WTA's (new to me) Whole Tobacco Alkaloids

So I recently learned (and I use the term learned lightly) about WTA’'s .

The info I read was minimal but I thought it interesting because the jist of it said that while some smokers can easily switch to vaping and have their cravings satisfied, there was a smaller group who had much difficulty overcoming their cig cravings due to their addictions to WTA’s as opposed to nicotine.

I think I am in this smaller group have the difficulty. so I ordered the WTA;s from Here The product I ordered was (100% VG)VS DIY WTA (Special Edition) Whole Tobacco Alkaloid eliquid that is flavorless. 24MG

Now I have no idea how much to put in my juices I make. The info seems so limited regarding this stuff. I was hoping someone here was familiar with it and could clue me in.

I was so excited to maybe find something to help me, I ordered it without knowing much about it. A bit backwards but yeah thats me :slight_smile:


Ya got me. I googled WTA and got a bunch of stuff about tennis.


Well here I thought the Ogre was an endless wealth of info… you burst my bubble mr ogre <3


this says a bit here about it


I wonder whether NET is similar to this product?


Interesting stuff. Thank you @Lexie! Great to know. I have a friend who can’t let go of the analogs. Maybe???


I actually asked this question myself and was told that no it is not the same. but it has to be similar. The extraction is different and not about flavor. But about taking the nic and wta… sounded same to me, and this was also from someone who used the wta’s but not someone I know much about or value her knowledge

editing this to say I was trying to say I dont know this person so I dont know the level of her knowledge on this


@Lexie it does seem like pretty much the same deal, IMHO

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I hope it helps me and your friend. I just have no clue how much to use… I added a few drops and am vaping it now but hopefully I fiond out the suggested amount before the next tank


yep G thats what i said. U used nets though and it did nothing for my cravings. Maybe It is wishful thinking on my part that its a cure lol.

Only thing that gives me hope is that nets were never marketed this way. It was all about flavor right? Why leave out this other info that can help so many people.


Definitely get back with the results please! This is what it is all about!!!


I will for sure… just got to find out how much to use. The gorl that told me about them said the flavored ones that are sold vape-able dont have enough wta in them to work … these sound like the nets. I got the concentrated one but she disappeared before I found out how much to add.

Ill keep you posted


Interesting post here:



Great info thanks @grubby .

I since found someone who uses this on occasion. She said to start at 1%. It is meant to be used to help with cravings and is something you wean yourself off of.

The person I spoke with rarely uses it now, mainly when stressed or overwhelmed when her urges reappear.
It is expensive, but that was the least of my concern. I am trying this now and will let you all know how it goes.


Very interesting. And very dated, which is somewhat telling.

‘Warning flags’ went up the instant I read:

I was like ermm, just how old is this?
Nov. 26 2009. Wow. Ok…

I’m no expert, nor do I have any use for, nor do I intend to try salts. But, it does make me wonder if “salts” is the newly coined term to try and remarket WTA (almost a decade later)?? Or if it’s significantly different from the other.

Translation: clueless person looking in? I agree, they sound/read like the same idea, just rebadged for ‘another go’ at a fresh market*.

  • the “salts class” (of 2017) isn’t the same as the “WTA class” of 2009. Eliquid composition has substantially shifted from PG (as noted) to VG.

Perhaps that’s the reason for the idea of WTA being “reformulated” into salts (again, only a guess). So they’re more VG friendly?

/interesting reading, but IMO, a complete step backwards for anyone who’s already made the break from cigarettes with “normal” nicotine.


@Sprkslfly indeed the atricle is very dated, what was interesting to me was that it was look into back then in the first place to aide in smokers quitting, and only now do we see it appear in the marketplace (at least in vaping sense)
Did you read about it in my link in start of thread? Interested to know your thoughts

absolutely! I stated this in my original post… its for a much smaller select group who cant seem to kick the cravings…this doesnt replace nicotine. Its added in addition to, and a small percent

Wish I had better info on this… I searched quite a bit but only find bits and pieces… it’s just so new

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I can and have been wrong many, many times but this stuff gives me a snake oil vibe with mentions of otherwise undefined alkaloids. I am very cautious about what I vape and where it comes from. If things don’t come from a widely and well established “lab” like TPA, Cap, FA or a few others which sell and distribute nicotine from again well established labs, then I don’t want anything to do with them. I’ve had recent private discussions about how I disagree with certain companies rushing products to market and then changing chemicals and/or using undisclosed additives. This in effect is using the vaping communities as guinea pigs.

I simply can’t find any data on this product and things from 2009 and 2010 can not take into account the massive changes and developments in vaping products, both chemically and mechanically.

I’m curious as to what mg. nic you are mixing and vaping and whether you consider yourself PG sensitive. I saw where you read quite a lot of what I posted here. A lot of that kind of centers upon the “voodoo” of what new mixers wind up “instructed” in.

Edit: What I’m getting at is that VG is hard to disperse things evenly in and I wonder if that could cause you to get less nic in parts of the mix resulting in nic cravings? I can get “nic sick” with a 3mg mix if I chain vape it and I’m a pretty big guy. 6’3"- 240 lbs.


I haven’t yet, but I’ll try to get to it.

I’m well aware. I was I was trying to say (in my own way) “I agree with you”.

I understand, and think it’s going to possibly be quite relevant to/for those in the “niche exception” class (or group).

More simply said “Yes, I think you are possibly the target audience that salts (or back in 2009, WTA’s) are aimed at.”

Like you mention above though, the addictive aspect is a legitimate concern. AS IS the fact, that these far less tested than the longstanding, and widely used “synthetic” (or more refined) nicotine, that’s worked for the majority of vapers.

Again, I need to read your original link… But wanted to clarify.

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Have you called or otherwise contacted any of the providers of WTA’s with your questions? Everything I have read per Google search is very vague which does not surprise me. One of my criteria for purchasing a little known product such as this would be how forthcoming the “seller” is. If they are forthright in their presentation and marketing of the product they should have no problem consulting with you.


I have tried to further research this and did find many comments made by others than by sellers of these products. In many cases such as forums, objections have been made to even mentioning WTA’s claiming known harmful effects. Those discussions are confined by moderators to DIY Net’s. (VU for example) Interesting to me even some sellers make the claim:

“Naturally extracted tobacco or NET e-juice gives the same whole tobacco effect as WTA but this extraction process is a little more crude and does not leave you with the ability to flavor the juice like anything other than the tobacco it is made from. With a whole world of flavors out there using WTAs we can make a juice that still tastes like tobacco or any combination of fruits and creams while still being highly satisfying for smokers.”

It is interesting to me that these products are not USP grade.

But I dug deeper. The following is from French E Liquid Laboratory which appears to be very pro vaping:

"An alkaloid is a generic term for a molecule with a nitrogen base. Nicotine is a tobacco alkaloid among several others that include cotinine, nornicotine, anatabine and anabasine.

Nicotine is the main tobacco alkaloid. However, depending on the type of tobacco and the part of the tobacco leaf, a non-negligible percentage of other alkaloids can be found.

The nicotine used in e-liquids must be EU Pharmacopoeia grade in order to limit the presence of alkaloids that can be harmful to health. EU Pharmacopoeia grade complies with a standard that gives a threshold for nicotine impurities that includes alkaloids."

FWIW, personally I would not use these products. To each their own.