What Vaping Gear Are You Eyeing Up?


I have my eye on the new RIFTCORE DUO from Joyetech, but do I really need another RTA? The whole ‘Coil-less’ aspect is what’s peaking my interest at the moment!

What about everyone else? Is there anything that you have your eyes on?


I’m torn between wanting to get the rage squonk mod, or waiting for someone to come out with a 3 battery dna squonk mod lol


I still have my eye on the Smoant Cylon. I’ve only heard great things about this mod, just need to pull the trigger!!


I want something with replay.


I was going to say that myself. I keep hearing good things about it.

@Jose, I hear a lot about Replay too… wondering if I should be considering that too…


I think though, if I get a Smoant, it would probably be the Charon Mini… I always have to buy two of the same thing and the wife would want the Rainbow one. The Cylon doesn’t have color choices she would want. Too ‘manly’. She’s a girly girl.

@Sprkslfly seems to think either is acceptable, if I recall. Right Sparky?


Replay does sound very cool, I wouldn’t mind trying it!


I can see that.
They both look great, I’m a Sucker for tarnished gun metal finish look tho.


If I recall correctly the Cylon and Charon Mini use the same chip with a few upgraded features for the latest, but are basically the same.

What I want is a Smoant with a Replay type function (gunmetal would be nice). I’ll bet they are frantically working on this and we will see it soon. Unfortunately the trend is in the other direction with pods and mediocre functioning cheap mods. Everyone knows that I am a Smoant fan and own several models. But IMO Replay is in a class of its own as far as vape quality and function. I wrote awhile back that I was using TC more than Replay with the Therion. That has changed.


I hope your right, would like to see that happen!! (Soon)


I know there’s videos and written explanations of what the meat of Replay is, but I still don’t get it. I need a “light shines on marble head” moment. How is it better than traditional TC? Like, for example… I like TC, and when I get it dialed in (I can do that now pretty reliably), it works fine. How does Replay improve it?


Well their TC developed into as good in most respects as the DNA for half the price and with features and build quality IMO which are better. They already have considerable memory capacity so I don’t think that it will be a leap to employ some of that for a replay type function. While I love the DNA 75C replay function, the battery capacity kind of sucks and I don’t care for the Lost Vape mod itself for several minor reasons. I would be happier with a 250C but @Mjag found me a deal on the 75C that was an incredible price. He also got me up and running with it while we waited for Replay to be released for it.

There is a learning curve with Replay and I found it to be a mistake to compare it to WV or TC. Its the best of both.


I think i might have to look into replay…


Haven’t even tackled TC yet, do you think it’s too big of a leap to jump into replay?


For one, and its hard to describe, it is much more consistent when the atty is cold or if you are outside in hot or cold weather. It records the temp of the vape it was set for and really does deliver that regardless of how wet or dry the wick is. It boosts and regulates to deliver a consistent vape regardless of factors that neither WV or TC take into account. Hope that makes sense. I start with low wattage and slowly increase and also chain vape to get where I want to set replay. Much like preheat but not exactly the same.I don’t like WV precisely for that reason. It keeps getting hotter. But finding the point I want it at and then recording it is what sets this apart.


Well, for the meantime I have given into my compulsive pressure and ordered the Charon Mini’s. One gold, one rainbow. YOLO, gotta live it I suppose.


No, I don’t. Because it is very much like WV but with no chance of a dry hit. Replay is set in wattage mode.


Awesome, I have some reading to do!! Thank you sir…


Keep us posted. I think you will be thrilled with those.


Thinking strongly about snagging a Coilart Dpro mini.