Who's Frying 8/4


Temps here topping 92 F (33.5 C) with heat indices well over 100F. Read reports that parts of Europe may top 50C and break all time records? How’s everyone?


It’s not that bad ATM 27 C today. Last week we had 35 C that was too much even for me.
We could do with some rain though, haven’t had any for a few months now, apart from one little shower about a week ago.
Not enough to give nature a break.

I went out last night to spray our communal vegetable garden, started at 22:00 and was finished at 1:45 :sweat:

Everything is dry. We never go without rain this long. Usually 2 or 3 days of hot weather and then we have a thunderstorm.

Apparently we had something like this about 60 years ago. I wasn’t around for that.

I put water out in the garden for the hedgehogs, they are suffering. No water, snails are nowhere to be seen either, all underground, so are most of the beetles.
I’m putting out cat food now or they will starve.


Should be 35.6C today, but that is just normal.


88f. Not to bad.


94°F here.

(I refuse to look at the heat index…)


Haha, minus 3 Celsius here in New Zealand this morning.


Ha Ha I knew that was coming. Woftam will probably tell me about the ski slopes and snow pack.:laughing:


Lol wasn’t too cold today - a balmy 2 c down here and about -4c on the hill sunny but windy.

The lifts went on wind hold that is why there is no one around (90km/h atm)


What a beautiful view. I damned sure wouldn’t want to be on lift in those winds. Man!


If you look carefully where the arrow is you can see me waving from my back balcony


After a hot one today, that snow actually looks appealing.


Not to worry around Christmas time I will be complaining about the heat and you guys will be posting snow pics


Our high was 94F which doesn’t seem that bad until you factor in 90% humidity. Then it feels 105+. It was a steam bath. I was doing moderate hard yard work and had to quit. Soaking wet with sweat and started getting a little woozy. Screw that. Had me an air conditioned old man afternoon nap. :grin:


True, call me dumb but it’s news to me that Australia has snow. I mean I’ve never been there but everything I’ve seen on TV or what have you was sand and water… Who knew! :grinning:


Yes, today was very muggy. I went out and checked the mail around noon. That was the last time I went out. Talk about nasty. I could barely breathe the air was so heavy.


Just on the mountains it snows maybe once or twice a year where i am (only about 350m above sea level) and It doesn’t last on the ground for long.


Thats awesome, Australia is on my bucket list for places to visit. Someday!


Let me know when u make it i will have extra beers on ice. (Well I always have beers on ice but I will make it a point to have more) :rofl:

Just packing a few more in now



You’re going to need a shit ton of ice😁


@mrpipes… I see you are also up at 2:00 am… I too like to live dangerously :joy: