What e-liquid are you mixing today?


Thanks for the suggestions guys. First off, I like AP but I have learned I’m one of the Frito types, that is to say I can detect that corn chip vibe easily. That % is fine for me anyway. Salted Caramel is a build-burner and I taste it fine at the current %. I would think about bumping up the Kettle Corn. The Brown Sugar sort of has to stay at the same % too.

It does bring to mind the most frustrating aspect of DIY mixing- everyone is different. What works for me may not work for you, and vise versa. You guys look at the recipe and think “Why would you want to vape straight PG without flavor?” and I look at your suggestions like “Why would I want to vape corn chips?” Funny. And sad.


So @Sprkslfly has a good thing on his hands with his Butterscotch base. I’ve been working it up because I don’t want it as a stone; I want it as an ADV. The original recipe is good, make no mistake. But I understand why it is a stone rather than an ADV. It is rich and flavorful but it is just a little zing short of a finished recipe. (Remember, he never said it was a finished juice recipe. He said it is a base mix all along. So I’m not cutting it down or trying to be insulting at all).

So having finally bitten the bullet as it were, I finally discovered the beauty of the Stevia Stone. It is the sweetener I have been wishing I could find a sub for the dreaded Sucralose out there. I like it a lot but it is EVIL to cotton and coils so I have been without.

Anyway, now that Stevia has proven itself to me (great taste, nice pop, no negative effect on the build), I have incorporated it into a few juices. One of them was “Scotchie”. That is name I gave when I adapted Sparky’ base mix. Adding the Stevia has really made it into exactly what I was looking for. Not everyone likes Butterscotch so this isn’t for everyone. But if you like the Butterscotch disc candies you will probably like this. Really nice now. Rich, creamy, bright, smooth. And actually, with salt instead of freebase nic, very smooth.


5.50% Butterscotch (FW)
0.60% Butterscotch (MF)
0.40% Caramel (MF)
2.50% Caramel (Original) (TPA)
1.25% Stevia Stone (Ozo)

Flavor total: 10.25%

Thanks for sharing the base Sparky. You saved me a lot of trial and error. And actually, this was the reason I got into Medicine Flower, so I have you to thank for that as well.


My pleasure bud! Glad you’re enjoying. :smile:


I started playing with mango base and some sweetener and cooler, and this is the latest creation of mine:

Banana Cream (Colorless) (LA) 1.50%
Mango (Flavorah) 2.00%
Shisha Mango (VTA) 2.00%
Super Sweet (CAP) 0.50%
Sweet Mango (CAP) 4.00%
WS-23 30% 1.00%

I mix it in 70/30 VG/PG with 3mg nic salts


Bacco wood spice

Ingredients %
Black Fire - Flavour Art 0.25
Cured Tobacco - Flavorah 1.00
Kentucky Blend - Flavorah 1.50
Native Tobacco - Flavorah 3.00
Wood Spice - Flavorah 0.10

Flavor total: 5.85%

Putting my first public recipe up on vc.
This shocked me when i first started vaping it but then it started to grow on me more and more.