VPFIT Flex Box - Closed Pod Vape

I was sent these pods to review by https://www.jsbvape.com

The Flavours

  • Lush Ice
  • Grape Ice
  • Pineapple Grape Orange
  • Peach Lime
  • Blueberry Raspberry

The Specs

  • 12mL prefilled e-liquid
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Output power: 10W
  • 1.2Ω mesh coil heating element
  • Draw-activated MTL hit
  • 8 seconds cut-off
  • 4-layers circuit protection

Pineapple, Mango and Orange

I was sent 2 of these pod kits:

  • Pineapple Mango Orange
  • Lime Peach


Lets start with flavour, the flavour I get from these pods is actually pretty damn good, the pineapple, mango, orange is a really nice tropical hit, pineapple and mango inhale with a very citrusy orange exhale, not overpowering but just right, great for these hot summer days.

The Lime Peach is again, a very good flavour, lime inhale with a touch of peach on the exhale, not sickly or overpowering, they have got the flavour profiles spot on imo.

The Kit

The kit itself comprises of:

The Mod
2 Pods
A USB-C charging lead
A lanyard (Not sure I’ll ever use it but it’s included)
Usual manuals and paperwork

The Vape

Now, with these kits you actually have airflow control, from a tight MTL to a DTL (see pictures below), I found it worked best for me wide open, I could MTL it and if I wanted to or hit it with a DTL, the vape was decent, just enough cloud and at 3% nic salts the hit was quite intense, I found myself actually putting this one down for a bit between puffs.

Battery life and puffs

They claim 5000 puffs but like all these “disposables” I don’t think I was anywhere near, a pod lasted me 3 days at moderate to heavy vaping, obviously DTL will reduce this number significantly, I had to charge this device once though and with USB-C charging it was done in no time at all, very fast charging indeed. You can tell when the pod is nearing it’s end as the flavour becomes somewhat muted, there is a window on the pod but I couldn’t see through it, seemed to be steamed up!

Ease of Use

The pods simply pull out and you drop another one in, there are magnets that hold the pod in and shaking it upside down didn’t result in the pod falling out, these couldn’t be easier to pick up and use. The form factor is small and easily fits in a pocket or if you wanted to, wear it around your neck with the provided lanyard.


I actually couldn’t find a price for one of these kits, they are new to the market so I expect they will be available soon.


If you are looking for a compact, rechargeable pod system with good flavour and a decent battery life, this is worth looking at, the flavours are good, the battery life is good, the charging is lightning fast, I was very impressed with it overall, no real cons I can mention, doesn’t leak, just works.


A little bit yeah, especially if you DTL it, its a decent hit for sure


Nicely done @Grubby as I’ve never heard of this brand before.


Do like the sound of Pineapple Mango Orange, hopefully no coolant?


Nope no coolant in these, just flavour :+1:t2: