me for a whole minute is priceless :joy: :joy: :joy:


Not at my house but they appear to have found and photographed what they think maybe the biggest huntsman spider ever seen. I blame Fukushima Daiichi (even though it is a long way away it is the only explanation for this :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Thread’s called what again?

Holy crap you haunted my sleep tonight.


well i think it is a pet and it is furry.



Looks like a crab so it must be tasty with butter.


Fortunately I did not have any spider nightmares last night. What a creepy critter.


My son has a pet tarantula. No spider nightmares in our house :slight_smile:


I’m really not a spider-scaredy-cat. I’m certainly wary of the brown recluse and black widows that live around me, because poison. But there is a size limit where they pass from insect to demon stalker. That spider breached the limit.

I remember one time getting the now long-gone above ground pool ready for summer. I was taking off the winter cover and when I lifted one section, there were several large black widows on the ledge. I admit, I squeaked and ran off like a little girl. Returned with a can of bug spray and unloaded most of it on them once my heart rate subsided.

Another time we were sitting outside in the driveway drinking and smoking one summer night. A large spider began making its’ way up the driveway towards the garage. Being the ever-so-cool dude I am, I took my flip-flop and whacked it good. Rather than simply dying, like a good spider would, it had a full egg pouch on its’ back that burst open when I struck it, sending hundreds of little spiders scattering everywhere. Unfortunately, another squeal like a small child moment followed by a steady stream of wasp spray.


My brother had a pet tarantula, it never bothered me either. Probably because he was in the Air Force in Alaska at the time though.

If it doesn’t fit under my shoe and won’t die in one blow, it is a Demon Stalker.


My Girlie and Camo ! : :slight_smile:


My buddy in town has a new ‘pet’ - cheeky little bugger


cute AF, but aren’t they meant to be a bit vicious?


Na not really they are a bit territorial but worse they can do is scratch you mind you the claws are kinda sharp - most of the time they are tired a/f from eating Eucalyptus leaves (takes a lot of energy to digest em apparently) so they spend most of the day sleeping.