What are you watching? (TV, movies, streaming)


Anyone watching forged in fire? Every time I catch a few episodes in a row I end up trying to wrap my own Clapton’s lol that’s about as close as I can get to forging my own blade weapons lol


I watch that show. I like to take a hammer to my clapton wire and forge it flat lol.


I love shit like that but I don’t have the money to buy enough equipment to start forging as a hobby lol but I got super inspired and built my first staple coil ever, and it’s the first time I have done a clapton wrap in 8-9 months lol


mash marathon right now btw im 24 but i grew up watching it love this show



Does Battlebots count?


Shit yes it does!!! Who are you a fan of? I’ve been all about some battlebots, just discovered it about a month ago and I’ve recorded every episode and watched most of them twice lol


Tombstone baby. Failing that, Bronco. I’ve been watching that since the 90’s. Love that shit.


Lol I like the guy who drives Tombstone, he is kind of a likeable bad guy, I like the show bronco puts on, seeing heavy chunks of metal flying through the air is hella fun, I also like yeti, dudes driving style is great, try to break the other guy with your robots face lol. I like some of the weirder bots that shouldn’t work too, like petunia and free shipping. I can’t believe I just recently discovered battebots, but I also never spent much time in front of the tv before the baby lol didn’t even have tv for several years, just Netflix.


Witch Doctor and Chomp are way over-hyped for some reason. They both suck. Minotaur and Bite Force look OK this year, and I really like the silly but incredibly durable Huge. Haven’t seen anything like him before.

I’m still going with Tombstone for the giant nut.


What about end game? That kid from New Zealand is killing it so far


Until Tombstone chops him to bits.


I’m hooked :smiling_imp:


If you liked forged in fire I Can get you a proper job doing it if you want, well most it, we do everything like that but only do about 20 knifes a year… Spoiler alert, its wank and when it’s summer and you have to put 2 jumpers on with gloves, hats leathers etc etc to unload the oven at 1200c it’s even worse


Watched the magnificent 7 remake last night, pleasantly surprised by it, some good actors in it, and I have a weird thing with ethan hawke, I kind of hate him I mean really hate him, but love the films he does


Of course,


Stumbled across this one, and about AFTER the first episode, we were hooked.


I’ll have to check that one out :+1: thanks for passing it along :beers:


The overal series was all right but I was really disappointed with the ending. Sentimental hogwash :roll_eyes:

I watched that a while ago and immensely enjoyed it :+1:

I’m watching Nightflyers on Netflix now, it says it is rated AL, really??


That probably breaks down to:
Adult (themes), Language

I’ve already complained to them about the inability to remove the stupid ratings crap (when they first started it several months ago).
As well as the fact that you haven’t been able to remove crap shows/movies from your “continue watching” list (like you used to be able to).

Like you really need a reminder of how badly something sucked. :crazy_face:

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Nightflyers sounds interesting. I’ll have to give it a look!