What's your vaping story?


Congrats on the two years!!


My Dad taught me a lot of things, but one thing forefront in his mind was always ‘Make sure you have a big vocabulary. You can sound smart even if you’re not’. It works. I’s stupid but still made you look up a word. :sunglasses:


I enjoy learning new words, I remember learning words like facetious, pedantic etc quite early on in my school years, no-one had a clue what I was saying though…


Sorry I was AWOL on the day (or even close to, but belated happy quit day!!

Sorry to hear about the crazed anesthesiologist… That’d piss me right the fuck off too! As well as make me begin to question HIS competency, as well as fears (as in: “Who’d he kill the last time this happened for it to be such a burr in his bonnet?” Of course, I’d have to badger him repeatedly with that question as well, in fairness of course! :wink: chuckles
I take it everything went well the second time around (and hopefully he was nowhere to be seen).


I have a similar smoking/vaping story.

Started smoking young, got completely addicted to cigarettes, smoked over 2 packs a day for 25-odd years, switched to rolling tobacco when cigarette prices went sky high.

I did managed to quit smoking twice by going cold turkey, but since i’m a fat bastard I ended up gaining even more weight, and went back smoking both times when the stress go the better of me (i tend to work in a very stressful environment)

I started vaping this year around the end of May, haven’t had a cigarette since, actually lost weight (instead of gaining) and got addicted to flavor.

And since I am an engineer (only on paper) I have to try everything so I quickly went into DiY coils and juices (not to mention that i’m a stereotypical jew and hate spending money :P)


Mine is a weird one, started smoking late at 18…smoked upto 3 packs a day and to be honest I loved it, I love the taste and would have never quit… then…
well being so obese I decided to do the sensible thing and went on a diet, my target was 7 stone in a year… After 5 months I had lost the 7 stone, so well I decided to up it to 11 stone and thought, maybe it’s time to give up the fags, didn’t really want to but for the best etc etc, 3 days later I preferred the taste of vjuice cherry tunes to ciggies


Well after 11 months I had given up cigs and lost the 11 stone… Now I spread the gospel of vaping, got our lass all set up and shes quit too now, my dad is slowly getting there and helped 5 lads at work quit


Congrats on quitting and for helping others, awesome stuff