What are you watching? (TV, movies, streaming)


Oddly enough, my mom got me to watching some Korean comedy (which they class as “Variety Show”)… It started with a show called:
Men on a Mission

And then migrated into food… /laughs

There’s another one called “Let’s Eat”, that wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, but also turned out to be high quality content for all ages. It had a kickass intro theme though!

But I highly recommend checking out MOAM, and I’ll give fair warning that it’s a slow-starter. It may take 3-5 episodes to get to enjoy it for some. But I find it a a refreshing change to the majority of trash that’s on American TV. (Obviously I’m not including things like NCIS etc)

Bacon flavor!?

watched ‘The Florida Project’ 2 nights ago, really good unconventional movie :ok_hand:


Big Mouth on Netflix.

Animated series about a boy going through puberty. Very immature humor and I laugh my ass off through every episode.


I’m re-watching this one. Sooo much to take in, miss some of it on the first pass…


Currently watching this on Netflix. Interesting concepts!


The guy next door I buy my bacon from would come over and stab me and feed me to the pigs Brick Top style.


Well, if his name is “snatch”, I’m not sure if I’d be buying bacon from him in the first place! LMAO


After watching the video… I’m not even sure I like bacon anymore. Thanks man. thanks alot :nauseated_face: :laughing: Asshole.


Have you not ever watched snatch?


Could you be more specific please?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: The film snatch that is not a pron film.


/stifles the laughter long enough to type



hehe epic derail - watch it good flick (no bean involved in the flicking)


brilliant film, same with Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels :wink: @Sprkslfly 2 films there you just gotta watch man, Guy Ritchie at his finest :ok_hand:


Hopefully watching The Godfather trilogy again (within the last two weeks) buys me some grace? :wink: lol


hmm…no…no it doesn’t lol…as good as they are.

Try and watch (in this order…although they’re not linked)

Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels

British gangster flicks, very very good, I think you might like em.


I’m fairly sure I’ve seen Lock Stock… But definitely need a refresher.

And then there’s another “modern classic” that the name escapes me ATM (surprise) with two brothers, and I’m thinking about an angel image for some reason… (not sure if on the movie promo materials, or if it was a tat or…)

Edit: The Boondock Saints (1999)

That movie was TOTALLY bacon!!


Way to steer this thread back on track…:joy:


great film man :wink:


Ya shame about the second one. @Sprkslfly another must watch is “Love, Honour and Obey”

It only gets a 6.5 on imdb but I really liked it