What's your vaping story?

I started smoking on and off when I was pretty young. I think I was around 10 years old when I smoked my first cigarette. By the time I was 16 I was a regular smoker. When I was 19 I got pregnant with my first kid and was able to kick the habit during my pregnancy, but started smoking again soon after giving birth. Fast forward through 3 more pregnancies, quitting and restarting every time.
In July of 2015 I was smoking again, casually here and there but the habit was forming again quickly. I was at a birthday party where I reconnected with an old friend. He was vaping while I was smoking and he started telling me a little about how he quit smoking with vaping. He worked at a vape shop at the time and offered to get my husband and I set up with a starter kit. We ended up with a couple joyetech EgoOne kits and a bunch of juice. My husband and I still had a cigarette or two now and then, but we quickly realized that vaping was just as satisfying and so much more pleasant.
It took a couple months of using both, but eventually I found myself reaching for my vape instead of my cigarettes. I ended up throwing away the last few cancer sticks I had and the rest is history. I haven’t touched a cigarette in two years!

What’s your story?!


I started smoking when I was 12, loved a cigarette, by the time I was 14 I was drinking every weekend and running a mock in a trail of smoke.

I smoked B&H for the longest time until I was in my 20’s, I switched to Cutters Choice rolling tobacco.

From the age of 25 I wanted to give up smoking but I just couldn’t kick the habit, In 2015 I went to a smoking cessation with the wife and we started trying NRT, I went with the inhalator and the wife tried the patches, unfortunately the wife didn’t get on with the patches and bought a Vivid starter kit, I tried it, liked it and went out and bought 2 starter kits and 2 bottles of “Tobacco” flavour e-liquid 11mg :nauseated_face:

Over time I read more and more about various “mods” and “tanks” and decided I wanted to try one…

The rest is History.


I started smoking at 15 (late developer) and it very soon became my regular habit. I was one of those people who actually loved their first cigarette - no coughing and spluttering, no turning green - just liked it. I didn’t ever think I’d give it up - I enjoyed it too much, in denial about the health risks. Then a group of us at work decided to give cigalikes a try as a cost saving exercise (by this point I was smoking minimum of 20 per day, usually a lot more). It was a novelty, but none of us stuck to it. Fast forward a couple years and we gave the pen style vapes ago. It was okay, but meh, didn’t beat a cig…so back to them it was. One of my colleague’s persevered and then, nearly two years ago, she came in with a subohm tank on an eleaf mod. One DL hit and I knew this was for me. I ordered my first kit (Apollo VTube) and have never touched a cig since then :tada:


My vaping story.
By Ogre

I used to smoke. One day I started vaping. Very soon I didn’t smoke any more.

The end.


A truly heart wrenching rendition Ogre…

I could feel myself welling up towards the end but that plot twist in the middle almost had me man…bravo :clap::clap:


Its always emotionally draining to write about such personal experiences. I’ll write a little. Go pet a pony. Write a little. Grab someone to eat. Write a little. i get through it.




tl:dr (too long: didn’t read)


I started smoking when I was 15 and like @Lolly took to it immediately.
However 50 years on, and many attempts to quit later, I came across some cheap piece of vaping crap, and some piss poor juice, and lo and behold I stopped smoking immediately, it just worked for me, and I have not had a single stinky since.
Of course once I started investing in my future (shinyitis) the veil was lifted, the sun came out, I saw nirvana, my world was filled with happiness, and somehow I started sprouting BS. :wink:


I can see you’re not going to fit in well at all
LMFAO :wink:


I too started smoking around 15. Smoked for 25 * years, quitting a few times in between for a year or two.
The last time being almsot a year now, was when I met a friend who had a vape shop and saw all the new and improved gear.
The last also being the hardest for me because I didnt really want to, but I need to. I have will power so I will do it and vaping is very satisfying, I just need to tweek things to be happy and not sneak my one or 2 cigs a day… but 2 cigs is better than the 2+ pack habit I had. I havent been there for quite awhile now


Started the habit now 23 years ago. Grew up watching my mom hound my dad to quit, and of course the house never smelled very good… Anyway, I did it nonetheless. Got my first apartment and decided to see what freedom felt like. For some reason, smoking became a sort of symbol that I was a grown man. There were no more commercials on TV for it, but I remembered all the ‘cool people’ smoked from when I was a kid. Most of my friends did already anyway.

I remembered when I first started, the head rush and tingly feeling was kind of intense, even fun. Having never been involved in any sort of drug or narcotic, this was a weird thing. Nothing like the buzz of booze. Friends laughed at me when I said there was no way that feeling would ever wear off. Of course it did though. By then it was no longer symbolic, but a bad habit.

During the time I smoked (as secretly as I could around family), I watched my dad succumb but was still undeterred. “I have a lot of years to go before anything negative happens” was repeated many times, for many years. And to this day I never did have any serious health issues due to smoking, although time will tell if I truly escaped successfully from big damage.

I knew I should quit, but lacked the motivation. Just never really felt like it. Even when I found vaping, I was not in search of a smoking cessation path. My wife and I were on an ultra rare weekend getaway (only one ever, actually) to Minneapolis. Accumulated enough miles and points for a flight and hotel so we went for it. We said we would go ahead and refrain from smoking due to the hassle of going outside every break and stuff, so we didn’t bring any.

At around the third beer, though, we both really wanted to smoke. That night we did not; it was late and I was too hosed up to go buy a pack. But the next day, we said we DID want to get some smokes. But again, hotel room rules meant we’d have to trudge to the lobby every time. Buzzkiller.

So I remembered those commercials for Blu e-cigs. Always laughed at them, but thought maybe they could sub for us during the weekend. Found a local head shop that had e-cigs (did not know there was a movement called ‘vaping’ at the time) and headed out. When we got there, we were greeted with not just those silly little Blu things, but shelves of exotic looking things, as well as seemingly endless rows of different flavored juices. Wow! Who knew? So, we walked out with his and hers Tesla Sidewinder II’s and A4 attys as kits. As for juice, naturally the first bottle was a cigarette flavor. Also picked up a Dragonfruit blend on a whim just because.

The cigarette one tasted like how a new pack of cigs smells. Having never tasted e-juice before, it was fine. We got small little clouds and it was fun… So fun in fact, that we never smoked again. And after we tried the Dragon Ball juice, we poured the analog flavored one down the drain.

Needless to say, I’ve learned much about this hobby since then, and have never had even the slightest urge to smoke again.

That’s my long winded story. It could be worse; I really truncated it!


I started smoking at 11 and liked it. Smoked 27 years during which time got pregnant and had a child, was the primary caregiver for my mother while she died of lung cancer, then did the same thing with my best friend a couple years later.

Apparently, those things did not stop me from smoking. I made a couple half assed attempts, one was for 10 days because I thought that was a good idea. I ran a fuckin stop sign while I was preoccupied by wanting a cigarette and nearly wrecked. Can’t even drive with that kind of withdrawal. Took my shaky ass right to the store and bought a pack.

A couple years later, after trying some cigalikes and even dropping a couple hundred dollars on some ego batteries, tanks, and juice. (just didn’t work out) I quit cold turkey for 3 months(no driving for a month this time), wanted to smoke the whole time and thought i could just have a cig here and there, (bullshit) was back to a pack a day within 2 weeks after that dumb idea.

Then a couple summers ago, doctors saw some spots on my husbands lung in a CT scan for his kidney stone and he needed to quit. It never worked when only one of us quit, so I quit too. I was NOT ready, I would never have been ready to quit. I was miserable for 6 months and slipping up again with the occasional smoke.

We saw our new neighbors (a 60 and 70 something couple) toodling away and decided to give vaping another go, being we were pretty much quit anyway.

I think the biggest thing was feeling like we were punishing ourselves. Knowing that we would always want something that we shouldn’t do. I really felt that I would want a cig so bad sometimes, for the rest of my life and it sucked!

Husband went to the vape shop to see if we could find coils for those around 4 year old tanks and ego batteries, and came back with a Smok Alien kit.

I was like WTF? Clouds bro??? Hell no!
But he had me try subohm vaping. Said, “just try it and give it a chance”. The juice was Very Cool by Naked, I think. It was nothing like a cig but was a good sensation. I was afraid of the chemicals, the mods, the batteries and all that so I looked it up. I joined a forum, read a whole lot(bought more batteries and a charger), spoke with other vapers and I started to trust it and like it more. Within a week we bought another Alien kit so we both had one. I played with the vapor and had fun blowing Os and stuff when I was home alone. It was fun and I didn’t want to smoke.

Now I love vaping. If it wasn’t for vaping, both my husband and I would be a slave to cigs and if not smoking, feeling punished somehow. I no longer feel like I want something I cant have! I don’t want those nasty cigs! I have my vape and can change the way I do it any time I want. I can toodle or vape a different flavor and have cool and pretty vape things. I like to make my coils and do it all myself. It is a hobby and I enjoy it. I have gone vape crazy and my husband hasn’t, but I just do all the things for his vapes instead, so that works fine.


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A friend and colleague vapes and he and I would chat about vaping from time to time. I was primarily interested in the technology. Getting my blood drawn I was chatting with the nurse and she was going on about how her husband quit smoking with vaping. I asked my friend how to get started and he acquainted me with a great brick and mortar store. Very helpful and knowledgeable folks helped get me started. I was very intrigued and hunted down my first forum. It has become one hell of a hobby. Oh ya, and of course, I no longer smoke.


Congrats on 2 years!! :sunglasses:


I second that! Well done, sir.

And shame on that anesthesiologist for proselytizing like that.


I had to look up “proselytizing” :laughing:


Congrats on the two years!!