Vote for our Steampugs


Everyone hop over here and vote for @Steampugs


Already voted!


Done, I was pretty surprised by some of the outcomes. VOOPOO DRAG on no 1 and Lost Vape Paranormal 250C on 5? Weird, at least Smok wasn’t in that list at all :sunglasses:


Done! He’s currently in third… And that’s not right.

I haven’t even heard of this Franny.
(and weirder still, why is a talking fanny joke coming to mind?)

And Mooch shouldn’t even be in a blogger category IMO. Tsk.


Franny has a pretty impressive website has to be said, surprised i’ve never heard of it before, looks pro


That was a head scratcher for me too, insanity I tell ya. I voted for steampugs but it was a tight race with Dick puddlecote :joy:


Well I have voted as well, but also took the time to look into some of the reviewers listed and I must say that I am really confused as to why they are even on the list.
It just makes me think that it is not a serious poll voted on by serious people.
Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


I know right, it’s full of Dicks and Franny’s…maybe I should change my name to ‘Steamy Todger’ …I may stand more of a chance…:sunglasses:


For sure there are some strange choices on there, but that’s the industry, it’s very different from our little way of things in most places.


Awesome @Steampugs - sorry I’m late to the party the lads got together last night gunna take me about a week to shake this hangover.


It’s not fair to have you in the same category as mooch, he really should have his own category that he automatically wins lol but as far as written reviews for products go you should win hands down, who the hell are these other people anyway lol


Gotta be honest man I’ve never heard of any either, just goes to show that writers really don’t get a look in, it’s all about video, kinda funny that the actual ‘Ecigclick’ reviewer isn’t doing very well lol, but no one other than mooch is ever gonna win that.


I voted for @Steampugs. I was relieved you weren’t in the same category as Zophie. Never ask me to choose you over Zophie… just don’t ok?


I hope this was written with a bit of irony or cynicism included :slight_smile:


I genuinely have no idea who zophie is…but she’s now on the hitlist along with Mooch…:smiling_imp:


I think I see why he is enamored with that person… And has a different sort of ‘hit’ in mind for his list…


BY the way, I sorted her uploads by Most Popular. I wonder why this was in the top spot. :wink: :eyes:


That Picture has got photoshop mischief written all over it …


It’s because she did such a thorough and well done review of the Griffin RTA of course. Are you implying she would use her womanly attributes and feminine wiles to lure weak willed men into watching her reviews? :thinking:


I could see something else all over it too… Stand down, Jim!! :grimacing: