Wait, I thought we weren't going to be able to buy on the internet any longer

Here is some info I’ve gathered from a few of the popular sites, as it pertains to the new laws. The first is a cart at Element Vape, which I just threw an item in to see what checkout would look like. A popup appeared momentarily(and quickly disappeared) stating that shipping to CT would be ‘temporarily’ suspended.

This one is Vapor Empire, who just posted this update moments ago.

The following is from the Breazy.com website(get coils there)

Pact Act Update

The recent congressional passing of the PACT Act (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act) goes into effect on March 26, 2021. In accordance with the Act, ALL orders shipping domestically are sent via Adult Signature required.

Additionally, we have unfortunately had to cease shipping to certain states where we are not licensed . We hope that is temporary. If you’re in an affected state please know that we view this as a very unfortunate situation, and our legal team is working to comply with all laws so that we can begin shipping to you again.

We temporarily will not be shipping any orders from 3/27-4/1

This is a very difficult and unfortunate time for vapers, Breazy, and our industry but we are committed to full compliance with the new law.
State Laws:

We currently do not ship to the following states due to current state regulations:

• California

• Ohio

• North Carolina

• Colorado

• Georgia

• Illinois

• Rhode Island

• Massachusetts

• Indiana

• Arkansas

• Utah

• Nevada

• Vermont
• Maine

• Maryland- no disposables

• New Jersey

• New York

Note: this list is not exhaustive and needs to be updated pending state licensing related to the PACT Act.


Yeps… they have certain states that will comply with the pact act and yet another thing… I did not know about Breezy, or maybe I forgot… there are a few others out there, with an extra 5.00 fee and an Adult siggy… your items will be shipped… For now…


Yup a lot of companies stopped shipping to RI back in 2019 so nothing new there, Liquid Barn won’t send me Flavor Concentrates but River and Bull City still do, go figure :man_shrugging:


I can take a short drive to pick up nicotine… found out today :slight_smile:


So, Carolina Xtract DOES have a retail store?


@SmokyBlue who’s nearby ?


Not a clue, @whthek

NicVape… :smiley:


I’m confused about this, now! It’s the reason I started this topic! Shipped…how? The 4 major shipping companies no longer, or soon, will no longer ship!
Maybe in my frustration over this whole bullshit assault on access to legal products I missed the article that says, oh, by the way, if an adult can sign, you can get your vape mail. Forgive me if I’m sounding stupid, but isn’t the shipping ‘ban’ the reason that many of us just spent loads of money on products that we would supposedly no longer have access to through online sales. Of the 3 photos I posted, these co.'s apparently still ship(how,I don’t know), or will soon resume shipping to 2/3 of the US!

I’m not attacking you, @SmokyBlue , just angry and confounded at the moment. :confounded:

I assumed, knowing generally the area where you live, that you meant Carolina Xtract. So we can order our nic through the Smoky Blue sales dep’t now? :laughing:


It is not illegal to ship vape goods as long as you are in compliance with the P.A.C.T Act (reg with the ATF, keep all the records that they have to, register with the states that they are required to yada yada yada), however, it is illegal to ship via USPS.

It sounds like they are going through the registration process with each state that requires it and are putting all their ducks in a row to fully comply with the P.A.C.T Act, they also appear to have a shipping alternative to USPS.


Thanks for adding some clarity, Simon. I formed my opinions about how Big Brother is regulating my life(style), in black and white…while overlooking the gray area. Like @SthrnMixer says…ingenuity, on the part of vape co.'s will likely steer us through this mess.


As they say “Adversity fuels innovation”


I think the problem is clarity of the whole ATF data collection.
So as of now, if you buy and they ship to you, you’re like “yay I got a result here” but in the meantime whoever you bought it through has to make records of who you are, address, etc and give that to ATF.
It doesn’t seem companies are stating to customers that is what they’re doing with customers personal details yet.
I don’t know about data protection over your side of the pond but here it’s against the law to not inform someone that’s happening. ? Lawsuits in the making?..possibly

And also from what I’ve heard if vape shops that do this and don’t have all there ducks in a row paperwork wise it’s a $10,000 fine per infraction. And understandably that’s why a lot are to scared to sign up to this and many shops are closing/selling up.

I know I’m not a US vaper. But we’re all brothers and sisters in vape here. And sticking our head in the sand cause it doesn’t affect us is not the way to be right now. This will have a knock on effect worldwide which has already started
It sucks for you guys and I personally don’t fucking like it.


I guess it just remains to be seen how vape co.'s will tackle the shipping issue. Perhaps my own head was in the sand…when I saw “last day to order by” on the sites I visited, I took it to mean done…finito.


Ok… The issue is, my business license is in another state.
That state is under what is called Vape Excise Tax.

So based on the license I hold… I can not buy nicotine. I can buy all the flavors I want but was asked to hang on for a few weeks as NR is undergoing some changes. Frankly, here… all I need is a state business license… but at a later date they will need a tobacco license from ATF… and I do not see that happening.

Eventually, they will be cracking down, fines and jail time. There is also the nic tax coming, and it is just not the right time to get into nicotine sales for me. I wish I could help out… but it looks like I can not.


Right now there is a gray area, @whthek wait till next week or so and watch what happens. What we all have right now, is it. I know a few big places are still accepting orders… how they are shipping those orders, I do not know.

In fact, I have 2 packages right now in limbo… includes 2 tanks, and my flv flavor order. Yeah. they were supposed to be delivered yesterday and now they are not even showing up on the usps dashboard. Trying to find out now what is going on.


Tell me about it. I stocked up years ago and everything just remained for sale.
Well, at least I can rest in peace now :grin:


The latest from Vaporider, looks like it’s going to be a state by state issue / struggle until it’s sorted out:


Yeah, my brain is starting to hurt :expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just wait and watch for awhile. Sent a return to Vapor Empire today…one of the two Grus’ I bought had a sticking fire button. Hope USPS delivers it.


End user to end user I wouldn’t worry a lot about TBH there is no chance of usps xraying every package and then obtaining a warrant to open it - I mean you never know but I think the chances are small.


It isn’t making a lot of sense. I just received emails from Element Vape and My Freedom Smokes indicating that they are shipping and complying with new laws. They both added a signature fee to the invoice but they also indicated USPS shipping. I know the gooberment commanded USPS to issue regs on this and I haven’t seen any official response from USPS. So I’m back to WTF? Is USPS still a viable shipper because they are so incompetent in updating their regs? Has the USPS somehow botched the gooberments command? Have these distributers found alternative shipping but are not showing that in their invoices? Is gooberment and USPS FUBAR as usual and nobody knows WTF is happening?