What are you watching? (TV, movies, streaming)


Been on a WW2 war movie kick and it’s British films till I run out of them.



Watched this last night. Its fucking BS.


Everyone dies. Its dumb. Don’t waste your time.


That movie is the fucking bomb!!!


Stalag 17 is a good one too if you are into WW movies.


ShellShock Live: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmkgfnfw3UYa69Rtj5kYZhnarh1Qs9Dye
These guys crack me up. I can watch these videos all day long. I play video games and they have the same sense of humor I have. I love watching them.


I want the hour and a half I wasted on that movie back.


Right?!! That’s exactly what the roommate, husband, and I all said.


The Curse Of Oak Island is on tonight. I just know there going to find something this time😄


Between you and me, I actually restarted it once or twice after I caught myself paying more attention to my phone… :roll_eyes:


I was just optimistically watching, hoping something good would happen. And then it was over. Several "what the actual fuck"s were said.


The food channel


Food channel?! I don’t see any meat!


Stay tuned. This is up next.


Well thank you very much!


LMAO …it’s a standing joke with me and the Mrs now…

“Fancy watching an hour of people never finding something?”


lmao…still watch it though :joy:


Those wankers sure know how to drag out a season. Still no treasure😔


After this mess I was lost forever and refuse to watch much of anything made past 1955


Just heard they are going to make Black Mirror season 5


fucking love that show :ok_hand: