What Vaping Gear Are You Eyeing Up?


I would love a dual battery DNA250C squonker. The only one I know of right now is the Boxer but no way I am paying that much for a 3d printed mod.

As far as Replay @mrpipes put it well, it is great and I find myself using it more and more. For those not into TC, Replay may change your mind, so simple to use.


Vapers with OCD? Why I never thought of any such thing. Nah, couldn’t be.:rofl::rofl:


Just compulsive. Not obsessively. Real OCD’ers shudder when they see pictures of my work desk.

The Charon Mini looks pretty spiffy, and you guys talk up Smoant well enough that I feel pretty confident about it. And I’ve always been a sucker for a big screen display cough, SMY TC 60 and Laisimo L1


I really want that Project Sub Ohm DNA 250. Vapor DNA website just got them back in stock so I put in a request at my local Vapor DNA store. :drooling_face:


Yeah, you really do!
The Cylon is a superior piece of gear. No joke.


Get her a “gun metal” (aka Tarnish) Cylon.
It’s a better mod. Though it may not come in “female colors”, it’s still very classy, and that should give it a pass in most ladies eyes I’d bet. :wink:

The Cylon wins against the Mini IMO.
(I’ll have the reasons why soon!)


IF they are the same chip… They’ve definitely changed the firmware (they don’t perform the same)


Tell me more. I have one in a cart right this minute and if it isn’t the same I’ll have to rethink it.


Oops. Ok, lay it on me.


@mrpipes & @Phil_Fish
PM gents. :wink:


Oh and the Dead Rabbit RTA and the Geekvape Creed RTA! I really need those.


The Footoon Aqua Master. Some are saying its better than the Reboot.


Looks Good! I do like using RTA’s, but i’m a bit hung up on my GeekVape Blitzen at the moment, but am open to persuasion :thinking:


I have the Aqua Master on pre-order already. And I definitely love the master.